Ron Paul’s Connection to Doom

Much of what we have seen regarding various GOP candidates and what I refer to as smelly shoes in their closets, is old news. It’s stuff that happened a decade or two ago. Sometimes longer ago than that.

This isn’t old news.

This is FRESH stink and it’s a stink Ron Paul and his Ronulan Paulbot lemmings are going to have a tough time explaining away.

On July 6th, 2010, Ron Paul co-wrote an article with Barney Frank for the Huffington Post regarding the slashing of a trillion dollars from national defense spending. At a time when our national defense is being weakened by a president who supports our enemies and turns his back on our allies, Ron Paul joins forces with Barney Frank to slash defense spending?

Yep but that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Together, FrankenPaul, issued the “Sustainable Defense Task Force.”

This “Think tank” of progressive liberal non thinkers was “Tasked” with rendering our defense capabilities null and void for the most part but disguised as a “cost cutting” fiscal task force.

Disguising his true intentions is a Ron Paul trademark.

Paul has, for years as we are finding out, been cloaking his anti Israel and racial ideologies behind a smokescreen of being a fiscal hawk. The idea being…get people behind the fiscal stuff and maybe they won’t notice the rest.

Back to the “Sustainable Defense Task FARCE.”

Here are some of the people involved in that whole deal.

Lawrence J. Kolb, Christopher Hellman, Miriam Pemberton, William D. Hartung and the list goes on and on and on.

These people are tied to such groups as, National Priorities Project, Center for American Progress, Institute for Policy Studies and the New America Foundation…Yet another list which goes on and on and on.

The most important thing about BOTH lists is that the names ON them are all tied, through funding, to…

George Soros.

That’s right, Ron Paul hitched his wagon to Barney Frank via the “Sustainable Defense Task Force” which itself was populated by George-Soros-funded anti-American “thinkers.”

Here’s the link to the REST of these lists which go on and on!

Kudos to Daniel Greenfield for assembling all those facts!!   

Now, the Ronulan Paulbot lemmings have a couple of options.

Option 1…They can try to convince the rational conservatives that Paul had no idea that the SDTF was funded by George Soros.

This would be the 2nd time in only a week…think newsletters…that the Ronulan Paulbot lemmings will have to try and convince us that “The one and only most brilliant candidate who ever existed” had no idea what was going on around him.

Option 2…They will have to try and convince rational conservatives that George Soros is a good and decent fellow.

Soros, as we all know, is Obama’s puppet master and is a devout commie bent on destroying Capitalism and America’s economy. He’s done it to other economies.

Option 3…They, the Ronulan Paulbot lemmings, can just start the name calling as liberals and Ronulan Paulbot lemmings have become famous for by trying, again, to label anyone who doesn’t agree with them as “war mongers.”

They will try to convince rational conservatives that the whole dirty deal was an exercise in cutting spending which we cannot afford and that we just can’t afford to be involved in fighting for our freedom and the freedom of others anymore. It’s a fiscal thing they will tell us…nothing more.

THIS option is almost as effective as trying to hide a jackass behind a glass of Koolaid in an empty room.

Let THAT bit of imagery sink in for a moment!!!

Here are some FACTS regarding Ron Paul which Ronulan Paulbot lemmings just don’t like to hear:

Paul did NOT create the Tea Party. Paul instead held one of his “Money bomb” fund raisers on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

Paul IS anti Israel.

Paul IS pro Iran.

Paul HAS accepted campaign donations from avowed racists.

Ron Paul believes 9-11 was OUR fault.

Paul DID know about if not actually write those newsletters.

Paul’s current campaign IS being assisted by Obama liberal/socialists.

Paul IS now tied to George Soros.

All of this, of course, begs the question…Are the Ronulan Paulbot lemmings simply dupes who have been conned into following this twirp or are they duplicitous in his twisted ways?

With all we know, and continue to uncover regarding the dealings and mindset of Ron Paul, if his followers continue to follow along, how can they NOT be complicit?

Visit Ron Paul follower sites in various social media outlets and you will, no doubt, find anti-Semite posts and comments. You’ll find racist posts and comments. You’ll find a lot of stuff there that sounds a whole lot like what you’ll find on pro Obama sites as well.

Many conservatives, myself included, have agreed with Ron Paul’s fiscal concepts but knowing what we now know regarding Ron Paul’s association to the George Soros funded Sustainable Defense Task Force, and knowing what we have always known regarding George Soros’ anti capitalism plans for taking our economy down the drain, can we continue to support Ron Paul’s economic strategies?

I believe now, we, as rational conservatives, MUST question his motives even along THOSE fiscal lines as well.

Look at it this way.

IF Ron Paul gets the nomination, the liberal/socialists who support Obama and who are now bolstering Paul’s campaign will simply leave Paul high and dry to vote in the general election for Obama.

IF Paul, when pigs fly, wins the general election…What exactly have the Obama backing liberal/socialists lost by trading one Soros puppet for another?

When the Ronulan Paulbot lemmings say, “Ron Paul is the only one who can or will…” what they really mean is…

Ron Paul is the only one who can or will…continue what Obama started.

The FrankenPaul Hufpo article.


Within MINUTES of posting this article I got the following conversation from a Ronulan. I LOVE it when they PROVE me to be correct in my assessment.

  • Chad S. – Conservatives are nothing more than shrills for the progressive legacy of Wilson . . .I’l’ take freedom over a “conservative’s” authoritarian idea of government any day . . .

8 minutes ago · Like

Chad S. – If conservatives find the constitution and the natural rights of the individual too difficult to accept, feel free to take your tails elsewhere . . .

7 minutes ago · Like

Craig Andresen Another COMPLICIT Ronulan!!

6 minutes ago · Like

Chad S. – The neo-cons are complicit in Treason and Evil . . . they are statist as any democrat.

