Eligibility, Obama and the Coming Crisis

Tomorrow, a storm will strike in Georgia. It could well be a storm of epic proportions. It will be a political storm from which a Constitutional crisis could well arise.

It will take place in a Georgia courtroom.

Obama’s eligibility to serve as President is on the line.

It’s been a long and hard road for Dr. Orly Taitz and the Liberty Legal Foundation, which will represent the plaintiffs in court tomorrow, what they have been working toward may well create the perfect storm.

Make no mistake, while the outcome of this case is at the state level, and while it will not, if successful by the plaintiffs, remove Obama from office, it could set the stage for that ultimate showdown.

This case, brought forth in Georgia, will decide, before appeals, whether or not Obama is qualified, by virtue of the constitution, to appear on Georgia’s ballot in 2012.

This IS huge.

There are other such cases being formulated and one, in the state of California, which is pending.

The case against Obama’s eligibility hinges on the definition of “Natural Born Citizen” and the constitution clearly states one must BE a Natural Born Citizen in order to serve as president.

Those bringing this case, and others, say he is NOT a natural born citizen because his father was never a United States citizen and they have several written opinions from the United States Supreme Court standing behind them.

Obama himself has been subpoenaed to attend the Georgia court at 9:00am tomorrow morning.


Unless he drastically alters his campaign plans, without announcing such a change, Obama will be in Nevada and Colorado tomorrow.

One has to wonder why, with the threat of a Constitutional crisis looming and his inclusion on the Georgia ballot directly in the balance not to mention his very eligibility to serve in the office to which he was elected in 2008 at stake, why he would ignore a court subpoena and fail to appear.

One is left to wonder if there is something he doesn’t want the rest of the world to know regarding this matter.

If he was truly in the clear, with nothing to hide, and the case was nothing…If he could, once and for all, beyond doubt, prove he was a natural born citizen, prove the definition OF natural born citizen was NOT what his opponents claim, why not show up, and prove such?

There are several possibilities to be considered.

Obama could, one supposes, appear via video hookup from his campaign destination, Washington D.C. before his departure or from Air Force One while in route. Should that be the case, would that not be affording him, by virtue of office, a privilege not afforded to average citizens?

If Obama fails to appear, could a warrant be issued against him? That would certainly be the case if an average citizen failed to appear after being subpoenaed. Correct me if I’m wrong but, I don’t believe a sitting President has ever been the subject of a bench warrant before.

One would be hard pressed to understand, since the subpoena has been issued and upon a failure to appear, how the court would find in favor of Obama regardless of his lawyers’ presentation. It’s not an impossibility but it would certainly lead to questions of conduct and be an issue upon appeal.

Let there be no doubt, either way this Georgia case turns out, it will be appealed.

If the Georgia court finds that Obama’s name is ineligible to appear on the Georgia Ballot, expect many states to move forward, and quickly, with carbon copy cases while Obama’s lawyers file an immediate appeal to block the ruling. If the Georgia court finds there is no reason to prevent Obama’s name from appearing on the ballot, expect a quickly filed appeal and a petition to bring the case before the United States Supreme Court immediately as this is an election year.

Speculation on this would be nearly endless. Instead, let’s look at what we do know.

1)      Obama HAS been subpoenaed to appear.

2)      Obama’s attorney tried to have the case dismissed.

3)      The Georgia court found against the argument for dismissal.

4)      Obama’s attorney argued that the case was irrelevant.

5)      The Georgia court stated it is indeed relevant.

6)      Obama’s attorney argued that a state doesn’t have the right to make a decision as to who appears on their ballot.

7)      The Georgia court, citing Georgia law, said otherwise.

8)      Obama’s attorney argued that Obama was too busy attending to the duties of his office to appear.

9)      The Georgia court has reportedly stated that failure to appear would be cause for a warrant to be issued.

10)   Obama plans to be in Nevada and Colorado on a campaign swing tomorrow rather than appear as per the subpoena.

What else do we know?

11)   The constitution clearly states that one must be a natural born citizen to serve as president.

12)   The Constitution does not define natural born citizen.

