Give Iran Exactly What They’re Asking For

It’s time to connect the dots in regard to Iran – and since Obama refuses to do it, we will.

Obama’s podium puppet, Jay Carney stated that, “There is time and space for diplomacy to work, for the effective sanctions to result in a change of Iranian behavior, an agreement by Iran to live up to its obligations, to engage in negotiations to resolve this matter peacefully.”


Someone needs to explain to this Alice in Wonderland administration that we have no diplomatic relations with Iran. In fact, we haven’t had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1980 and we have had a trade embargo against them since 1995.

Really? There is time and space for diplomacy to work? We’re talking about Iran here. The only way diplomacy works is if both parties involved have an interest in diplomacy; and guess what? Iran doesn’t.

Iran decided diplomacy with the United States was finished in 1979 as they took 52 Members of our Embassy in Tehran hostage and held them for 444 days – and here’s a little something else the great pretender needs to get a grip on…Those hostages were NOT released via diplomacy or because their behavior changed as a result of sanctions.

Those hostages were released because the former worst President in U.S. history got his peanut-growing ass replaced by Ronald Reagan, and Iran knew full well a President with resolve was not going to EMploy diplomacy via sanctions. He was going to DEploy our military.

Apparently, this administration seems to think that leveling sanctions against Iran is the same thing as having diplomatic relations with them.

Our foreign policy is being run by the Mad Hatter.

Here’s a question for the puppet or the puppeteer, whichever is standing at the mic in the press room: When exactly, was the last time sanctions worked?

Here’s your subtle hint…NEVER.

Want to know why?

Because, while this administration believes sanctions, given enough time and space, will correct a rogue nation’s bad behavior, rogue nations believe it provides them with the time and space to CONTINUE their bad behavior.

Maybe this inept administration would understand it better in sports speak. It’s like trying to run down the clock when you’re behind by 2 scores and hoping that somehow, the strategy will work in your favor – and the only way it possibly COULD is if you have YOUR money on the other team to win.


Let’s be real clear here: Iran’s primary target is Israel. They want to destroy Israel. They want Israel eliminated. Hezbollah, the Palestinian Authority and the rest of the Muslim world are looking to Iran as the leader in wiping out Israel.

This is because Iran, in the Muslim world, has taken the lead on developing the weapons to do it.

Yesterday, the widow of the Iranian nuclear scientist who was killed by a car bomb, Fatemeh Bolouri Kashani, told the Fars News Agency that her husband’s “life’s work was the ‘annihilation of Israel.’” She also said that her husband, “loved any resistance figure in his life who was willing to fight the Zionist regime and supported the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation.”

Iran has also stated that if they are attacked, preemptively, they will instruct their surrogates to attack Israel.

It is clear that, given enough time and space, Iran will complete their stated mission and it’s not hard to determine who target number 2 would be. The United States.

There are those who scoff at that idea and will say Iran has no means of actually attacking the United States.

Oh really? You don’t think so?

As Iran is the puppet master of Hezbollah and we know Hezbollah has been setting up operations in Mexico, one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out how an Iranian nuke could be delivered through our all too porous southern border.

While this idiotic administration enjoys leading from behind, proper foreign policy and focus on our national security requires foresight rather than hindsight.

Not recognizing that war had been declared against US for nearly 20 years provided enough time and space for 9-11. Not recognizing the threat now would make you wrong and could make you DEAD wrong.

Ron Paul and his merry band of fools believe the proper way to approach Iran is with friendship.

Here’s a little advice for the welcome wagon devotees: Iran is a badger and their nuclear ambitions are the rabies. Never try to rub the tummy of a rabid badger…You won’t like the results.

Then of course, we have those who advocate doing nothing at all until the United Nations green lights action.

Seriously? The United Nations?

It will never happen. China and Russia hold sway over the U.N. Security Council and both are allies of Iran. Both are doing substantial BUSINESS with Iran. NEITHER will ever agree to action against their ally and business partner.

The United Nations is a corrupt organization which would rather hand official recognition of statehood to the Palestinian Authority than protect one of its greatest Member States, Israel, against them.

