An Anti American, an Idiot and a Hypocrite

In the case of Snider vs City of Cape Girardeau Missouri, the District Court, Eastern District of Missouri, Southeastern Division has found, by the law, that Frank L. Snider is protected via the 1st Amendment from violation resulting from his shredding of an American flag.

By the law of unintended consequences, Frank L. Snider III has been found guilty of being Anti-American, an idiot and a hypocrite.

First, the law.

Back in 1989, the United States Supreme Court found that burning an American flag was protected as free speech. Previous to that decision, the state of Missouri, in 1980, passed a law making it a misdemeanor to desecrate an American flag but, after the 1989 Supreme Court ruling, Missouri failed to remove their desecration law from the books.

On October 20th, 2009, Snider, who at the time lived at 901 S. Benton St. in Cape Girardeau tried, in his front yard, to burn an American flag. Snider was inept enough to fail in that attempt and decided instead, to slice the flag to bits and throw its remains about his yard and into the street.

One of Snider’s neighbors was appalled and called the police. Officer Matthew Peters arrived and wrote Snider a ticket for littering. 3 days later, Snider was arrested on the charge of desecration of an American flag and held for 8 hours.

2 years later, the ACLU took up Sniders case and on his behalf, filed a lawsuit claiming that Snider’s 1st Amendment rights had been violated.

Last Wednesday, a Federal District Court Judge, Carol E. Jackson, ruled that the entire statute was invalid because it prohibits a substantial amount of protected speech.

So be it.

Desecrating a flag is perfectly legal and Frank L. Snider III is off the hook. Off the hook for desecrating a flag but nonetheless guilty in the court of unintended consequences.

Frank L. Snider III is guilty of being Anti American.

This is not an opinion but a fact and to prove it one need look no further than Snider’s own stated reason for doing what he did on October 20th 2009.

According to Cape Girardeau Missouri Police Office, Matthew Peters, who was on the scene back in October of 2009, Snider said he had torn the flag up and thrown it in the road after failing in an attempt to burn it. “Snider continued to say that he hated the United States because it was the country’s fault that he could not find a job.” That is exactly what Officer Peters wrote in a sworn statement that accompanied the charges.

He HATED the United States.

Of course, 2 years later, the ACLU put forth a different claim.

But the ACLU wasn’t about to dismiss the ORIGINAL claim either.


So, because the United States either would not provide him with disability benefits OR because the United States wouldn’t provide him employment, Frank L. Snider III hated the United States and that, my patriotic friends, is Anti-American.

Frank L. Snider III is guilty of being an idiot.

By attempting and failing to burn an American flag and consequently being successful in shredding it before scattering the bits and pieces about his yard and street because of his hatred FOR the United States, Frank L. Snider is an idiot.

That flag, which in his hatred Snider desecrated, stands for freedom and liberty. In expressing his 1st Amendment protected right to free speech by shredding the flag, Snider literally shredded the very symbol which protects him.

Syria? China? Iran? North Korea? The list could go on and on but what does Frank L. Snider believe would be the outcome had he attempted and succeeded to desecrate the flag of any one of numerous nations within those nations?

Desecrating the flag, because you’re pissed at your country, is butt stupid and this case PROVES it. This bumbling moron tried to burn, then shredded a flag because he was mad at the very country which allows him the right to burn or shred its flag.

Frank L. Snider III is guilty of being a hypocrite.

By allowing the ACLU to literally make a Federal case out of his Anti-American act of idiocy, Frank L. Snider proved himself a hypocrite.

The very laws of the country Snider SO hates, protected his sad and sorry ass. One of the bedrocks of the founding of this great nation, the 1st Amendment, defined his protection. Were it NOT for the United States, Snider would have been found guilty of desecration of an American flag.

He relied UPON the country he HATES to protect him and THAT, my patriotic friends, is the very definition of hypocrisy.

While the law of the land has set Frank L. Snider III of Cape Girardeau Missouri free, the law of unintended consequences has sentenced him to the life-long stigma of being an Anti-American, an idiot and a hypocrite.

