BREAKING!!! Georgia Court to Hear Natural Born Citizen Case vs Obama

The liberty Legal Foundation has announced that the case pending in Georgia, challenging Obama’s eligibility, has been ACCEPTED.

This is great news considering Obama and his team of attorneys had been actively trying to have this case DENIED!!

The Georgia court in agreeing to hear the case could well be setting the stage for other states in which quite similar cases are pending. Arizona and Tennessee both have such cases waiting right now.

This case, in Georgia, deals specifically with the Natural Born Citizen issue.

In a previous article, we brought up the Minor vs Happersett case from 1875 in which the Supreme Court defined a NBC as one who has 2 parents which were citizens at the time of the subject’s birth. We also cited 3 other cases in which the Supreme Court, previous to the Minor case, said the same thing.

Since Obama’s father, at the time of Barack’s birth, was not a U.S. citizen, nor did he ever become one, according to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1875…Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

If not a NBC…then, according to the Constitution, Obama is ineligible to serve as President.

So…how long will THIS take before a hearing will occur?

Not NEARLY as long as you might think.

The Georgia court will hear this at 9am on January 26th 2012.

This is likely NOT to be the final word as either way it goes, one can expect immediate requests for a rehearing or appeals to higher…in this case, the U.S. Supreme Court.

Here’s the skinny as I see it.

Since no later opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1875 Minor vs Happersett case exists mentioning the issue of Natural Born Citizen, and since 3 other PREVIOUS case opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court state the same thing as Minor vs Happersett, it seems nearly impossible…NEARLY…that the Georgia court would find differently.

If this is indeed the ruling after the January 26th hearing…I would expect Obama to file an immediate appeal but, and this is a giant but…

Obama’s eligibility would be in SO much question that the DNC might have no other option, considering the circumstances, than to look elsewhere for a 2012 candidate.

THIS is exactly that to which I was referring in my article LAST week which can be read by clicking here.

Liberal/socialists are going to HATE this news and will no doubt, become more dismissive and vulgar than usual but, so be it. We expect nothing less.

Once again, the Georgia court HAS agreed to hear the case of Obama’s eligibility on the issue of Natural Born Citizen on January 26th at 9am!!!

Source: Liberty Legal Foundation


134 thoughts on “BREAKING!!! Georgia Court to Hear Natural Born Citizen Case vs Obama

  1. Patrick, there is a very distinct difference between being a citizen and a natural born citizen. What you said is indeed correct about citizenship. However, natural born is something quite different. Being born of two parents who are themselves citizens of the country in question makes for a natural born citizen. I submit to you this article, and scroll down to the section on the 14th Amendment (

  2. There you go straight out of Wiki Which you seem to love and out of Constitution!!

    The children of United States citizens born abroad, and those born abroad of one citizen parent who has met U.S. residency requirements.[1]

    You can be born even abroad out of U.S. to a U.S. Citizen and still be considered born in the U.S. Even with one U.S. Parent not both!! So get over it and ask not what your country can do for you but what can you do for your Government! That means Shut up and stop your squeaking and figure out how to patch up Congress with President so shit can get done bro!! Bush left him this mess and you should thank Obama for doing his best to get us out of it and he is transparent and truthful also before he was elected he warned us this recession and war is not going to be fixed over night in one term. I am glad he is sticking out another term because he is more intelligent than all the GOP put together! Despite idiots like you that want to divide us and go in a closet and Pray that your judging our leader or others the way you do when you are a nobody stick in the mud squeaking wheel!! Put on your big boy pants and buckle up!

