SCREW the Apology…It’s NOT the Real Issue!

In Afghanistan this morning, violence regarding the Koran burning continues. More than 30 people have been killed and among them, 4 U.S. Soldiers. This morning, a suicide bomber drove a car into the gates at Jalalabad Airport killing 9 people.

This, apparently, is all in response to the burning of 4 Korans.

Those Korans had notes written in them which, as we’ve been told, related to actions to be taken, possible attacks and so on. Those notes were being written and passed between prisoners. The Korans were removed, burned, and the ashes apparently sent to a dump.

Word got out as to the disposal methods and all of a sudden, riots break out in the streets.

Obama, after but one or two days, issued an apology to Afghanistan and Karzai.

Karzai, for HIS part, has both demanded public trials for those who burned the already defiled Korans and has called for calm in television appearances.

Among conservatives, the Obama apology as become a focal point. GOP candidates have seized upon it, conservative bloggers have seized upon it…pundits and commentators have seized upon it too.

If you’ve read The National Patriot before, you know I’m a big picture guy. I like to stand back far enough to see the whole picture; and in this case, when that tact is taken, the focus shifts away from the apology and onto to something much more important.

What is fueling the Afghanistan violence? Obama’s apology?


The violence started BEFORE the apology was issued.

Did the apology stop the violence?


Did the apology make the situation worse?

Who knows? One thing is certain, it didn’t make it any better – but there is no way to know what would have happened without it either.

Instead of the apology we need to be looking at the REAL cause of the violence stemming from the Koran burnings.

It’s not a WHAT which is responsible for the uprising and the deaths of those 4 U.S. Soldiers…It’s a WHO.

WHO is responsible?

The answer is simple and clear.

The Taliban.

The TALIBAN is responsible for it. The Taliban has taken responsibility for this morning’s car bombing at the airport. The Taliban has taken responsibility for the early calls for putting those who burned the Korans on trial. The Taliban has taken responsibility for the killings.

The Taliban.

Here’s the REAL deal.

Writing in a Koran is defiling the Koran…Right?

Have we heard a single word against those who WROTE in the Korans?


Why not?

Because, apparently, defiling the Koran is a one way street. If you are a member of the Taliban writing in the Koran…No problem. YOU are allowed to defile it as long as what you are doing is passing notes to coordinate actions against your enemies. That’s fine.

Now, if your enemies dispose of the Korans in which you have written…Well…THAT’S a whole different matter, isn’t it? That is a DIRECT call for violence, riots, killings, car bombings and who knows what’s next.

The Obama apology is but a symptom of the disease.


With everyone on the left, from Jay Carney to Hillary Clinton defending the apology, they are keeping the focus away from the issue of political correctness which cause all this to begin with.

Our military is there to fight a war. War cannot be successfully adjudicated if political correctness is the rule of engagement.

The fuse in this matter was not lit when those Korans were disposed of nor was it lit with the Obama apology…It was lit the moment we handed those Korans to prisoners of war. At that point, the Taliban had us where they wanted us.

Had we continued to allow the passing of notes in those Korans, the outcome would have been just as bad as it is because we disposed of those Korans.

One MUST remember that it is the Taliban who Joe Biden recently stated are  NOT “per sey” our enemy.

It’s the TALIBAN with whom Obama wants to hold talks.

It’s the TALIBAN to whom Obama wants to release 5 strategic Gitmo prisoners as a show of good faith.

And if that’s not enough…It’s the TALIBAN to whom the apology was issued.

What Obama and the liberal/socialists refuse to accept is that you can’t make nice nice with the enemy regardless of how much political correctness you throw at them.

While others focus on the apology, I will focus on the real situation.

The groundwork for this latest round of violence, these street riots, the killings of 4 U.S. Soldiers, the car bombs and whatever comes next was laid the minute Korans were handed to those Taliban prisoners.

If they are not going to get called out for WRITING in the Korans, which we have been told IS defiling those Korans, then we should NOT be apologizing for DISPOSING of those Korans.

In fact, has we never GIVEN those Korans to those prisoners to BEGIN with we would have nothing for which to apologize now…Would we?

From this point forward, any prisoner of war should have NO access to a Koran OR writing utensils.

There are those who will claim, again in the name of political correctness, that the Koran is their religious book and they should not be deprived of their religious material.


If what we have been told, that writing in the Koran is defiling the Koran is true, than those who WROTE in them should be the ones held responsible. They are NOT. Therefore, one MUST question the religious nature of the Koran itself. As those who wrote in them, in attempts to coordinate actions against the U.S. Forces are NOT being held accountable, the Koran must NOT be a religious symbol but an ideological MANIFESTO instead.

Think about it. Did we pass out copies of Mein Kompf to German prisoners of war in WWII?

Of course not.

Clearly, one can trace the issues of Islamic aggression back by millenniums but for our current situation, one need go back no further than a couple centuries.

“It was written in their Koran that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman (Muslim) who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to Paradise.”

Those are the words of Thomas Jefferson from a letter which he wrote after he and John Adams asked the ambassador from Tripoli why Muslims were engaged in attacking the United States? There we no previous interactions or hostilities between our new nation and the Muslim world. Jefferson wanted to know why would they choose us as one of their enemies?

In preparation for war along the Barbary Coast against Muslim pirates, Jefferson studied the Koran.

Jefferson wasn’t trying to gain insight into a religion…He was gaining the advantage by learning their ideology.

The result was a clear military victory which had the effect of keeping Muslim attacks against the west at bay for more than a century.

Here is the revelation.

The exact same MANIFESTO which gave Jefferson the insight into the Muslim IDEOLOGY allowing our military to DEFEAT them is now the HOLY BOOK that, due to politically correct RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, our military must supply Muslim PRISONERS OF WAR and has now been used to assist in defeating US.

Obama and his administration knows this to be true or they wouldn’t be tripping all over themselves to defend the apology, thus deflecting the focus away from the real issue.

Screw the apology…It’s NOT the real issue!

5 thoughts on “SCREW the Apology…It’s NOT the Real Issue!

  1. Those people who joined the Nazi party in world war 11 even if they didn’t actively participate where just as guilty as the ones , killing in the death camps . Because they empowered the hard liners.
    How i is a moderate Muslim different than a Nazi. I see no difference do you.
    I ‘ve heard not one speak out about the cold blooded murder not only of Americans but of there own fellow Muslim.s and countless innocent by standers. Did anyone of them make an apology for 9/11.NO NO NO !! Is it a hate crime to know your enemy. I think not no apology here. People burn our flag, are bibles. And thats free speech . Should we start burning Koarn’s. in protest of the moderates not taking a stand. or are we to under stand that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim .

  2. What I wanna know is..who’s the genius who informed the world of the disposal of these books?? Why was this even made public? Do they itemize & report every single piece of trash that’s burned or discarded?!? I don’t think so!!

  3. I agree with this article. Even if we stay in Afganistan for eternity we will not change their thinking OR change their ignorance in any way. Whatever good intentions America has Muslims have a mindset that cannot be penetrated. Just bring our brave soldiers home they are so much better than to have a single life wasted on these haters.

    The muslims over here in America are busy attempting to force their ignorance on our people by way of Sharia law. They have duped people in our own government to give them a pass to infiltrate our eductaion system and even our military. We must pay attention to what is happening to our country!!


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