5 minutes ago · Like

Craig Andresen Explain the connection between Soros and Paul. EXPLAIN IT!!!

4 minutes ago · Like

Chad S. – Get off your knees and stop blowing life into the progressive legacy of Wilson.

4 minutes ago · Like

Craig Andresen EXPLAIN IT.

3 minutes ago · Like

Chad S. – All you statists stand for is endless undeclared war, a police state, entitlement programs, debt and government intrusion.

3 minutes ago · Like

Craig Andresen You are only proving my assessment of Ronulans to be SPOT ON!!

2 minutes ago · Like

Chad S. – Explain how conservatives are full of shit when they claim to support the constitution and limited-government. Are they ignorant or liars? Maybe both?

a few seconds ago · Like

Chad S. – Useful idiots . ..

Ahhh…MORE from the COMPLICIT…

Laura C. – Boy really did some acrobatics for this reach… LMAO, may want to consider your bias clouding your brain?? Hahahaha

about a minute ago

Laura C. – Actually I am not even commenting on your stupid shit anymore.. Waste of valuable time .


9 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s Connection to Doom

  1. john vigil: hahahahahahahahaha! and thanks for reminding us of the contrails… i’d forgotten about that conspiracy…

  2. If you’re a Ron Paul supporter, you’re automatically in the left half of the IQ bell curve–althoug, if you’re a RP supporter, I doublt you know what that is–and now it is up to you to show us just how far to the left you are!

  3. Ever notice that when “four-letter words” are used, it’s almost invariably libs who use them? Do they think that their expletives and profanity will give credence to the negative view they have of the Constitution and freedom?

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    Doctors at the CDC claim they are working on a vaccine for this virus, but do not expect to see a vaccine come to market until after November of 2012 at the soonest and caution that it may take several more decades before a cure or vaccine are found.

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  5. Regarding Ron Paul’s and his retarded paulbot’s assertions that “He has the overwhelming support of the military”, here are the facts:
    So far Ron Paul has received more than all the other candidates from people who have indicated that their employer is a branch of the military or are retired military. This is verified as correct by Politifact and I have verified it from multiple sources.
    The FEC only reports donations over $250.00 and Ron Paul has received about $64,000 as of Sept (3rd quarter), assuming that he continued to receive donations at about 7,100.00/month, then as of Jan 1, he would have raised approximately $85,000.
    While it is true that Ron Paul has received more money from “those associated with the military” than the other candidates—including Obama–, what they are not saying is what is more important.
    There are currently 1.4 million active duty military in the US Armed Forces.
    There are another 844,000 reservists and National Guard that list their employers as a branch of the service.
    There are over 1.3 million retired military currently in the US.
    Added together there are 3.6 million people who are “associated with the military” as soldiers and former soldiers.
    Assuming Ron Paul has received 85,000 dollars from “active duty military and retired military” (his words), then he has received approximately $85,000/3.6million people which comes out to (drum roll)—-2 cents per person.
    Since the FEC only counts those that donate $250.00 or more if we assume that all of them who donated , donated $250.00 each, then only 340 people out of 3.6 million donated to Ron Paul or less than 0.00009 percent.
    Considered in this context, does that sound like “overwhelming military support”?
    By the way, I am a Vietnam era and Desert Storm vet and I think 2 cents is entirely too much and in fact, would leave two cents on the ground, rather than pick it up to send to him!

  6. EXCELLENT article, Craig! I shared w/private email list AND Tweeted! (LindaSantucci). Thank you for all you do as a true American Patriot!

  7. that is rich…. “paul is using soros’ money to better american liberty…” i’ve never heard that one b4…. good one becky… nobody in their right mind would buy that one! maybe obama is too (i’ll bet those on the left think that)…

    no wonder the paulitarians are for paul’s call to legalize drugs…

  8. Another confirmation of the article!

    Becky Perkins
    Just because Paul USED Frank to “slash” the defense budget doesn’t mean crap………other than he’s more intelligent than you give him credit for!! I have avoided your national patriot as it always had a socialist scent to it, now I know why!!!! When people wake up to the idea that the trillions of dollars that are spent in the name of “defense”, that is actually going into the pockets of corrupt politicians, corrupt leaders of other countries, it will be too late. MR Paul sees this and knows it has to stop!!! Iran a friend??? Don’t think I ever heard him say that!!! Though he has stated “if we keep our noses where they belong, we wouldn’t have governments and evil leaders hating us”
    Option 1 Who cares who’s funding SDTF????? Soros or no who f’in cares if Paul uses it to better American lberty???????
    Option 2 Paul defending soros………haha you’re funny!!!!
    Option 3 you’re the jackass hiding behind the koooolaid Sir with all respect intended!!!
    5 minutes ago · Like · 1

  9. great article, craig..

    the one argument i continually fight w/ the paulbots (paulitarians, neo-liberals) about is the one where they claim that ron paul gets the majority of the military support (above & beyond the other GOP candidates). as a lifelong USAF dependent (brat & spouse), i know this is a bunch of BS… i know for a fact that when u make a donation to a candidate’s campaign that u r required to note your “occupation.” (i think i may change mine from housewife to “military dependent non-entity”.) anyways, anyone can claim that they are “military”, “veteran”, “military retiree”, etc., when in fact they aren’t…

    i know that during the entire military career of my husband, we NEVER contributed to any political campaign…. i suspect the majority of the military doesn’t contribute now either; particularly the enlisted forces (who, many are on food stamps). regardless, the paul camp continues to make the false claim that they get all this military support…

    anyways, thanks for this article… i’d already heard that soros had contributed to the cato institute (libertarian think-tank; which i believe supports ron paul). i’m glad that people are finally connecting the dots…

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