Brainwashing Youth IS the Liberal/Socialist Way

Liberals are resentful of nearly everything our framers did and stood for, but, in the grand scheme of things, one thing stands out beyond all the rest.

The 2nd Amendment.

Our framers understood the greatest danger to the republic would come from within, and, therefore, they made certain that we, as citizens, have the right to arm ourselves.

Yes, it is so that we might protect our property and our lives; and yes, part of the reason for it back then was the fact that help in any official capacity was, in many cases, at best, hours away if not days. Yes, that is part of it.

The bigger part of it was the founders provision to arm the citizens against their own government.

This is what liberal/socialists are not just resentful of, but fear.

The 2nd Amendment is what really stands between a government take-over and a free republic.

Eric Holder has a real problem with guns. He doesn’t want people to have them and has advocated for stricter gun laws. Fast and Furious? That was a disastrous attempt to force new gun laws on gun sellers.

It a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Where a crisis doesn’t exist, create one. Remember Rohm stating that a good crisis should not be wasted?

Holder wanted to create a crisis by showing how easy it was to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels and then use that crisis to crack down on gun retailers. It backfired on him and he’s now in very hot water for it.

This, though, the creation of such a crisis, was not Holder’s first idea.

17 years ago, back in 1995, Holder, in a speech, was caught vocalizing an early idea regarding gun control.

“…We need to really, brainwash people into thinking of guns in a vastly different way.”

Holder, as liberal/socialists do often, masked his remarks in something which “Sounds good” but the underlying issue remains solid. Kids who think guns are cool are apt to do bad things with guns. Okay. Holder was telling the audience that slick advertisements making guns seem uncool needed to be produced and shown when kids would be watching TV.

Now, remember, according to Holder, anyone who disagrees with HIS policies is a racist.

In his videotaped remarks, Holder is talking primarily about black kids. He talks about them watching “The Fresh Prince” or “Martin.” He says young people need to be made aware it’s not cool…not “hip” to carry guns. He related guns to cigarettes and talked about how people now… “Cower” behind buildings to smoke because “we have changed the way people think about smoking.”

By “we,” he means liberal/socialists; but “cowering?” He is saying because of liberal/socialists and governmental laws, people are afraid to be seen smoking and to him, that fear, cowering, is a good thing.

Holder goes on to talk about how gun violence is expressed in today’s popular music. Hmmm…what genre of popular music glorifies gun violence? Rap music? Who ARE the primary performers of gangsta rap? Black youth?

Keep in mind, if you disagree with HIS policies, YOU are a racist.

Holder says creative ad agencies need to produce snappy ads that, “Get at the minds of these young people.”

Holder is aiming his ideas at “young people” and he vocalizes that over and over again.

Holder says he has asked people who have the attention of these kids, actors, athletes and community leaders like, “Jesse Jackson and Mayer Barry, people who have credibility with young people” to take an active role in his plan.

Holder wants to instill in kids that carrying a gun is wrong and if they see someone carrying a gun they should alert the police.

Holder wants the school board to make a part of every day, devoted to anti gun, anti violence. Every school, every day, at every level.

Liberal/socialists have always known they need schools to indoctrinate youth haven’t they?

Imaging if you will, a WHITE politician using examples like “The Fresh Prince,” “Martin,”…Rap music…Jesse Jackson…Marion Barry…and connecting those examples to violence run amok. Why…a WHITE person saying such things would be immediately BRANDED a RACIST…wouldn’t they?

That, however, is a secondary issue here. The PRIMARY issue is Holder saying, on video, that… “…We need to really, brainwash people into thinking of guns in a vastly different way.”

Take the obvious black element out of it and what Holder is advocating in his 1995 speech is the brainwashing of a generation into a liberal/SOCIALIST ideology. This is exactly how liberal/socialists work. Call it “Indoctrination” or call it what Holder calls it… “BRAINWASHING” and either way, the liberal/SOCIALISTS are trying to control the thoughts of upcoming generations.

Create a generation or two who are thus brainwashed, and that generation goes from kids to elected officials and what sorts of laws do YOU think THEY are going to advocate?

Here is the bottom line. Gun laws ONLY apply to law abiding citizens. Slowly, over a generation or two, make guns illegal to own or carry and ONLY those who are most apt to obey any law, will obey THOSE laws.

The final effect of such liberal/socialist gun laws will be the elimination of the 2nd amendment. Disarm enough people, make them cower behind buildings, make them afraid to even admit they own a gun and before you know it, We The People will no longer have the ability to defend our republic from a socialist take-over.

Right now, the 2nd Amendment has liberal/socialists cowering. That is exactly what the framers intended and that is exactly the way it should always be.

Are we, as conservative clinging bitterly to our guns and Bibles?

Damn skippy we are.

And, we are striking fear into liberal/socialist brainwashing hearts by clinging every bit as bitterly to our Constitution.