  3. It is very sad to see you trying once again to trash the name of Obama. My self and thousands of my readers can only come to two conclusions!! You are jealous that you have nowhere near the intelligence of a very Great leader that has gotten more done than Bush did in two terms and he made the decision to help GM become the #1 automobile company in the world, worked tightly with Hillary Clinton to put an end to Obama and has the debating skills that NO President since Clinton has and is going to help our economy that Bush yes Bush has crippled the national Debt and easily can make Newt, Mitt, Perry look like the three stooges and I am watering up to drool at the sight of having them in the same room while he rips them and dissects them into pieces….or You are plain Racist! I can’t stand people like you that can’t hold a candle to his ability to run the country and you know you are not nearly as intelligent as a him which is a Black man so why don’t you get off your high chair you internet bully and nut case because you next to him with in 5 minutes he would make you look like the lower class in the brain department that you already have shown us here today. You won’t be happy unless he bleached his skin white and wore a wig to look like a white American so stop trying to divide the nation you idiot because Joe Biden could run for president and he would listen to Obama’s advice. The people have spoken the GOP is nuts so get that chip off your shoulder and do something to lead, help or get the hell out of the way!
    Patrick Christ

  4. I think people have to much time on thier hands these,days thanks to Obama
    I was able to retire early..due to my health…I don’t trust any of the people running
    for instance..does every one remember when nuet shut the goverment down
    cause he didn’t get his way.that hurt in side ..makes me believe he is not a true american….that is to much power…it’s not war that scares me it’s the way the goverment trys to run things..all I can say is when we have had a democrate in 401k has never been better..I used to be a republican.but changed
    bush both of them allmost took me to the poor house..just stateing faqs..
    I support MR. Obama His only fault is he tells the truth..a rare thing these days.






  6. This big mouth,, Great Orator, can not tell the truth, lost his attorney license, acquired 6 + different social security cards, has male boy friends, check out Obama/ Sinclair affair. His lies about Obama care…cheating seniors out of 2.6 Trillion in social security benefits, giving illegals returning veterans jobs, Obama reserved 7 million jobs for illegals…no received jobs for shoot up veterans…Never Attended Columbia documentation found, why 6 or more social security cards? CAUSED war on Libya, responsible for killing thousands of Libyan citizens, told the American people 68 outright lies
    rarely found in his workplace..partying 2 days a week on Government pay…no Dr signature on BC, no feet marks, Obozoo Mother never listed as a hospital patient, talks about other peoples baggage yet has lots of hidden baggage PROTECTED BY CONGRESS and the FBI


  8. We can not wait for the results. We will find out who this lying man Obama really is, a fraud, etc.

  9. How many of you are familiar with the term “Obiter dictum”; LAW: An opinion voiced by a judge that has only incidental bearing on the case in question and is therefore not binding. This term is relevant to the 1875 case being discussed as defining Natural Born Citizen by the U.S. Supremo Court and therefore establishing the requirement that a natural born citizen must be a child where both of the parents must be citizens of the U. S. Poppycock; this was not part of the courts decision. And for an attorney who has been schooled in Judicial Law to pursue this case on that basis is a nincompoop and wasting his client money. In this case it was an observation made by a judge that, although included in the body of the court’s opinion, does not form a necessary part of the court,s decision. Therefore, although it was the judges opinion at the time, a court will not view it as a decision, but rather as an opinion. The argument defining a “Natural Born Citizen” is a valid one and has merit. Common law which was in wide practice at the time of our founding was well known by our founders and Congress in 1790 and again in 1795 defined Natural Born Citizens, These should be visited by the judges to get a solid picture of what our founding fathers believed. On the other side of the coin there are those who advocate that as long as one of your parents were an American citizen and that you were born in the United State then you are a Natural Born America. This opinion is somewhat doubtful to many, while there has never been any doubt about the former. I do wish that the plaintiffs have success in their pursuit
    of this case. I just thought that all should be aware of the sleeping dog in this case of “Obiiter dictum” as there is no doubt that it will be relevant.

  10. This goes to show how corrupt the democratic party has been, and that means the leadership as well as their lackies. Anyone who would vote for any democrate anywhere should be considered suspect of potential corruption. In all honest, the republican party should akso be suspect. Both parties should be suspect of enemy infiltration and subversion, which has been going on for 80 years. Lets vote for a true Constitutional Conservative and end all this crap that’s been going on for far to many years. Lets start the Congressional investigations and hearing again. That would scare Hell out of the communist and socialist infiltraters in our governments at all l;evels. Send them running into their rat holes.

