Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny

With the ruling by Judge Malihi in Georgia that Obama will remain on the ballot, tyranny has been established.

How else does one describe it when the President is above the law?

A court issues a subpoena to the President which is ignored.

The court rules against a motion to dismiss.

The attorney for the defendant, Obama, states he will not participate or provide subpoenaed material.

The Georgia Secretary of State says such action will be at the attorney’s and his client’s peril.

The hearing proceeds with the only evidence and testimony presented being against the defendant.

One week later, the Judge finds in favor of the defendant.

Clearly, speculation will be forthcoming. How did this happen? Was the Judge bought? Was he threatened? Was it all fixed before the hearing ever happened?

People will want to know the background of the Judge.

I’m SURE there are some coincidences involved.

Leading up to this hearing the U.S. called off joint naval exercises with Israel near the Strait of Hormuz so as “Not to agitate the Iranians.”

CLEARLY a coincidence.

Last week, while Judge Mahili was waiting to issue his decision, Leon Panetta let it be known that he feared Israel would launch a strike against Iran in April, May or June thus, as some believe, allowing Iran in on what should have been kept under wraps.

Of course, it’s just a coincidence.

The Obama administration is talking about releasing 5 Talibani terrorists heads from Gitmo, they’re talking about holding talks with the Taliban, they’re talking about speeding up financial aid to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt too.

Coincidences all.

A high tech super double top secret spy drone lands itself intact without a scratch in Iran.

Such a coincidence.

Obama decides NOT to go get that drone, which is on display in Iran, or try to destroy it.

Don’t be silly…It’s a coincidence.

Obama sent a letter to Iran asking for direct talks when we don’t even have diplomatic ties with the rogue terror sponsoring nation.

Coincidence, coincidence…coincidence.

Judge Mahili is of Iranian descent and Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s right hand while born of American parents, was born in Iran.

Well, that’s just plain coincidence.

How much of the speculation is true? Some of it? Most of it? None of it? All of it?

What Judge Mahili has done with his decision, is put our Republic on a very dangerous and slippery slope.

Mahili used United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) as the justification for his decision in Georgia and that case was a 14th amendment case regarding the citizenship clause rather than the Article II Section 1 eligibility clause.

Should this stand as precedent regarding the eligibility clause, the danger is great to the Republic and leaves Article I Section 2 of the Constitution null and void.

The framers intentionally included the words “Natural Born Citizen” when directing who would be eligible to serve as President. Had they meant that one just need be a citizen, clearly, they would have worded it in that manner.

The result of Judge Mahili’s decision means that anyone born on U.S. soil is eligible to be the President and clearly the framers never intended that to be the case.


Well, by the precedent set in Georgia by Judge Mahili, a pregnant woman could fly to the United States, give birth and fly back to her own country. That child, born in the U.S. could then be raised in a culture and with customs vastly different than ours, That child could be raised and educated amidst an ideology vastly opposed to ours. At some point, that child, born on United States soil could return to the United States and be eligible to become President.

That is why the framers placed “Natural Born Citizen” into Article II Section 1 of our Constitution and because of Judge Mahili’s decision, should it stand as precedent, opens a door to destruction of our Republic from within.

Were the son or daughter of diplomats from Saudi Arabia born on U.S. dirt that son or daughter would be eligible to serve as President.

Offspring of illegal aliens born on U.S. soil?


Somebody whose background is cloaked in secrecy, whose Social Security number won’t pass E-Verify, who has lived in 2 places at the same time, whose father was never a U.S. citizen and whose birth certificate shows clear signs of fraud?

Eligible and currently occupying the Oval Office.

Something else is clearly a present danger to our Republic as a result of Judge Mahili’s decision.

Obama is now above the law.

Obama was subpoenaed by the court and ignored that subpoena. Obama’s attorney stated clearly in a letter to the Georgia Secretary of State that he would not participate in the hearing. Neither Obama nor his attorney were present at that hearing.

Failure to appear? Contempt of court?