For those who think the United Nations is the answer, just look back to 2006 when the United Nations made Iran the VICE CHAIR of their DISARMAMENT COMMISSION; and if that isn’t enough…you have to realize that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are not a NEW thing. The DAY AFTER taking their seat on the U.N. DISARMAMENT COMMISSION, Iran MADE THE ANNOUNCEMENT that they had managed to enrich uranium which as we all know, is a key ingredient in the development of NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

Taking this to the United Nations would be no different at all than trying to milk a bull. You won’t get anything out of it you’d want to put on your Corn Flakes, rather, you’ll only manage to make the bull happy.

So, what SHOULD be done?

First, Obama needs to stop sending people to Israel to tell them to not to do anything. This administration needs to recognize the threat and quit thinking of Iran as rational.

Second, it’s not just Israel in the cross hairs. The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and, yep, WE are also in Iran’s cross hairs. If Iran obtains nuclear weapons, the danger extends far past the narrow borders of Israel.

Third, as OUR national security is at risk from a nuclear armed Iran, WE should take the lead.

Fourth, Israel has never asked another nation to fight its battles or provide their defense. That need NOT change in this situation. The nuclear inspectors whom Iran has barred from inspecting anything other than their own shoes should be removed from Iran immediately at which time, WE should take action.

Fifth, as WE possess bunker busting weapons far beyond those of any other nation, combined with stealth deliver systems and an air force capable of wiping out anti aircraft capabilities of Iran, we should harness the fire power we command and immediately begin the process of turning Iran’s nuclear facilities, buried or not, into gravel pits.

Naturally, upon the commencement of such action, rockets from Lebanon and Syria under control of Hezbollah and Hamas will be ordered fired into Israel. Israel has FORMIDABLE resources and manpower to defend themselves against such attacks, and Israel should let it be known that ANY reprisal against THEM upon OUR action against Iran WILL be taken as acts of WAR.

Sixth, should Syria and/or Lebanon attack Israel, Israel should immediately GO TO WAR against those nations and whatever ground they take in the process IS THEIRS TO KEEP.

For those who believe this is war mongering, get a grip and join reality. One way or another, Iran is going to cause a war. The horizon is much closer than you want to pretend it is.

For those who say we can’t afford to undertake such action given our national debt…ask what we can more afford…a limited campaign now or the loss of a U.S. city later? Shut down unneeded government agencies and stop wasting money on green dreams and we can more than fund what we need to do now.

For those who say Israel can defend themselves… They would be doing exactly that…We would be defending OURSELVES.

For those who claim we shouldn’t be getting into wars for oil…PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE OIL SANDS! We have all the oil resources we need right here at home and the only reason we’re not energy independent NOW is because a handful of yahoos would rather not displace snails and stay DEpendent on foreign oil from countries that don’t like us to begin with.

All we really need is TIME to load 30,000-pound bunker busters into the planes and about 40,000 feet of SPACE from which to rain hell on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Think there’s a snowball’s chance in Hades Obama will step up?


He’s more interested in putting a grin on the face of the bull.

“Look ma…No Hands!”

5 thoughts on “Give Iran Exactly What They’re Asking For

  1. You cannot reason with unreasonable people. It is the President’s constitutional requirement to defend this country. Iran says it wants to kill the great satan, I take them at their word. The very few things the federal government is required to do is defense spending. Eliminate all the unconstitutional spending and we will have plenty of money for the required duties of the government.Obama is in over his head. He is either really stupid and if he isn’t stupid then he is an enemy of the US. No man can be so consistently wrong without some agenda. He treats our allies like crap and hugs our enemies or bows to them. The imposter in chief should be impeached.

  2. Craig Andresen, it is refreshing to read an article written by someone that “Gets It”! Keep up the good work Sir! Someday, some of us will say, “Told ya so”. Maybe.

    The Kenyan Born Moslem Cockroach Turd does not want to help Israel.
    The illegal president is a moslem that hates Israel and much as America.
    The Turd is allowing Iran to build nuclear weapons to attack Israel.
    We are seeing just the tip of the moslem/communist/fascist iceberg of the illegal foreign policy of the Turd, just wait until stupid Americans put that Piece of Moslem Shit illegally back into office to serve an illegal second term.
    This is just the Turd’s opening act.
    Stay tuned for the rest of the show.

  4. People are listening to status quo spin, rather than what Ron Paul is actually saying.
    GOP ears don not work very well.
    There is no diference in the status quo GOP and the Dumbocrats.

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