Dying to Vote This Year?

Well, well. This will come as no surprise, great or otherwise, to conservatives but  it is sure to have liberals heads bursting as they search haplessly for a way to apply spin.

In the New Hampshire primary, just a couple of days ago, dead people were allowed to vote.

Think what you will of James O’Keefe, like him or hate him, he has a way of digging to the bottom of the barrel to get to the tactics of liberals.

O’Keefe, who exposed ACORN and others, has now shed the light of truth on voting practices in New Hampshire.

O’Keefe sent people into the polling places and had them state a certain name. The name of someone deceased.

Yep. They were registered to vote.

In each case, according to O’Keefe, the person asking for the ballot also offered to show ID.

In each case, the person was told no ID was necessary and yes, they WERE indeed given the ballot.

O’Keefe’s people did not vote. They walked out of the polling places without casting the ballot.

Let’s keep in mind, shall we, that several states are trying to implement Voter ID laws making it a requirement that a voter actually show a photo ID in order to get a ballot and vote.

Liberals are up in arms over this idea.

Eric Holder is suing states over the new laws.

Holder and other liberals claim the requirement of a photo ID is racist.

In fact, Holder has blocked the voter ID law in South Carolina.

That’s right…South Carolina where the very next presidential primary will be held.

One of the bits of rubbish tossed about by liberals has been that no evidence of dead people or illegal voting has ever been proved. Conservatives know this to be a load of manure but liberals have been shouting it far and wide. Prove it they say…Prove it.


It’s now been proven. Thank you, James O’Keefe.

While in New Hampshire, the Attorney General is now investigating the reports, and the videos which prove the reports to be true, what of South Carolina and the rest of the states? You know if it’s happening in one state, it’s happening in all of them.

It also raises questions as to who else, other than the voting dead, are casting ballots? Illegal aliens? Convicted felons? Who else?

Holder and other assorted liberals with a desire to skirt, bend or break the law claim that somewhere between 20% and 25% of minorities and old people don’t have a photo ID therefore any law requiring one to vote is discriminatory.


That completely ignores the 75% to 80% of minorities and old people that DO have photo ID’s. If they can get them, so can the rest. The liberal argument is completely invalid.

Yes, some states, like South Carolina have, in the past, had racial discrimination involved in voting – and that is why they must submit any new voting law for consideration – but let’s get real, a law so clearly establishing PROPER voting and LEGAL voting, as is the case with the law now blocked by Holder, should be applauded and held as a standard by which ALL states should aspire.

Some liberals say these new laws, now under consideration or passed in some 16 or 17 states, amount to a voter tax. The claim by liberals is that those without a photo ID would have to buy one and, as they aren’t using one now, it’s a tax on voting.


Imaging all the things those without a valid ID will be able to do WITH one. Go to the bank, write a check. Get on a plane. Use a credit or debit card. The list is endless.

This liberal argument also leave totally out of the equation the cost of getting TO the polls. Go by car and you are buying gas to get there. Ride a bus…pay the bus fare. Walk…shoe leather. If the ID is a tax, why would the others NOT be a tax?

Chances are, the margin in the New Hampshire primary was wide enough that the number of dead voters didn’t matter.

The Iowa Caucus was a different matter. In Iowa, the deciding margin was but 8 votes.

Now, while liberals are getting their panties all wadded up over the very THOUGHT of Voter ID laws, let’s look back just a dozen years.

The closest presidential general election in memory if not the closest ever. That election came down to a mind numbing, migraine inducing recount. Bush…Gore…Gore…Bush. Finally the endless recounts were stopped by the Supreme Court and Bush was the winner.

What liberals DON’T like to talk about are the 5 recounts done after the last “Official” recount. Those recounts were all done by liberal organizations and in not a single one, did Gore end up with more votes than Bush.

Here’s your what if…Liberals.

What if more dead Republicans voted in Florida than did dead Democrats? There is no way of knowing but, it could have gone either way.

New voter ID laws, like the one currently blocked in South Carolina, could well eliminate most, if not all, of those tactics and such laws would be evenly enforced regardless of party affiliation.

The sad truth is, it’s not just liberals or those who vote FOR liberals, who vote illegally though it is widely believe to be more pervasive in that direction. There are those who vote for conservatives who vote illegally also.

In fact, O’Keefe, in New Hampshire gave poll workers names of both dead Democrats and dead Republicans and had no problem being handed ballots either way.

As conservatives, we want a level playing field. We want to eliminate as much voter fraud as is possible. Liberals, on the other hand, are trying to do whatever is possible to keep the exact sort of fraud we now know occurred in New Hampshire alive even if the voters themselves aren’t.

One thought on “Dying to Vote This Year?

  1. It would be difficult to vote in Florida if you are dead as a picture ID is required of all voters. They also ask to see your voter registration card. I agree that all states should reflect the ID laws of Florida and other sates in order to prevent election fraud.

    All voters – photo ID only accepted. Voters without photo ID will cast a provisional ballot.
    Approved forms of picture identification are: Florida driver’s license; Florida identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; United States passport; employee badge or identification; buyer’s club identification; debit or credit card; military identification; student identification; retirement center identification; neighborhood association identification; and public assistance identification. If the picture identification does not contain a signature, you will be asked to provide an additional identification with your signature. If you do not have the proper identification you will be required to vote a provisional ballot. Source: Secretary of state Web site

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