  11. It should be a no-brainer that Obama is not eligible to be president….just based on his statement of who his father is, a british subject. People who think it is a non-issue have no clue of our history, nor our Constitution and our rule of Law. The good news would be that once faced, his removal would mean we can just annul and make void all of the executive orders he signed, appointments he made and undo most of the damage he has done to this nation. For those who think we should “just get along”, try reading about our Founders and see how viciously they fought for their opinions! Perhaps people today don’t appreciate freedom the way they did, or we might fight to the death for our principles instead of compromising them for the sake of appearance. People keep saying they want another George Washington to show up, but they don’t seem to recognize that he is here–look at the Constitution and see: Ron Paul is the only proven defender of that document who is running for President. Don’t miss this chance America! Educate yourself, don’t be fooled by the media that’s run by the same big money that owns our politicians! Carpe diem!

  12. First and foremost – many of you talk of Obama’s birth mother and birth father. Since a valid long form birth certificate has NOT been provided there still is NO proof as to ‘his’ birth parents!Secondly. there IS proof that Soreoto adopted Obama but there IS NO proof that Barry Soreoto (adopted name) changed his name to Barack Obama

  13. Anyone who believes in the American system of government, one that gives power to those chosen by a majority of voters, needs to simply come to grips with the fact that most people who voted for president in November, 2008 had heard all of these birther arguments and still voted for Obama. Forget all about trying to play lawyer, what counts in this country is voters. If you don’t want Obama as president for any reason, either because of his policies, the circumstances of his birth, or because you hate some other of his attributes, then vote against him and spend your time and your money trying to persuade other voters to agree with you.

    If despite your best efforts Obama still wins a fair election then all real Americans expect you to accept him as the leader chosen by majority rule and to stop questioning his legitimacy. Anyone who still does is no American.

  14. I see that my commentis awaitin moderation. Why? It is factual. This country is heading for a desaster and Pres BO is the chief ex.
    Fact, a non citizen took germany down the toilet, he was an austrian.
    Fact, a non citizen took russia down the toilet, he was a georgan.
    Fact, as of 1 jan 12, the government has the right to arrest and hold a citizen forever.
    I am not clever enough to sugar coat the words to describe the above facts.
    Facts are facts and if the liberal press dislikes the facts, they would be required to rewrite history. I have lived them as I am very old.

  15. The last country that had a non-citizen as a leader took that country down the toilet. I hope that germany never do that again. I also hope that we discontinue that practice as Pres. BO is takeing this country down the toilet also. Another country leader also took the russian nation down the toilet was a gorgan that killed 20 million russians by most estimates. Non leaders have their own agenda which usually dosen’t fit with the majority of the citizens. No that Pres BO has dictorial powers given to him by a submissive congress will bode no good will and as some widero in the past said, “Absolute power needs no reason to suppress the people, they do it because they can”. And now that the citizens have lost the position of the “soven” due to submissive of our elected congress, we are now in the age of the IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY….

  16. it doesnt matter what the court says. obama can arrest and imprison anyone for anything now. he uses the constitution and bill of rights as toilet paper. if he was considered a natural born citizen, he then should go up on treason charges, war crimes, etc. what happens to the laws he has passed so far if he’s pronounced not legally the president. who is now big enough to stand up against him?

  17. I am not an expert wiki breeder, whatever that is, but I do know something about how to read case law, and I happen to know something about the history of dog breeds.

    Look, it’s very simple:

    Minor does not say what Craig claims it says. The court did not “define” an NBC — it said that a certain category of persons were included in the definition of NBC, and specifically declined to decide whether the definition could be broad enough to include children of non-citizens. Just read what they said:

    “Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. For the purposes of this case it is not necessary to solve these doubts.”

    Get it? They’re saying “we’re not going to decide whether a child born in the US is an NBC regardless of the parents’ citizenship.”

    As for Greg’s comment, it sure seems racist to me, and I think that kind of racism is part of why people don’t tend to take “birthers” seriously (lack of proof being the other problem). The comment is also based on a faulty assumption that “pure” bred dogs are in fact genetically pure. Why fight with that? It’s just information.

