What Obama DOESN’T Want You to Know About “Hopey Changey”

Can we give it a rest? Can we just give it a rest?

I’m talking about the nonsense put forth by so many reports that Obama has now kicked off his 2012 campaign. Every day, after an Obama speech, someone claims that Obama has kicked off his campaign.


Obama kicked off his 2012 campaign the day he took office back in 2009 so can we please give the “He just kicked off his campaign” stuff a rest?

That’s one of the biggest problems with this administration…That they have never, for a single minute, been OUT of campaign mode. Rather than seeing to the business of the country, rather than seeing to the business of the people, Obama has spent his entire term engaged in the business of Obama.

Hey liberals…How’s that hopey changey crap working out for you?

Heading into the 2008 election, Obama droned on endlessly about hope and change. Hope this…Change that…Hope, change, hope AND change…Hopey…Changey.

People who have the attention span of a bumper sticker bought into it. Hope and change was all they needed to hear…All they needed to know. “Hope” check…got hope. “Change” yep…change would be good.


The trouble was, Obama never bothered to define what he was hoping for or what change he intended.

Now, the slogan president has a new catch phrase.

“Change is…”

It seems he’s going to gallivant about the nation telling people what he’s changed…So far…and that he needs more time to effect BIG changes.

Remember back in 2008, when Obama said he wanted to “Fundamentally change” America?

Here are some of the fundamental changes he’s made.

Obama has fundamentally decided he doesn’t need congress to implement his “changes.”

Obama has fundamentally weakened our military.

Obama has fundamentally attempted to spend our nation out of debt.

Obama has fundamentally socialized healthcare.

Obama has fundamentally turned our nations back on our allies.

Obama has fundamentally supported Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama has fundamentally increased the size of government.

Obama has fundamentally ignited class warfare.

Obama has fundamentally allowed weapons to be walked to Mexican drug cartels.

Obama has fundamentally implemented amnesty for illegal aliens.

Under Obama, energy prices have fundamentally risen.

Under Obama, inflation has fundamentally skyrocketed.

Under Obama, unemployment has fundamentally risen.

Under Obama, more jobs have fundamentally gone overseas.

Obama has fundamentally increased the national debt more than all previous presidents combined.

Obama has fundamentally violated the Constitution and his oath of office.

This is just a partial list of fundamental Obama changes over the last 3 years and, bear in mind, he thinks he needs another 4 years to implement the BIG changes.

The last democrat to sit in the oval office had a great deal of difficulty defining the meaning of “Is” and this one has refused to define “Change.”

People, even democrats, SHOULD be scared witless about what will become of this country should Obama get another 4 years to put into place what he thinks are the BIG changes. When you look at the damage done since 2008, another 4 years of fundamental changes would lay waste to everything that has made this nation what it used to be.

We used to be a world leader. We used to a beacon of freedom. We used to be the country of innovation. We used to be a nation of laws. We used to be THE nation of prosperity. We USED to be a lot of great things but, another 4 years of Obama and NONE of those things will be in our future.

Another 4 years of Obama and people will only be able to read about America’s greatness in history books until liberals rewrite those too.

Yes, equally as devastating as the downfall of our nation’s economy and as destructive as liberal/socialists are to our society would be the loss of our history and given the latitude to do so, liberal/socialists would indeed systematically wipe that out too.

Perhaps the greatest loss in our history would be the loss of the warning signs.

Indeed, those who ignore history ARE doomed to repeat it.

Is the promise of hope and change a NEW idea? Is class warfare a NEW idea? Is the creation of an entitlement society a NEW idea?

Many who voted for Obama seemed to believe so. Many young voters, after years of indoctrination in public schools and institutions of “higher” learning believe that Obama’s approach is fresh and new. A straw upon which to grasp. A bold new direction.

Many voters, especially the young voters, simply didn’t believe back in 2008, or now for that matter, that republicans have any answer for the nation’s economic problems and that ONLY liberals and THEIR fresh new ideas can solve the issues.

But ARE the liberal/socialists views, ideologies, ideas new?

Clearly not.

I will leave you with the following. From 1949. If one voted for Truman in 1948, that person today would be in their early 80’s at the youngest. Gone from the pages of history books for decades is the following warning. Gone for decades this “fresh” idea. Erased from the public conscience this prophetic signal of things to come.

It is hard to read. Time will do that to a folded piece of newsprint. But, it is legible. Read it. Read the words not once but twice, or three times. Absorb them. See what history tells us about the future. Understand why liberals and socialists don’t want young voters today to know where we once were.

Obama hasn’t started his campaign for 2012.

He’s running for election in 1948.

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  1. I want my HOPE back..he can keep the change 🙁 @ least we can’t say he lied to us! He’s been telling us from the get-go what he planned to do & we were too stupid to take his word for it! I’ve been warning ppl from the beginning, & have heard, “No, he won’t do that!” countless times from sheeple who know more about American Idol than they do about American government & history! It’s nauseating!

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