Making Our Military PC is Treason

When was the last time our American military won a war?

Ask yourself THAT question. WHEN exactly was it?

I’ll tell you.


THAT was the last time our military won a war.

Did we win in Korea? Nope. Vietnam? Clearly not. Did we win the first Gulf War?

Well, there’s a question. We clearly ran Iraq out of Kuwait didn’t we? Yes, clearly we did that. Saddam had promised the mother of all battles and what we saw was the mother of all retreats. Iraqi Republican Guard units were surrendering to journalists and begging for food. They had heard that journalists carried with them…cookies.

At that point, the Republican Guard would have surrendered to the Girl Scouts.

The Iraqi Air Force fled to Iran and Iran kept the planes. It was a route but…Did we win the war?

No…Not really. We won the battle for Kuwait, but we left Saddam in power and did not invade Iraq.

What about the war in Iraq? Did we win THAT one? No. We got Saddam and his sons and chased al Qaeda around but, upon political timelines and decisions, we bailed out before the job was done and now, al Qaeda and Iranian agitators are moving in leaving Iraq a battleground with no clear direction.

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Another School Shooting and the Liberal Double Standard

There could be no more clear an illustration of the double standard of liberals or their mouthpieces such as the ACLU that the horrible turn of events in Ohio this morning.

Chardon High School was the scene of terror. It was around 8:15 local time this morning, while students were preparing for their first classes of the day, many eating breakfast in the cafeteria, that a student with a gun opened fire inside the school.

We don’t know much yet but we do know the gunman fled and was caught off the school grounds. We know 5 students were wounded.

We now know that 1 has died of those injuries.

The students have been released to their parents.

We also know, via various reports from some students, that the gunman had, through social media, made threats over the weekend.

Here is something else we now know.

The Superintendent of Schools there has stated there will be a candlelight vigil, tomorrow evening, at a church across the street from the school.

Liberals, their mouthpieces, the ACLU…none of them will utter a word.

A candlelight vigil, for students, at a church.

Let a prayer be uttered at a high school graduation and all hell would break loose. Let a student athlete point to the heavens upon scoring a touchdown or hitting a homer, well, the student would be penalized and the fallout wouldn’t be pretty.

A school choir singing the praises of Allah is fine but let a school choir, even an extra curriculum choir sing of praising Jesus?

No way.

All those things are fair game to liberals, their mouthpieces and the ACLU.

Students, meeting in a church, to pray about the previously day’s tragic happenings?

That will be met with silence.

All of these things, relating to prayer or Christianity in schools should be met in the exact same manner.


Liberals, their mouthpieces and the ACLU love to pipe up about separation of church and state. They love to sow the seeds of offense. If you PRAY…You will OFFEND those who don’t. You’ll OFFEND those who might hold a different belief OTHER than Christianity.

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SCREW the Apology…It’s NOT the Real Issue!

In Afghanistan this morning, violence regarding the Koran burning continues. More than 30 people have been killed and among them, 4 U.S. Soldiers. This morning, a suicide bomber drove a car into the gates at Jalalabad Airport killing 9 people.

This, apparently, is all in response to the burning of 4 Korans.

Those Korans had notes written in them which, as we’ve been told, related to actions to be taken, possible attacks and so on. Those notes were being written and passed between prisoners. The Korans were removed, burned, and the ashes apparently sent to a dump.

Word got out as to the disposal methods and all of a sudden, riots break out in the streets.

Obama, after but one or two days, issued an apology to Afghanistan and Karzai.

Karzai, for HIS part, has both demanded public trials for those who burned the already defiled Korans and has called for calm in television appearances.

Among conservatives, the Obama apology as become a focal point. GOP candidates have seized upon it, conservative bloggers have seized upon it…pundits and commentators have seized upon it too.

If you’ve read The National Patriot before, you know I’m a big picture guy. I like to stand back far enough to see the whole picture; and in this case, when that tact is taken, the focus shifts away from the apology and onto to something much more important.

What is fueling the Afghanistan violence? Obama’s apology?

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Friday Fume

Thank GOD I have a pressure valve.

All week long, every week, the pressure builds but, at the END of the week, the safety measure kicks in.

Liberals just keep doing what liberals do and I just keep tracking their idiotic efforts. Before you know it…It’s Friday and I start…


From the…”JUST HOW SURPRISED SHOULD YOU BE” department, we find ourselves in Ehrhardt, South Carolina. It seems, ever year about this time, on the outskirts of Ehrhardt…near Broxton Bridge Plantation…there is a pigeon shoot.

Broxton Bridge Plantation IS privately owned and the 2nd Amendment DOES give folks the right to own guns and pigeon hunting is NOT illegal so…anyway…

SOME GROUP OF LIBERAL PIGEON HUGGERS shows up to PROTEST and they call themselves…SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness…


SHARK…okay…here’s where it gets…well, you’ll see…

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Give Iran Exactly What They’re Asking For

It’s time to connect the dots in regard to Iran – and since Obama refuses to do it, we will.

Obama’s podium puppet, Jay Carney stated that, “There is time and space for diplomacy to work, for the effective sanctions to result in a change of Iranian behavior, an agreement by Iran to live up to its obligations, to engage in negotiations to resolve this matter peacefully.”


Someone needs to explain to this Alice in Wonderland administration that we have no diplomatic relations with Iran. In fact, we haven’t had diplomatic relations with Iran since 1980 and we have had a trade embargo against them since 1995.

Really? There is time and space for diplomacy to work? We’re talking about Iran here. The only way diplomacy works is if both parties involved have an interest in diplomacy; and guess what? Iran doesn’t.