It seems the outcome was a foregone conclusion doesn’t it? It seems that Obama and his attorney knew there was no need to appear. That they would win without presenting a shred of evidence or offer a whisper of testimony also a foregone conclusion. That they would not be held accountable even for their failure to appear…foregone conclusion.

You try it. If YOU get subpoenaed, YOU try not showing up. YOU try having YOUR attorney not show up. YOU try not offering a shred or whisper in YOUR defense and let’s see what happens to YOU and YOUR case.

YOU are NOT above the law.


What DOES one call a head of state who act’s without the advice and consent of those elected by the people? What does one call a head of state who has established himself and those in his court to be unaccountable to the laws which govern his people?

An Emperor? A King? A Dictator? A Czar?

It’s not just Obama either.

As liberals gleefully rejoice in the wake of this ruling of one thing they should be aware. It’s not just Obama. If such precedent stands as was set down in a Georgia courtroom on Feb. 3rd 2012, ANY president is now above the law. Regardless of party affiliation, regardless of ideology, ANY President is now above the law.

Obama will not be the President forever. The American people will not stand for a n Emperor forever. Eventually, another will take office and via this tyrannical precedent, that President too, will be above the law.

Here is something else gleeful liberals should bear in mind. When those in power are allowed to hide the truth and rise above the law which governs the people, tyranny reigns, not the Emperor.


And what of the people? What of those who would rather die free than live in fear of their own government? What of the Patriots? Those who believe in the words and intentions placed in the annuls of history as the blueprint for the future?

The founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to our nation. What of those of us who believe as they did, so should we do?

Are we to accept this decision as the final word? A defeat?


We fight on. It’s that simple. We fight on.

Were to throw up our hands and dejectedly say, “Well, that’s it then” what have we done? Effectively we would have given over to those who would tear this country down, OUR lives…OUR fortunes and OUR sacred honor would be meaningless.

Our course of action is clear.

Stand on your individual principle and write in a name, any name which is NOT the GOP nominee in November and you are not a Patriot. You will help ensure that the Emperor will remain on his throne.

There is but one principle upon which to stand and that principle is our Republic.

Regardless of who the GOP nominee is, vote FOR that nominee.

ANY other vote is a vote FOR tyranny.

ANY other vote is a vote to put a President, ANY president, above the law.

It’s  okay to press for one candidate or the other now, through the primaries but after the Convention in August, a nominee will be named and if ANY conservative votes for ANYBODY other than that GOP nominee they are voting FOR Obama, HIS ilk, HIS ideology, HIS tyranny.

If your individual candidate of choice is not the nominee, voting FOR the nominee does NOT compromise your principles IF your top priority in principles is to start the process of restoring our Republic.

If there are those who can’t see this now, in light of this court decision by Judge Mahili in Georgia, they are lost.

Radio interview with Liberty Underground

Our Blow by Blow of the Hearing

Link to Judge’s Ruling

53 thoughts on “Obama Eligibility and a Decision of Tyranny

  1. Understand Obama’s Ideology Well, to Know Him Well & Save America from Him: “By not identifying whom Obama exactly is, those conservative pundits are helping him in the destruction of America. For all practical purposes, those conservative pundits are accomplices of Obama; they are inflicting a crime of laesa patria on America. If they knew leftist ideology thoroughly, thise conservative pundits would easily know who Obama really is. And if they knew deeply what being a Marxist-Leninist means, they would readily explain to themselves, first, where all what Obama is doing today is coming from; and, secondly, foretell with precision what his next moves will be and where he will go with it.”
    @ Guiag Bound.

  2. The November election can, and probably will, be rigged. For those of you who have no knowledge of how you may be interested in viewing the following: blackboxvoting.com
    If this does not open your eyes, nothing will!

  3. I think there are a lot of underlying reasons why states won’t simply address this properly. I know some states are trying and I think, in part, other states that WOULD try to address the ballot issue are waiting to see what the outcome will be.

