Senator’s Aid Goes After Blogger Stacy Swimp?

We All know that liberals running for office in 2012 will do anything to advance their cause. They’re desperate and attacking their opponents with anything, is going to be par for the course.

A week or so ago, an ad by Senatorial Candidate Pete Hoekstra was deemed “Racist” by liberals because it featured an Asian actress, speaking in somewhat broken English, regarding our national debt and Stabenow’s reckless spending.

Naturally, liberals called it “racist” as they had no way of combating the ad with facts, merit or by pointing out any Obama policy which could prove it false.

To that end, conservative blogger and activist, Stacy M. Swimp, penned an article calling out liberals for once again, playing the race card where it doesn’t apply. He was right to do so.

Apparently, Swimp hit a nerve.

In Hoekstra’s ad, he refers to Debbie “Spends Too Much.” That would be Michigan Senator, Debbie Stabenow.

Now, an aid to Stabenow, Chris Hennessy, has gone after…STACY SWIMP!!!

It should be noted that Swimp is NOT running for ANY office but, because he has pointed out the error of the liberal way by writing about an ad aired by a candidate…SWIMP has become the target!

Hennessy posted to Mr. Swimp’s Facebook wall, photos taken nearly 3 years ago when Swimp attended a Saginaw Michigan Democrat Fund Raiser. Back then, Stacy Swimp WAS a democrat.

2 years ago, he saw the light and, as he refers to it, ran away from the liberal plantation.

Here is what, apparently, neither Hennessy or Stabenow seem to realize…Stacy Swimp is so proud of the fact that he has become a conservative…He brings it up in nearly every speaking engagement he does, on his radio show, in television interviews and yes, on his blog AND on his Facebook wall.

Whether or not Stabenow knows that Hennessy is engaged in what can only be described as one of the weakest and silliest attacks against a conservative blogger ever attempted is unknown, but if she doesn’t, she should. When a Senator’s aid engages thusly, it reflects on the Senator.

So desperate is Stabenow, one of her aids is trying to “OUT” a conservative blogger as a former liberal who consistently “OUTS” himself every chance he gets.

Stacy Swimp doesn’t need The National Patriot to defend him or his writings and this is NOT about defending someone perfectly capable to defend himself. THIS is about the liberal campaign machine and the tactics to which they will stoop.

Let’s be clear, in the article by Stacy Swimp regarding the Hoekstra ad, Swimp never ONCE mentions Stabenow. NOT ONCE. The article is about the ad and racism, the ad is posted in the article and Hoekstra makes reference to “Debbie Spends Too Much” within the ad.

Swimp NEVER refers to Stabenow OR “Spends Too Much” in the piece.

Still, via an aid, Hennessy, the messenger, writing about the message, is now the target?




That’s the liberal campaign machine for ya.

Should bloggers of a conservative nature, expect this to become the norm as we head toward the 2012 elections? I certainly hope so. If this is part of the general liberal playbook, those of us who take to keyboards across this great nation are going to keep liberal candidates and their aids, quite busy.

It’s rather doubtful, that as Chris Hennessy sat down at his computer this morning, he would have guessed that his super double stealth Facebook activity would, by mid afternoon, become news but, it has.

Should Hennesy be scolded by his boss, Stabenow? Should he be reprimanded? Fired?

Good grief…NO!!!

He’s a genius.

The National Patriot hopes our readers in Michigan will get behind Pete Hoekstra and support HIS candidacy for the United States Senate against Debbie Stabenow.

So far, Stabenow has completely mischaracterized Hoekstra’s ad as “racist” thus helping to dilute real racism as only liberals can and her aid, Chris Hennessy has tried to turn people against a blogger by pointing out one of the very things conservatives most LIKE about him.

The next thing you know, Stabenow and Hennessy will be trying to build a case against The National Patriot by accusing us of being…Commentary From the Right Side of Politics.

To visit Stacy Swimp’s blog, please click here!

For information regarding Pete Hoekstra’s campaign, please click here!