  18. Ok… since “the Minor vs Happersett case from 1875, in which the Supreme Court defined a NBC as one who has 2 parents which were citizens at the time of the subject’s birth” what about all the illegal “aliens” or “foreigners” who crossed the borders to have babies so they could stay in the USA and get all the “assistance” for their US born baby? I say… give the baby a birth certificate from where it was born then send the whole family back to where they came from. “MY” opinion is “we” the USA, do not owe that baby nor its parents and extended family anything!

  19. Greg, I think the race card comes up because when people post the kind of thing you just did, it seems obvious that the man’s racial background is the real focal point of your hatred.

    As far as the Constitutional qualifications for office are concerned, the President can be a part-black, part-Asian lesbian. If you’re uncomfortable with that, your recourse is to try to amend the Constitution.

    As an interesting side-note, dog breeds are not scientific classifications. Most or all “pure-bred” dogs — other than wolves — are actually the result of cross-breeding done by the Victorians a historically short time ago. According to Wikipedia: “Genetic analyses indicate all dogs are likely descended from a handful of domestication events with a small number of founding females.”

  20. And from these lame, disrespectful, unpatriotic posts, are we to think that McCain would’ve done a better job? My God…if there is one….must think…”well, these are the mutants I created”

  21. Why does the race card come up so frequently ? Obama is NOT black, he is a Mixed-Race Illegal Alien with a falsified Social Security Number.
    It’s odd to think that the American Kennel Club would NOT allow Obama to be registered in it’s records as he is Mixed, Mongrel, and so on.
    I submit to you that we ask the AKC to take over the Presidency Requirements with their established standards of eligibility.
    We have a President of the USA , who can’t even qualify to enter a dog show.
    Georgia is within their right to take this alien to task in it’s courts, and we should support their efforts as this goes National.
    The USA is losing face throughout the world, Obama’s , wife and Dictator should be responsible for the criminal acts they have committed under the protection of being in the White House.
    Save Money, let the AKC make the decision. Obama is barely more than a mongrel.
    End !

  22. If I can offer you two more possibly helpful points:

    (1) If Minor meant what you have been saying it means, it would have been pounced on years ago. There are all sorts of smart people out there with access to Westlaw and such who would have found it and used it.

    (2) What you’re really doing is confusing:

    (a) “ALL persons born here of two citizen parents are NBC’s” with
    (b) “ONLY persons born here of two citizen parents are NBC’s”

    They’re not the same, and the Court specifically declined to get into whether (b) is true.

    I hope that helps. The Georgia court could conceivably hold that Obama is not an NBC for some reason not related to Minor, but that’s very unlikely, partly for the reasons pointed out by GE in MD on January 5th (see his or her second, corrected, post). If the Georgia court holds for Obama, it’s not a conspiracy and it’s not corruption, it’s simply the absence of a legally solid argument for the plaintiff.

  23. No, it goes beyond that.

    You state: Since Obama’s father, at the time of Barack’s birth, was not a U.S. citizen, nor did he ever become one, according to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1875…Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen.

    The court said that if you’re born here of two citizen parents, you’re a NBC. It also said it wasn’t going to decide whether someone born here not of two citizen parents (like Obama) is an NBC. So, as myself and several others have pointed out, Minor has no legal precedential value in support of your statement. None. Do you realize that?

    Again, I’m not making a political point, I’m making a legal point. I’m a lawyer. I know that I couldn’t use Minor to support the proposition that Obama is not an NBC. That’s all.

  24. What of the issue where if found to be ineligible as president, the US wars in Iraq ETC are found to be war crimes carried out by a false president? Those countries could in theory sue the US for damages.
    Obamas false birth cert will see someone charged with falsifying a vital document which resulted in treason. As a non Citizen treason wont be a viable charge so he would likelt be found a Terrorist and charged as such.

  25. Administrator, you baffle me. Both here and following your previous article on this, several people have clearly and patiently explained why Minor is not a precedent for this particular issue. Are you unable to see that the Supreme Court specifically avoided the issue, or do you not care? Are you too worked up to calm down and look at the plain language in the case?