  4. I have a question that has already been asked but needs to be repeated!! Why hasn’t or why can’t this go from state to state?
    Each state can decide if he’s to be on their ballot, with a few
    up right judges and men who so call believe in the law we might
    be able save what is left of our country.
    I’m 74 years old and to see all that is happening makes me weep for my great grandchildren and what they will have to face if we don’t
    get our freedoms back and keep them.
    It’s already been stated that I am of no value to this country and that I’m a drain because of my age and so with that I have nothing to lose and I will stand beside any man or woman that wants to
    stand and fight because a civil war is what it’s coming to.

  5. I follow this case very close and I still can’t believe some of the things went on total contempt of court from our commander-in-chief. But listening to Rev. Wright’s sermon or when Michelle was was the press that the direction this country was going in and him and her would go to a flag burning ceremony to cheer them up this whole thing is just nuts I have been fighting this man for three years now I used to be scared no more I’m too mad to be scared but never underestimate this man or none of his gangster buddies I couldn’t believe that the Freemasons would tolerate such nonsense I have a feeling it’s going to come to a head very soon everything is in chaos one way or another something going to happen I can’t see how it could possibly go on for one much longer

  6. Obama is a 32 degree Freemason if the judge in this case is a Freemason that is were the problem lays. The blood-bond of the masons is stronger than the oath of office.

  7. For Bob’s benefit; Article II Sect I Phg 5 states you only had to be a citizen at the time when the Constitution was formed but after that you had to be a natural born citizen which consists of having both parents born in the US. Also the 14th amendment needs to be revisited by the supreme court as the former decision is unclear and sqeeked by only by the minimum 5-4 decision. All cases that go to the Supreme Court are so important, that the minimum vote for passage should be 2/3rds which would be 6-3! The framers of the Constitution messed up on that one. It can be changed by amending the Instrument, however. I’m not sure we have men of good will capeable of doing this in these times!

  8. I am disgusted by this, but not surprised. I do have one question; if i as a civilian are aware of all the deciet. I know our republican members of congress are aware. Why are they not stepping up and requesting justice. This government, our constitution, created a system of checks and balances to stop this very thing from taking place. Why then is it not being enforced. Im calling on our congress to do its job and protect our constitution, and our way of life. DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!!!!!

  9. CJ,

    Chester Alan Arthur, a US president in the 1880’s, did not have two citizen parents. The authors of the 14th Amendment were alive at the time. None of them objected to Arthur’s election.

  10. To Bob:

    The Constitution only requires that the president be a “natural-born citizen” – it does not define it. But it has been “defined” in four cases by the Supreme Cout – easy to look them up!

  11. In all the research that has been done about this issue, has anyone found details, especially from the last 100 years, or since WKA, that would support the claim that the NBC definition was commonly and correctly understood and that anyone NOT born of 2 citizen parents was inelligible to RUN for President? Is there any evidence that person X was a party ‘hopeful’ but for the NBC clause they could not run?
    Have there been any instances of people removed from the ballots, or not allowed on the ballots because of the NBC issue? I’m not talking about court cases because that seems to have been thoroughly covered. I’m wondering if there is evidence that the NBC (according to Minor v. Hapersett NBC) criteria has been used repeatedly throughout our history but, because it was understood correctly, it was never challenged in court.
    I find it strange that up until 2008, with the exception of Chester Arthur, no other President had a non-citizen parent. Why? We are a nation of immigrants. None of those immigrants’ offspring wanted to be president? The National Democratic or Republican Committees have never had to refuse a potential candidate on the grounds of the NBC issue? I find the silence on that side of the issue to be very puzzling.

  12. Please tell me somone………wouldn’t it make sense to file the same suit in another state and keep doing so until the case reaches the bench of a REAL judge instead of a “sold out” one?

  13. “Regardless of who the GOP nominee is, vote FOR that nominee.

    ANY other vote is a vote FOR tyranny.”

    Question: If the GOP nominee chooses a running mate that is also not qualified such as oh say Marco Rubio, then what?

    We have reached this mess due to our willingness to always settle for the “Not a Democrat” candidate. It’s no longer good enough.