13)   There are 4 cases ruled upon by the U.S. Supreme Court where, contained within the written opinions issued by those courts, natural born citizen is defined as a person, born of both parent who were citizens of the United States.

14)   None of those 4 cases dealt directly with the natural born citizen issue and therefore are of no value in this argument.

15)   Obama’s father was not a United States citizen but it is NOT his father who should be at the center of this…rather…his MOTHER who failed to meet the standards set in order to confer her citizenship to Obama at his birth. The defining laws regarding this can be found by reading the 1940 Nationality Act and the amendment to it that includes the period of time from 1952 through 1986 as that bit of law defines the age at which a parent can confer citizenship to a child at birth. Stanley Ann Dunham falls short of that requirement.

Whether or not that fact will be brought out in this court case is yet to be seen but, I believe it should be.

Now, what else do we know that has some bearing on this situation?

16)   Months ago, a trial balloon was sent aloft by an Indiana Congresswoman regarding the suspension of congressional elections for a couple of years.

17)   Obama believes he has the authority to unilaterally decide what laws will and will not be defended. His decision not to defend and order to his Attorney General not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act is proof of that.

18)   Obama, regardless of the Constitution and the rules agreed upon by the Congress, has decided that he has the authority to decide when Congress is or is not in session, his appointments, without approval of Congress just weeks ago, while Congress was in Pro Forma session prove this.

19)   Obama feels he is above the laws which govern the citizens of the nation and or individual states. Having his attorney argue that the case against his eligibility is irrelevant and that he need not appear in court as per the subpoena is proof of that.

20)   By making the appointments mentioned in point 18, Obama has shown he has willfully and decidedly violated the United States Constitution before and may well be apt to do so again.

The outcome of this case, being conducted tomorrow, January 26th, 2012, in the State of Georgia, is of the utmost importance. At stake is one of the most basic foundation blocks of our republic. The founders saw it necessary that anyone who served in the office of President be a natural born citizen, beholding to no country or flag, by right of their birth, other than our own.

The very idea that Obama, a President, would under subpoena, ignore the order of the court to appear, ought to draw into question why any citizen would be bound by such an order of any court. If the President can place himself above the law, what use are the laws regarding anyone else?

All eyes and ears will be on this case and the Liberty Legal Foundation as they present their case…Possibly the case of this century.

Tomorrow, a storm will strike in Georgia. It could well be a storm of epic proportions. It will be a political storm from which a Constitutional crisis could well arise.



4 thoughts on “Eligibility, Obama and the Coming Crisis

  1. If this man is not allowed on the GA ballots for 2012, then he should not be in the White House either. Obama has carefully picked judges and congress members (through back door payments) to protect him but in the end … isn’t it ‘by the people’ who actually decide whether he stay or go? Please tell me this person will be slapped with a contempt charge. The election polls as far back as 2008 have been corrupt and are still today.
    It can’t feel good having a ‘FAKE’ run your country? Do something about it. Write or call or something. Don’t let him get away with this.

  2. So sorry I cannot hear these proceedings in the obama case ……The one that was Thurs. am at 9:00 in Atlanta,GA. So glad the GA. voters do not want his name on the ballot since he is illegal……makes me glad to be from GA. I tried and tried and would not connect, guess that line is soooo busy.

  3. There is only one problem with this and any others like it. Obama is making his own changes to the constitution as he sees fit. He skirts plain, in your face, rules and skews half truths into his own version of “Constitution”. We have all seen it. We all know he is going to do it again but no one has the authority to bring him to bay. To top it off, we have an electorate that is vehemently “Democrat”. Right or wrong, they will adhere to the pontifications of the “anointed one” just to save face and to give a reason to vent.
    This whole scenario with him at the helm should be a life lesson to anyone who has half a brain.
    It will take years to undo what he has managed to mangle.

  4. Great article Craig, as always, and this is very interesting. I’m curious to see how it plays out. Knowing the lying, cheating scandalous nature of Obama and his administration, I hope that he is not capable of snaking around this. I’m eager to see this take him down hard and shatter his campaign for the upcoming election. His arrogance in finagling out of appearing at this hearing is disgusting, and should make any American rightfully angry.

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