Econ 101 for Useful Idiots

The middle class…we must do what we can for the middle class. That is the Obama mantra isn’t it? Build up the middle class.

Really, it’s class warfare. Liberals hate to hear that but that’s really what it is. That’s what so many conservatives say and we hear it often from almost all the GOP candidates.

In part it’s true. Class warfare. Pitting those who don’t have as much as other against those who have more.

That’s the basis for the whole “Occupy” movement.

At best, occupiers are useful idiots in the grand Obama scheme.

Why “At best?”

Because there is a lot more to the Obama scheme than class warfare. Let’s make this as simple as possible so even liberals can understand it.

What have been the clarion calls from Obama since 2008?

Share the wealth.

Hike taxes on the rich.

Both are meant to accomplish one thing. Take money from those who have more of it.

By saying “SHARE” Obama makes it seem as though those who have it should share it with those who don’t have as much. Sharing is good isn’t it? Aren’t we taught to share as children?

The problem is, Obama never says with whom those who have money should share it does he?

That answer can be found in his second clarion call.

Hike taxes on the rich.

Obama wants those who have more money to “Share” it with the government.

Sorry all you have nots out there.

The reason Obama wants those WITH wealth to share it with the government is so the government can decide which of the have nots gets some of it and how much. In Obamaland, the government doles out what you need.

Well, that’s not quite correct…More truthful would be…In Obamaland, the government decides what you need and whether or not you are entitled to get it.

So…What of all this help for the middle class? What of all this talk of increasing the middle class?

That too is simple. Obama wants to make the middle class bigger it’s true but, HOW? That’s the real question.

Useful idiots believe Obama will take from the UPPER class and GIVE it to the LOWER class.

Occupy an Econ 101 class.

Here is how the Obama scheme ACTUALLY works.

IF government can take enough from the UPPER class…the middle class GROWS because the FORMERLY wealthy and now…NOT so wealthy. The UPPER class therefore necessarily becomes the middle class.

At this point, Obama, in true liberal fashion can claim that they have fulfilled their promise to increase the size of the middle class. Hooray!!

Time for a reality check folks.

In this scheme, the middle class in Obamaland is now the UPPER class. Obama and liberals could claim they have created the largest UPPER class in our history but what they WON’T tell you is that they did it by by eliminating an entire class.

Now, if they eliminated the entire LOWER class to increase the size of the MIDDLE class, that might be a better thing.

In Obamaland, once the UPPER class is eliminated there are still two classes and class warfare would continue as there would still be those who have more than others. What to do? How to solve THAT problem?

Easy…Soak the NEW upper class until they and the lower class even out.

NOW, in Obamaland, everybody is equal. The playing field is level. Nobody has more than anybody else.

BRAVO!! Obama will have put an end to class warfare!! HE’S a saint. A hero.

Wait a minute.

If there are no more classes because those who had a lot, then those who had more than the rest suddenly don’t have any more than the next guy…Where did all that evil wealth wind up?

Ahhhh…The Government.

When people have nothing and the government controls the wealth, the government gets to decide who gets what, how much and when.

What one is left with at that point is a RULING class and serfs.

But, that’s not the American dream, is it? Aren’t we the land of opportunity? Was America not built upon the principle that people could make something of themselves? Aren’t we supposed to aspire to do better?

Aren’t we supposed to be UPWARDLY mobile? Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Not according to liberals. That’s why political correctness was invented by them. It’s not politically correct to have more than someone else. What’s that phrase Obama spews forth so often?

“Fair share.”

The wealthy, says Obama, aren’t paying their fair share.

Notice, throughout the last three years of the Emperor’s reign, he has never bothered to identify what that “Fair share” is. Ask liberals how much, what percentage, the wealthy should pay in taxes and you get a song and dance. How much? Exactly how much is “Fair?”

They won’t tell you will they?

45%? 50%? 60%? What IS “Fair share?

It’s a floating scale. Fair is whatever it eventually takes to level the entire playing field. To liberal/socialists, “Fair” is whatever it eventually takes to make everybody even.

“Even” at the bottom.

Liberal/socialists know this is not an overnight deal.

Indeed, they’ve been at it for decades. Slowly and methodically, they have indoctrinated the youth. Slowly and methodically they have downplayed and removed the foundation of Americanism. Faith? Rights? It takes TIME to create a generation of useful idiots.

According to liberals, conservative are “Bitterly” clinging to their guns and their bibles” Acting “Bitterly” is something to be scorned isn’t it?

In economic terms wealth is winning is it not? On the playground, because of political correctness, winning is something now to be scorned. Don’t keep score. It’s not fair for one team to have more points than another. Everybody gets a politically correct trophy.

If 1% has more than the other 99%…Is THAT fair? Not to liberal/socialists.

The fact is, and liberal/socialists know it, the “fundamental transformation” of the USA into the USSA must occur in steps. Step one…eliminate the wealth of the wealthy. Obama hasn’t yet finished this important step.

He wants to be reelected. He’s campaigning like crazy.

Obama claims he needs more time to finish what he’s started. He needs another term to complete his task. But, to do it, liberal/socialists, like the Emperor, need the cooperation of the people. The useful idiots who will buy into the cloaked agenda because they think they will be better off.

He needs more time, another 4 years, to find a way to take the wealth from the wealthy and through DOWNWARD mobility make us into a 2 class nation. Once that is accomplished, and a true entitlement class is in place, it becomes easier to consolidate the two remaining classes into one.

At that point, the entitlement class, those who now consider themselves the “99%” cease to be the entitlement class.

They become the “reliant” class. They rely on the government. Without government subsidies, they can’t exist. It matters not whether the reliant class are individuals or businesses. Without the government they are lost and as long as the government is controlling the handouts, the government can and will, by withholding those subsidies, drive the masses into a single group. A single class.

For those who believe congress is useless, even republicans in congress, know this. Obama is running against what he and liberal/socialists are calling a “Do nothing” congress. There are vilifying republicans in congress. They call the Tea Party, terrorists who are holding America hostage.


Today, conservatives are in control of but 1/3 of government and yet, they have ground the “progressive” march toward socialism to a near halt. Is that doing nothing?

For those conservatives who believe congress is not doing the will of the people, ask yourselves this: If the conservatives in congress today aren’t doing the will of the people, why then is Obama, at every turn, making end runs around congress?

“Recess” appointments. Executive orders.

Obama says he has “An obligation to do whatever he can without congress.”

Useful idiots are buying into the idea that Obama’s “Obligation” is to them but is it?


Obama is obliged to the liberal/socialist ideology to do whatever he can without congress.

Before one thinks of voting a conservative out of office over one singular vote or another, one would do well to recognize the stalwart effort they are making in holding the conservative line against the march of liberal/socialism. Before one starts to believe they are doing nothing or not enough, one must recognize the contributions they have and continue to make.

On the battlefield of ideology against true American fundamentals and principles, today’s conservatives in congress are holding the line against the odds while they wait for reinforcements and only we the people can order more troops to the theater.

Only WE can send the surge that will turn the ship around in the war against American ideals.