    • TP…
      We have reached this point by voting for a liberal/socialist who is not eligible to serve.
      As stated in the article, Obama will not always be the Emperor and if the sauce is good for the goose…well…
      The thing to do is choose wisely through the primary process but, if the GOP nominee is constitutionally ineligible we would have but one option…reelect the Emperor.
      I for one am unwilling to do that as this election could well be the last free election we see.

  14. This is truly a sham!!! Where is justice??? Who is our President and who is this Judge of Georgia??? We don’t know because there was no justice done…Why wasn’t the President hand-cuffed like any other criminal of the law and brought to court as he should have been? Anyone else would have been broughtinto the court and there should have been a full jury to have heard the outcome, not the Judge alone. This is true TYANNY to the fullest extent and the Judge should also be called up on his report of letting everything drop and not made the President and his attorney accountable…No one else would get away with such an act and it is just WRONG!!!! If the law won’t correct this wrong, then it is upon the shoulders of the PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES to stand up and bring it to force by not voting for such a traitor….I don’t believe even in the sytem when it comes to truly allowing THE PEOPLE to vote for who will be the President of the United States as there are too many loop holes even in that process…How else can we get him out of office of the highest calling? It is such a shame that our country is not FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE anymore. How did we ever let it change??

  15. King Obama s.b. held accountable like everyone else. I feel that FOX NEWS who is the news source telling the truth in this country needs to air this court case in Georgia asap. I’m disappointed the people in Georgia haven’t been up in arms over this and started an impeachment process on the judge??

  16. Poppuckett, you are so right that we should base court rulings on what is in the Constitution and not Precedence.

    But I cannot find anywhere in it where it says that a “natural born citizen” must have 2 US citizen parents and also be born on US soil, or do the two parents themselves also need to born on US soil. Maybe you could clear this up and point me to that language in the Constitution.

  17. The plain facts are becoming plainer and plainer…ORGANIZED CRIME IS RUNNING, PLUNDERING, TYRANNIZING AND DESTROYING AMERICA. Obama is a member OF THE GLOBAL ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE and so, too, is this judge or else he has been threatened to rule in Obama’s favor OR ELSE!
    I have little doubt that Joe Paterno, also, was threatened to keep his mouth shut about Sandusky, OR ELSE!

  18. Somebody must air this whole stroy from beginning to end! 60 minutes eh wat?! Somebody please!

  19. Judge Mahili should be disbarred as soon as possible , like yesterday. With all the evidence and fake paper work the has been reported and then he tries to justify it by rederring to the 14 th amendment which is nowhere near what is being discussed.And the so-called president who I have always said was a fraud and don’t know how he made it to office for I sure never voted for him.He did so many things that was not right. He can’t even lift his hand to the top part of his body. If the people who call themselves Americans would open their eyes.Him and his attorney should have been arrested as soon as they didn’t show up for that hearing.It is not fair, they are not above the law, and need to be punished to the full extent.Also I hope that the people who started this will get this published in every paper they can find,radio, Tv. We need this done fast. the Supreme Court date should be soon. I am so sad that it has taken so long. We need God’s Blessing to help us all. I sure don’t want to be a slave to no one.

  20. This is exactly what happens when we get away from “Constitutional” law and base court rulings on “Precedence”, irregardless if it is Constitutional or not. The Judiciary has become completely too liberal, from the local to regional to the Supreme Court. We have let a handful of judges in America rule. We definitely have our work cut out for us turning the tide in all levels of government, only because we, the civil citizens, have given Authority their measure of respect. Only to have them back door their agenda.
    Obama must go, not doubt. Let’s not loose our focus on how best to turn the liberal left’s agenda, by voting in responsible American citizens to the Legislature.
    God bless our efforts. God bless America.

  21. Anderesen provides a link down there at the bottom of the article which takes you to the Judge’s ruling. Read it. It’s what American jurisprudence sounds like. The Judge dislikes the failure of the defense to appear, & only makes a ruling because the prosecution requests that he do so despite the absence of the defense.

