Desperate Obama Goes to War on Religion

Mention a war on Christmas or a war on religion to a liberal and they will dismiss you. They’ll laugh and call you names. Liberals will tell you that you’re crazy and other things too.

They will. You know it, I know it and THEY know it.

Here’s something else we all know too.

There’s a war against religion being waged in this country and leading that war, are liberals and this administration.

Every Christmas, we go through it. No manger scenes in parks, no Christmas carols in schools or post offices. Christmas trees and Christmas programs become “Winter” trees and programs.

The war on Christmas is just a skirmish and one which was meant to start the process.

Now, liberals are starting to feel the pressure. They’re getting desperate. Their grip on power is starting to erode.

We know that and they know it too.

The midterm election of 2010 was a warning shot over their bow. It scared them. They thought THEY had it in the bag and THEY got a shellacking. They weren’t ready for it. They never saw it coming.

Now, as we head into the 2012 election, they, the liberal/socialists and their leader, Obama, are feeling the pressure and they’re ramping up the war. Way up.

Remember when Obamacare had to be passed to find out what was in it?

Turns out, one of the things in it was a mandate that religious organizations purchase Obamacare with coverage for abortions, contraception, morning-after pills and sterilizations.

For many religious organizations, many of those things are directly against their doctrines.

The same political party which condemns a religious scene in a park or a prayer in school seems to have no problem whatsoever with forcing religious organizations to acquiesce to their ideology.

This administration has given well over a thousand Obamacare waivers to various organizations who support THEM but give such a waiver to a religious organization?

No way.

Oh, this administration gave them an extra year…to straighten up and get in line, but a waiver? Nope.

This is a clear case of, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Liberal’s first attempts were to convince people, through political correctness, to feel guilty enough about their religion, to walk away from it on their own.

It wasn’t working and with the clock ticking louder and faster, they are now willing to outwardly FORCE people to go against their religious doctrines. The agenda of separating people from their religious beliefs by writ of the government is now in play.

Karl Marx described religion as the opiate of the masses. In a Marxist society, religion was eventually done away with as the society became more and more socialist in nature. Instead of turning to religion, the people would turn to government. Instead of God, a political leader became the source of comfort.

Obamacare and the contraception issue aren’t the only signs of religious apocalypse in America.

The Daily Caller, over the last week, has done an incredible job of outing the agenda of Media Matters. Conservatives have known that agenda for years but, point it out to liberal/socialists and they would deride, dismiss, laugh and name call. Sound familiar?

This has always been the exact same reaction conservatives could expect by mentioning the war on Christmas.

Now, thanks to The Daily Caller, we can connect a couple more dots.

Guess what? Back in their 2006 tax returns, buried deep down in them, the Daily Caller has discovered a $50,000 grant.

That grant from the ARCA foundation, a source of liberal funding for more than half a century, was earmarked for something very interesting.

“To support a Religious Broadcasting Project to expand the monitoring and fact checking of religious broadcasts.”

Media Matters, an organization of 501(c)3 tax exempt status, which thanks to the Daily Caller we now KNOW has close ties to the Obama White House and essentially dictates to the liberal media, their slant on the news…HAS BEEN ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN MONITORING AND FACT CHECKING…RELIGIOUS BROADCASTS!!

The Daily Caller also points out the fact that the former Executive Director of ARCA, back when that very grant was given to Media Matters, Donna Edwards, is NOW a liberal member of the House from Maryland.

Now, we have an administration actively engaged in forcing religious organizations to violate their sacred doctrines, a tax exempt organization heading up the propaganda arm of that administration AND engaged in attacking religious broadcasting.

Interesting, isn’t it? Oh wait, there’s more…

Over the last few months, we have all watched as “Occupiers” have squatted on all sorts of public lands. There has been assaults, drug use, defiance of law enforcement, defecating on sidewalks and police vehicles, sex crimes and even deaths at the “Occupy” sites.

We have also watched as this administration has taken the side of the “Occupy” movement. We have discovered that some of the same socialists backing this administration have given loads of money to the “Occupy” movement.

Yes, there have been arrests at “Occupy” sites – but ONLY when things got SO out of hand, there was no other recourse.

Generally, the crackdown consists of the “Occupiers” not being allowed to sleep on site.

There has now been a different group which, apparently got SO out of hand, arrests were made.

A couple of days ago, a group of Priests from the Catholic church, Ministers from other churches and representatives from various  pro life organizations holding a prayer “protest” on the sidewalk in front of the White House.

They quietly, and respectfully…prayed.

Police moved in and several were…arrested.

These people were not defecating on police cars, not using or selling drugs, not pitching tents, not blocking bridges. There were no assaults, no rapes and nobody was found dead.

They had not been there for months or weeks or days. They were not hurling obscenities or insults.

They had been there for minutes.

They were…praying.

On the sidewalk in front of the White House, they were arrested for…praying.

Whether or not liberal/socialists want to admit it, this IS a Christian nation; but of course, we are not limited to Christianity. It would be more accurate to say this is a Judeo-Christian nation. There are more Catholics than any other religious group or denomination; and who is the first and foremost target of the war on religion?