Iran decided diplomacy with the United States was finished in 1979 as they took 52 Members of our Embassy in Tehran hostage and held them for 444 days – and here’s a little something else the great pretender needs to get a grip on…Those hostages were NOT released via diplomacy or because their behavior changed as a result of sanctions.

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The Price of Gas is Causing Heartburn

Let’s talk about the price of gas, shall we? I mean, why not? Everybody ELSE is.

It’s going up.

There are many reasons for this.

Circumstances in the Middle East, Iran embargoing oil to Europe and England have oil speculators…speculating and whenever they do THAT…The price of a barrel goes UP. The prospect of war between Israel and Iran is also fueling higher oil prices.

The price ALWAYS goes up in the summer month because of the differing blends mandated by the EPA. Those blends can also vary from state to state but in FEBRUARY??? Gas prices have NEVER been this high in FEBRUARY which means, by the time it’s time for the summer blends, the price will go even HIGHER.

Of course, as the price of gas climbs, so too will the prices of everything else.

Socks? Price is gonna go up. Food? Up, up, up. Auto parts? Yep…Up. You name it and the price is going to rise because of gas prices. Everything you buy has to get from where it’s made to where you buy it and if the cost of transporting your Chinese manufactured socks is going up, so is the price of the socks.

There is a great deal of focus, right now, on the nixed Keystone XL Pipeline.

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Israeli Action vs Obama’s Inaction

Not since Jimmy Carter was in office has an American administration so lacked the political will to engage either our enemies or the enemies of our allies.

With the clock ticking between Israel and Iran, Obama seems much more inclined to try and stop any Israeli action than to force Iran into compliance.

Yes, Obama is enacting sanctions – but sanctions don’t work against such an ideology as Iran’s. If sanctions, even strict sanctions, have any effect at all, it isn’t noticeable for years; and rarely, if ever, even after years of implementation, do sanctions have the desired effect.

Anyone who believe sanctions will keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons would also be apt to believe in rainbow farting unicorns.

In reality, the sanctions pave the way for Iran to “claim” a desire to talk at which point they will make ransom demands for halting their nuclear weapons program while continuing their nuclear weapons program.

National Security Adviser, Tom Donilon, just ended several days of talks IN Israel. Along with Netanyahu, Donilon also had talks with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Chief of the General Staff Benny Gantz, and National Security Adviser Gen. Yaakov Amidror.

With Iran ramping up THEIR efforts to develop nuclear weapons and with their near non-stop calls for Israel to be eliminated, sanctions in play against Iran, Iran stating they will cease oil shipments to France, Iranian agents trying to kill Israel diplomats in various countries, Iran’s threats to bring THEIR form of terror attacks to OUR nation, a plot regarding the Iranian assassination of Saudi diplomats on OUR soil uncovered last year…

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We WERE Exceptional…50 Years Ago Today…

American Exceptionalism is exactly what it sounds like – or, at least, it used to be.

American. Exceptional. It is, or was, the act of being American and doing exceptional things. It seems odd, that on Presidents’ Day, when we should be celebrating those Presidents who exemplified the very spirit of American Exceptionalism, we instead can be directly reminded of it’s decline.

It’s the date. Today’s date. February 20th, 2012, which directly calls into question the exceptionalism which used to be ours but sadly, is now in steep decline.

Why IS today’s date SO important to this discussion?

50 years ago today, American Exceptionalism was on full display. We did something THAT day we can’t do today and it was a matter of technology, bravery, spirit and sheer force of will.

The bravery is still there, spirit too. What we are sorely lacking today is the will and the technology.

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Desperate Obama Goes to War on Religion

Mention a war on Christmas or a war on religion to a liberal and they will dismiss you. They’ll laugh and call you names. Liberals will tell you that you’re crazy and other things too.

They will. You know it, I know it and THEY know it.

Here’s something else we all know too.

There’s a war against religion being waged in this country and leading that war, are liberals and this administration.

Every Christmas, we go through it. No manger scenes in parks, no Christmas carols in schools or post offices. Christmas trees and Christmas programs become “Winter” trees and programs.

The war on Christmas is just a skirmish and one which was meant to start the process.

Now, liberals are starting to feel the pressure. They’re getting desperate. Their grip on power is starting to erode.

We know that and they know it too.

The midterm election of 2010 was a warning shot over their bow. It scared them. They thought THEY had it in the bag and THEY got a shellacking. They weren’t ready for it. They never saw it coming.

Now, as we head into the 2012 election, they, the liberal/socialists and their leader, Obama, are feeling the pressure and they’re ramping up the war. Way up.

Remember when Obamacare had to be passed to find out what was in it?

Turns out, one of the things in it was a mandate that religious organizations purchase Obamacare with coverage for abortions, contraception, morning-after pills and sterilizations.

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Friday FUME

Oh my goodness…it can’t be Friday already can it?

Yep…and just like we do every Friday, we ‘re about to look back at the week that was.


It’s FRIDAY and…

I’m fuming!!

2 weeks ago, right here in the FUME, I told you about the FDA and how they have labeled DIAMOND WALNUTS as DRUGS!!!


Now the FDA has some MORE news for you…


“Stem cells, like other medical products that are intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease, generally require FDA approval before they can be marketed. At this time, there are no licensed stem cell treatments.”

Court documents have been filed BY THE FDA which state:

1)      Stem cells are drugs and therefore fall within their jurisdiction.

2)      The clinic is engaging in interstate commerce and is therefore subject to FDA regulation because any part of the machine or procedure that originates outside Colorado becomes interstate commerce once it enters the state. Moreover, interstate commerce is substantially affected because individuals traveling to Colorado to have the Regenexx procedure would depress the market for out-of-state drugs that are approved by FDA.”

This is all because of a clinic in Colorado that does stem cell treatments to ease joint pain.


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