    The question becomes, as it typically becomes in a hearing, whether the evidence submitted is sufficient to move forward to a trial. The Judge goes thruogh the Prosecution case systematically, takes note of the wanting competence of the prosecution’s experts, and concludes this case does not have the likelihood of succeeding in a court of law.

    You have a choice: You can learn for yourselves what they judge had to say. Or you can content yourselves with innuendo, coincidence, speculation on the Judge’s motives–which is all Mr. Andresen’s article has to offer.

  22. The only problem I see with this article is the ending.
    Didn’t you just argue the other day against Mitt, since he also has not answered the “natural born” question of his parentage. If Mitt is the GOP nominee, (and the media will see to it that he is) then aren’t you simply replacing one un-constitutional President with another??
    Great writing!!

  23. And please DON’T confuse Barak with Baruch – which means blessing, like so many ‘experts’…who suddenly appeared claim it to be. Barak means Lightning. Bama means Heights/heavens… and “O” or “mi” in Hebrew is equivalent with the word ‘from’…

  24. Maybe he IS the Lawless One who has been predicted in 2 Thessalonians 2… Maybe his name is of significance as it is explained in Hebrew… when we see what Yeshua said in Luke 10 verse 18. Maybe…….

  25. “I sent an email to my Rep. Michael McCaul ”
    Michael McCaul doesn’t even know the difference between ‘naturalized’ and ‘natural born’. Writing to him is a total waste of time.

  26. We know what he and the others r……so let’s get out and let them try to survive on thier sinking ship……..

  27. I sent an email to my Rep. Michael McCaul and asked why not one Rep or one Senator has started “impeachment proceedings” against Obama since there is a few reasons for him to be impeached. Rep McCaul’s response didn’t even come close to answering, if fact for the most part ignored my question about impeachment. He thanked me for my concern and said if anything of this nature were to come about he would keep my suggestion in mind.
    They are all in this together and none of them give a damn about America or American’s. Republican’s, Democrat’s all the same and NONE of them are doing the jobs they took an oath to do.

  28. How can a judge legally rule on evidence not presented during the trial? As the article states: “Mahili used United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) as the justification for his decision in Georgia and that case was a 14th amendment case regarding the citizenship clause rather than the Article I Section 2 eligibility clause.” I did not hear this presented during the trial, nor did any of the lawyers present have a chance to refute this claim.

    The “Rule Of Law” is now meaningless and void.

  29. The weight of the One World Order is felt again. John Jay had the wording of the Constitution changed to Nateral Born Citizen, to avoid the influence of the foriegn born on our Presidency. As it is now shown with the ruleing by Judge Mahili.

  30. Well written documentation Craig – I will be forwarding, via e-mail, to as many as I’m able. – – by the by – – if anyone reads this you can give your ‘put’ to “The Honorable Brain P. Kemp” – “Secretary of State” – – website is as follows;
    Fax – 404-656-0513. – – I sent my ‘comment” in early this morning.

  31. I can’t believe with all this information on Obama, he still got in office in this country unless he had a mountain of help from a lot of US citizens helping him. I did not vote for him and I don’t think he should be President of this Country. I hope they straighten this out mess before election day.

  32. Very well put Craig. I almost fell out of my chair when I read of the judges decision. What is the next step. I am looking forward to see that son of a bitch and all of his commie cronies behind bars for the biggest fraud ever put upon the American people!!

  33. Why haven’t the mainstream media picked up on this? Are they part of it? Why haven’t the republican candidates jumped on this? Are they a part of it too?

  34. It is scary to think that we could actually have a planted fraud in the White House, destroying America from within and no court or individual wants to hear the God’s honest truth. This campaigner in chief is a Muslim born and raised, he sides with the Muslims on every issue including his Obamacare bill and their exclusion from participating in it. As a loyal God fearing American and one who truly believes the constitution is being stepped on by those judges specifically appointed to destroy America, it makes me think that a civil war is on the horizon in the very near future and may be the only way to stop this destruction of our nation. Why does he want to keep us dependent on Muslim Middle Eastern oil and does everything in his power to stop us from being oil wealthy and independent once again in the USA? There are so many questions and dark secrets with this pRESIDENT and one has to wonder why hard working middle class Americans don’t just wake up!!!