There is an old adage with which one can suspect, Snider was completely unfamiliar. It’s is not known for sure, who coined the adage as it has been variously attributed to Abraham Lincoln, George Eliot, Groucho Marx, Albert Einstein, and some fellow by the name of, Silvan Engel. I first became acquainted with it via Mark Twain.

Thankfully, the truth of the adage hinges not upon who may first have uttered it. It is as true coming from Groucho as from Abe or Einstein, Eliot, Twain or whoever Engle may have been. It rings true through the ages as it most likely, in its later forms, was derived from the Bible.

Proverbs 17:28 – Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.”

That is the popular version of: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

While Frank L. Snider III celebrates by wallowing about in a cesspool of hatred of his own making, he is not alone. Occupiers, the ACLU, liberals too numerous to count and others join him there, splashing gleefully and cheering their “victory.”

Let them.

We conservative PATRIOTS will take the high ground, upwind of their stench.

6 thoughts on “An Anti American, an Idiot and a Hypocrite

  1. Let me see if I’ve got this right, Anonymous and Orion… you quote and Timothy McVeigh and ask me if *I’VE* gone “flipp’n crazy?!” I think you need a mirror.Quotes from a murredous lunatic and a wrong-headed description of Tea Party patriots from a Leftwing propaganda outlet are out of place in response to my post about the Second American Revoluiton. Those kinds of comments are clearly indicative of the level to which Liberals in this country are out of touch with average, freedom-loving Americans. This revolution needs no “blood in the streets” or “civil wars.” It is one of massive public and private protests, millions of calls to Senators and Congressmen, loudly voiced disagreement at townhall after townhall, and (pardon the pun…) the liberal use of First Amendment rights. We are “fighting” to set this country back on solid Constitutional ground. Granted, there are those who are advocating taking up arms against the usurpation of this Representative Republic by, of, and for The People by the Leftist-controlled branches of the current Federal government. I am not one of them. Many of the those you are worried about are actually Conservative DEMOCRATS. (Oh, and I suppose you’ve condemed bomber Bill Ayers among your circle of Lib friends too, right?)One of many missions in this “revolution” is to educate every American about what the Federal government is actually authorized to do and what it is not. It’s another mission to help peacefully remove EVERY member of Congress who doesn’t get with the program. That includes Republicans. You really ought to invest a little time in getting to know we average Americans who are Constitutionalists. You may not like the arguments you hear from us with regard to the 10th Amendment but you’ll like hearing all about the 14th Amendment and how it’s meant to protect people from abusive State government actions. As Americans, you owe it to those whose coffins were covered by the American flag (Anonymous) to understand WHAT THEY CREATED, WHAT THEY PROTECTED, AND WHAT THEY DIED DEFENDING.Don’t ask me if I’m crazy. It’s clear that I am not. Instead, ask me if I’m proud to be an American. Ask me if I love liberty. Ask me if I care about the quality of life that will be had by future generations of Americans. Yes, yes, and yes. Ask yourselves if you are willing to sit idly by, never questioning your own smugness, while this leviathan government slowly pulls the rug out from underneath *you* The People. When you wake up in this once-great country wondering how it became a banana republic, I hope your silly Leftwing propaganda, name-calling, and nutjob quotes will be of some comfort.

  2. Careful now, Craig and Mike: By using the terms idiot, imbicile and moron, you have inadvertently insulted people with verified very low IQs, by putting them in the same category with Snider.

  3. ‘It’s the Military who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protester to burn the flag.’

  4. I totally agree with your article Craig! Maybe it is just us that have fought for this country and our flag that gets so mad when we see imbeciles like Mr Snider desecrate the American Flag but in my opinion it ought to be the whole of our country who should be up in arms over this idiots actions!

  5. He’s as guilty of being a anti-Amercian, an idiot and unpatriotic as the one who put their picture on the American flag as the greatest descecration going….i.e, the one who presently sits in the WH.

    We ought to give him the same reason as Snider claims to hate America…
    He can’t find a job!
    Dethrone the fake king Obama
    Now, that being said, I have exerted my First Amendent rights!

  6. The First Amendment protects your right to shred the flag. It doesn’t protect you, according to the Administration, from being compelled to do things repugnant to your religious faith.

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