If Issues Rule the Day, Conservatives Win in November

Yesterday, in our article titled, “Obama on a High Wire,” we outlined the flip flopping of the Emperor as a signal of desperation regarding several recent issues.

The fact is, as Obama flips his positions, his policies continue to flop.

It’s time for the GOP candidates to stop attacking one another and start pointing out their individual fundamental differences with Obama.

While there is some danger in elevating to a “general election” campaign before the convention, this election year seems to be one bent on rule breaking. Obama feels safe in a lot of this because for the GOP candidates to go after him on certain issues, they open the door for counter attacks.

Here is the real problem. Show us a candidate who hasn’t flipped or flopped on an issue and we’ll show you a unicorn.

Rick Santorum and his different positions regarding right to work. Romney and Romneycare vs Obamacare. Newt on Global Warming. Ron Paul adding earmarks INTO bills just so he can then vote AGAINST the bill…All of them have their issues in this regard.

Hit Obama directly on hypocrisy in regard to the Super PAC flip. USE the video of him scolding the Supreme Court Justices…Use the video of his speech just a day or two before he then urged donors to pile money into a Super PAC to help fund his campaign.

Make it a PARTY attack rather than an individual attack. GOP vs liberal. The GOP never argued against the Super PAC funding…liberals DID – and OBAMA in his State of the Union became the POINT MAN on the issue. The GOP needs to USE that.

Obama is going to run AGAINST Congress and we all know that. He can’t run on his record. He’s been running against Congress for months now and that tact WILL continue so…Fight fire with fire.

Obamacare. Turn this one against Obama using Congress. Nancy Pelosi said we would have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Now, we’ve found out there is a section which mandates that religious organizations provide birth control and other measures which go DIRECTLY AGAINST certain religious doctrine.

The Emperor says he’s going to stand by that doctrine…He might provide a grace period but, the bottom line is, religious organizations and entities will HAVE to provide these things.

USE IT!! Liberals with Obama as their point man rile at the very thought of a manger scene in a public park or a display of the 10 Commandments in a courthouse but think NOTHING of imposing a political party’s ideology on a religious entity?

Obama, who has granted waver after waver from Obamacare to his pals and unions, will NOT back down on the contraception mandate regarding religious organizations?

Make Obama relive and face what was one of his most embarrassing moments. Netanyahu SCHOOLED Obama on Israel and the pre-1967 borders as well as the Hamas and Palestinian issues. MAKE Obama face up to his recent pandering to Jewish voters.

Examples like this could fill volumes, but there are more things the GOP candidates should do.

All 4 of them must come to the realization that conservative voters are still vetting them and can do so accurately ONLY on the issues which confront our nation.

In upcoming debates, after the moderators lay out the rules, the candidates need to lay out THEIR rules.

They should collectively refuse to answer any question which does not deal directly with the issues. Any question not regarding policy should be met with utter silence. Any question designed to get one candidate to attack another should be met with utter silence.

The liberal media is effectively trying to steer the conversation away from policy because their candidate loses every time policy becomes the center point of a debate. MAKE each and every debate and each and every question IN a debate FOCUS on policy issues.

By doing this, the GOP candidates take control of the debate process and by refusing to play by the liberal’s standards, the debates go from a reality show full of infighting to a substance-laden, policy-driven vetting process.

If there is one thing the Obama reelection machine fears most, it’s that substance will win out over image in naming a GOP nominee.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama ran on image as he had no substance and no record. Every time he spoke at a campaign stop, women fainted. How many campaign speeches has Obama made over the last several months? How many appearances has he made over the last 3 years? Both nearly uncountable.

How many women have fainted since his election at the mere sight of him?


Obama is desperate to reclaim the image crown too and against an image over substance GOP nominee, he still has a fighting chance.

Obama’s only claim to viable substance from the last 3 years is the taking down of bin Laden and the GOP candidates need to get out front on that one too.

Make an issue of how he gave bin Laden a proper Muslim send off. Make an issue of how his administration offered their condolences to the family of terrorist propagandist, al Qaeda’s Samir Kahn after dispatching of HIM.

PREEMPT the possible release of photos of the dead bin Laden by pointing out the only possible conclusion for doing so…A political move designed to capitalize on the ONLY positive this administration can conger up.

If the GOP candidates are not willing to force substance and policy regarding our nation’s future into the arena of public debate than we, as conservative voters MUST. If the GOP candidates are copasetic having the republican race to the nomination dictated to them by the liberal machine then we, as conservative voters must NOT be.

For those who may not believe it’s true, look at the roller coaster ride of this GOP race to the nomination. When image rules over issues, i.e. tons of negative advertising attacking other GOP candidates, image wins the day. Romney goes to the top. When Newt lays down the law on debate moderators and makes substance the focus, Newt rises to the top. When  the candidates aren’t busy attacking each other and big money isn’t spent, Rick Santorum surges.

First, Mitt is favored over Obama. Then it’s Newt’s turn to be favored over Obama. Now it’s Rick’s election to win. Every day a different set of polls, every week a different leader.

Make issues and future policy the focus over image and past activity and let’s see what happens. One would suspect it will again be a whole new race but only if we, as conservative voters and the GOP candidates force issues to the top, can we properly vet the candidates and win in November.

One thought on “If Issues Rule the Day, Conservatives Win in November

  1. Is there a website we can go to to submit questions? If so, the most asked questions should be the questions put to each of the candidates with a say 5 minute time limit for the candidate to respond without interuption. After OUR (meaning the American Voters/Tax payers) questions have been answered; then and only then can the candidates start their speaches. I also believe that each and every single one of the candidates “MUST” prove to be “Natural Born Citizens” before this election year goes any futher. By “Natural Born Citizen” I am referring to the way I was taught in school in the 1960s and 1970s that this statement ment born of two (2) American born Parents and born on American Soil; the exception being that of being born on a Military Base due to having a Military Parent. There was “NO” question as to the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” at that time in my life.

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