  36. That’s it! Enough is enough! I am walking away from my over mortgaged house and moving to Israel!!!

    Good bye USA.

  37. This is what happens when the evidence you present is crap which only a crazy person would take seriously.


  38. It appears that Key to this stalemate,…IS THE STATE OF GEORGIA,…the above
    should be forewarded, and maintained through all the months ahead! JC

  39. Craig, thank you very much for this. I only discovered your site a short time ago and shortly concluded you are an excellent writer and thinker. This is the best column you have written yet, in my opinion. I appreciate your exhortation to all of us to overcome this tyranny by the vote – I only hope it is still possible to have a fair and free election. I am also (like many others) concerned about the Republicans not being much if any better than the Democrats in regards to government abrogation of our freedoms. But at this point voting it does seem to be only recourse for getting this dictator out; that and praying. Thanks again.

  40. American blood will be required to wash the filth of tyranny from the soil of our country one more time. Our forefathers gave us the tools to deter and prevent this eventuality, but the systematic approach of educational reform, media manipulation and monetary control have taken it’s toll. May we citizens enjoy the fruits of our ignorance and indifference. We earned it. We deserved it. Our future as slaves is now assurred – at least for a while.

  41. GIVEN the court has proven that Barry is above the law and refuses to even examine the evidence has proven that Barry is set free to rig the election in 2012 and no court of law will be able to bring him to justice.
    With electronic ballots Barry can create his own ballots as easily as he creates worthless dollars.
    If the courts will not seek the truth there is no options left to the electorate.
    Trust me there is nothing that he is benieth or is benieth him
    This is a sad day and the beginning of the end.

  42. i hope carl swensson (GA resident & led one of the 3 cases against obama that day), starts working immediately on getting that judge removed from the bench…

  43. Until enough Americans wake up to what’s really happening this will go on. Hopefully it wont be too lare. Rick L, Montana.

  44. I have to say I am very disappointed at the outcome of the Trial in Georgia… The case is so cut and dry that their could be no other conclusion drawn but us that than tyranny at our governments highest levels.

    The problem with the entire mess is we may have another candidate that doesn’t qualify for the office that is running.

    As Capt-Dax’s quote of Winston Churchill says. we may already be entering the fighting with the odds against you stage.

    States may seriously begin starting to consider suceding from the corrupt union. I will be on the side of whomever comes to the defense of our Constitution as prescribed by our forefathers.

    It appears it may be time for someone with the skills to rally the patriots in Amercia…

  45. Wow. I cannot believe this has happened. They would put me in jail as long as they could and take from me everything they could take if *I* was subpoenaed into court, even if it was silly and a waste of my time, and I thumbed my nose at them, along with my lawyer, in public for all to see as an act of defiance and lawlessness! I cannot believe the lack of judicial competency displayed, in addition to disrespect for the very system that our POTUS is supposed to be protecting! Amazing. Anyone who votes for him in this next election, be warned, there are no more excuses for your ignorance in the name of BEING FOOLED with “hope and change”. Those that vote for him, in my book, are no longer my fellow citizens. They are traitors. This is where I draw my line in the sand. There is no place for lawlessness in the white house. This is the best article I have EVER read. There is no argument to oppose it, other than adoring dictatorships and corruption and liking double standards that favor the elite. Regardless of if someone thinks this issue is ridiculous and a presidential distraction or not, that was a legitimate court of law, and attendance was NOT optional, and he publicly gave them the middle finger and stuck out his tongue! What a disgrace that judge is, I hope when he looks in the mirror he sees the coward that he is. COWARD! How can I respect a president that doesn’t believe he needs to follow the same laws I do? What’s next? He doesn’t need to use money to buy stuff? He can just waltz into anyones home for a good night’s sleep, like a bed and breakfast? Remind you of any particular era? I’m so mad I can’t see straight.

  46. “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed;… if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival.
    There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

    Winston Churchill

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