But Obama and his administration aren’t about to stop with the Catholics, are they?

A week or so ago, Obama showed up at a prayer breakfast and immediately turned it into a reelection campaign stump. He told us that Jesus would want us to follow Obama’s political agenda of taxing the rich, didn’t he?

Here again, Obama and the liberal/socialist agenda is forcing their way into religion. Divide and conquer.

Oh, clearly, he’s already started in on the Jews too.

Obama has been backing the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbola. He made sure the Brotherhood had a seat at the table in forming a new Egyptian government. He helped run Gadaffi, by no means a good guy, out of power in Libya where the al Qaeda flag now flies over the courthouse in Benghazi.

Syria is in flames and we now have reports al Qaeda is moving into Syria at an alarming rate.

Iran? Well, there was a popular uprising about to start there a year or so ago – but what did Obama do regarding that? Nothing. Iran’s government, which, again whether liberal/socialists want to admit it, have openly called for the destruction of Israel; and Iran is now, by all accounts except those of liberal/socialists and those who also don’t care for Israel, on the verge of developing nuclear weapons.

Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to go back to their pre-1967 borders in discussions regarding Palestinian statehood. Those borders are completely indefensible and there is little doubt that Obama and the liberal/socialists are fully aware of that fact.

Speaking of Palestinian statehood, less than 4 months ago, because UNESCO recognized Palestinian statehood, the United States cut off funding that arm of the United Nations.

Now, buried in the budget proposal supplied by Obama, is a clause which would RESTORE that funding. To do such would essentially green light ANY U.N. arm to recognize Palestinian statehood and the Palestinian Authority, like Iran, has vowed to eliminate Israel.

It’s even in their charter to do so.

So, if you think the war on religion being waged by Obama, his administration and his liberal/socialist followers is somehow confined to Christianity, think again. Christianity is being attacked by Obama and his administration at HOME while the Jewish religion is under attack from forces whose road to Israel’s destruction is being paved abroad.

What Obama and his liberal/socialist administration are counting on is that people will have a greater desire for their material needs than their faith. To that extent, he has, since his election, advocated class warfare, systematically run the economy into the ground, brought about Obamacare and has been acting against the constitution.

The creating of an entitlement society.

Obama and the liberal/socialists are forcing the people to turn to the government for their needs. Housing. Healthcare. Food. Energy. Obama and the liberal/socialists want you to turn to the government to tell you how to raise your children. The government is telling you what to feed your children. What YOU can eat. Obama and the liberal/socialists are building a society that believes, like the occupiers, they are entitled to all these things but guess what it leads to?

A society which is beholding to the government to get those things.

Faith…Religion…is a roadblock to this agenda because those who have a strong belief system, faith and religion, tend to be more self reliant and less in need of government. In times of conflict, need or catastrophe, they turn to their faith and those of like faith first. They believe God has a plan and God will lead them.

Obama and liberal/socialists require people to turn to them, government first. Obama and liberal/socialists, for THEIR agenda, require people to believe that their GOVERNMENT has a plan and their GOVERNMENT will lead them.

God will provide vs Government will provide.

When the people won’t turn willingly away from their faith or, are turning away too slowly, a war on religion must be initiated to assist in FORCING socialism upon a reluctant society.

One more thing…

Gun Control.

Obama and the liberal/socialists are great proponents of gun control aren’t they?

It seems about the only thing liberal/socialists have a problem with controlling is their mouths. They almost always tip their hand by shooting off their mouths.

Remember, under the Obama liberal/socialist administration, more jobs have been lost, more people are on food stamps, the nation is deeper in debt, companies are sending more jobs overseas and so on and so on…It was back in April of 2008, while in California, a campaigning Obama said this:

“You go into some of these small towns in Pennsylvania, and like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Is it any wonder Obama and liberal/socialists are chipping away at the very document which give the people the right to cling, bitterly or otherwise, to their guns or their religion?

This election is not just about the economy, stupid, as many seem to think. This election is about the very culture and foundation of our nation. Obama and the liberal/socialists have declared war and religion is on the front line.

The Daily Caller

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  1. If Obama (or Barry Soetro; if that is his real name) is re-elected it will be because the electronic voting machines have been tampered with to show no matter who was really chosen the vote will go to current acting President and yes the Illegals (who are getting American services and should not be) will be allowed to vote. There was a made for TV movie where this exact same thing happen. The person that discovered the truth was killed (of course) to keep everyone from discovering the President was the person behind it.

  2. Hi Craig,
    I read your blogs weekly, but this is by far your best and most important one. I have wanted to say and write all of this, but I think you did such a perfect job, that I don’t need to now. You speak for me, and for millions. Thank you for putting into words what is so heavy on our hearts!
    God Bless!

  3. The War against Christianity is going to get a lot worse because the Kenyan Born Moslem Cockroach Turd is going to be illegally re-elected.
    The tide against the antiChrist is not turning in the favor of Christians or Jewish people.
    A Second American Revolution is coming to America.

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