Andrew Breitbart – Gone Too Soon

For those of us who are conservatives, those of us who seek the truth, and especially for those of us who use the internet to spread our ideas, our opinions and the facts regarding today’s political landscape, Andrew Breitbart was our champion.

The left hated him.

He loved that.

Breitbart lived fast in the most fast-paced venue available and he did it with gusto.

If anyone at all could have been and should continue to be the posterboy for new media, it is Andrew Breitbart. What he did, where he went, forced the spotlight of truth not only upon politics but on the standard media itself.

Andrew Breitbat’s weapon was the truth.

Breitbat’s tactic was to tell the truth.

Andrew Breitbart used social media, cyberspace and words to create a revolution in the media.

He never tempered his writings except with a wry and cutting sense of humor aimed directly at his targets and he took lots of flak from the left for it.

He was over the target and he knew it and he never veered off course to avoid it.

While we at The National Patriot never set out to be the next Breitbarts nor did I personally, as political commentators and writing for myself, as one steeped in satire and sarcasm, how could it be helped but, to in some way, emulate the man?

Breitbat was outspoken, brash, bigger than life, self aggrandizing to a point, full of himself and while never EVER politically correct…

He was correct.

I loved the guy. I loved what he did. I loved the way he did it.

His death, announced via his own website, “Big Government” was a shock. The man was but 43 years old and he dies of natural causes.

For those who live on the Right Side of Politics, and express their feelings and opinions freely, Andrew Breitbart’s departure will most certainly leave a void.

While I never had the opportunity to meet Breitbart, I rather doubt he would be happy with leaving a void. He never seemed like the void sort of guy.

Those who DID know him would have a better handle on it and they can certainly correct me if I’m wrong but, I rather believe Andrew Breitbart would want whatever perceived void left by his passing filled by others and filled quickly.

For that reason, we at The National Patriot pledge to step up OUR commitment to the conservative cause while realizing full well we can’t fill the void alone. We now call on ALL who blog and or report from the right to step it up. Only TOGETHER can we, as conservative writers, begin to fill the void left by the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

Collectively, we won’t be able to fill it completely but, collectively we can continue the charge he was leading.

To try to do anything less would be cowardly.

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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly Craig! Today we lost a true Conservative to our movement!

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