    “For the purposes of this case it is not necessary to solve these doubts.”

    I’m not trying to insult you or pick a fight with you, I’m just perplexed. The Supreme Court clearly stated that it WASN’T saying what you’re claiming it said. It didn’t decide the issue. Why are you continuing to act as though it did?

    • I can completely understand why you are baffled. I stated quite clearly in the first article…”To be specific, the case of Minor v. Happersett was not intended as to solve the question of Presidential eligibility at all.”
      You are baffled because you failed to read that part of the article.

  26. to you people who think most Blacks will be upset if he is proven to be a non citizen; we always knew what he was. and if we are only 13 percent of the population as you folks say, it was not us who put him in office. you did that !!!

  27. Admin: Thank you so much for this site and Bravo to you for your bravery in doing this. Questions: How do we know that the Judge will have the courage to rule against Obama, based on legal precedents? How do we know the judge will not be bribed as many others are right now, in the bankruptcy/foreclosure courts and none of the Federal agencies are doing anything about it? Bankruptcy Trustees and Debtor attorneys are openly cooperating to take over a debtor’s real estate assets (both of them many times real estate experts) for a song, then flip them for gain for both of them and a stipend to the Judge who “says notheeeeeng”. If this Judge has the courage to stand up and rule against Obama as it should be done, per legal precedents, then that Judge or the host of this site should run for President…as honest people are presently way too few in our courts, our government and our country. Thank you again!

    • We don’t know how the judge will rule or if the judge is corruptible. There is simply no way to tell. As I stated in the article, I fully expect that either way it goes, appeals will be filed. This is why we, as citizens, must do whatever WE can to see to it this “president” is removed from office. Therefore, I ask that you read TODAY’S article. URGENT – BREAKING NEWS!!! CALL TO ACTION!!!


  28. I have been waiting for this since he was elected. I knew he was no good. Everything I felt has come true.!!! He has got to go –NOW.!!! He and his Marx’s friends need to be put in jail. Everyone remember them all, that they never get elected again or appointed. Who would have thought that his guy is so evil. To appoint czars. Not elected officials gaining set by Congress. He has no respect for our Constitution or Bill of Rights. He is putting this country in a dangerous position. He has put this country in triple debt. More people are out of work then the great depression. People are waking up and need to wake up MORE.!!!!

  29. Is it possible that some people still don’t realize all American Military bases are US territory or Federal reservations? All children of American military personnel born overseas are American citizens. John McCain was the child of a US military officer and born on a federal reservation. No one with any education ever doubted that. Just as my first grandson was born in a US Navy hospital in Italy and his parents were American citizens thus he is a natural born citizen. I know we are not educating our children well in America but surely by now this has been published enough that even the most dense would understand it . Obama’s mother was a US citizen but his biological father was African/Arabian and his stepfather was Indonesian. His mother became an Indonesian citizen and she amd Barack both carried Indonesiam passports. They never got US passports. His SS# is from Connecticut, where he never lived and Chicago is not his hometown. Its not hard to figure out somehing is fishy with Barack’s citienship claims.

  30. To those who persist in the belief that the Minor case has an impact on this: Here and there throughout this thread lawyers like myself, who actually understand how to think about this, have made the point that the Minor case does NOT establish that Obama is not a natural-born citizen. Scan the posts and you’ll be able to tell who we are. Make the effort to understand what we’re telling you. It’s not because of our feelings about Obama, it’s because we know how to analyze and apply case law.

  31. Besides the fact that Obama is not an Natural born citizen, he should be impeached on the grounds that he did not uphold his oblication wnen he was swarn in as president of the US to uphold the constitution and to protect the citizens of the US. Obama is by-passing congress to get his agenda passed. Also he and his adminstration has been taking the states rights away. He has not protected the citizens of Arizona and nearby staes from the drug lords and where are the jobs, going to the illeagals. Wake up America!!! Soon you won’t be free.

  32. Ha,.. this whole “BIRTHER” crusade by the Far Right and other assorted “Nuts” is just laughable as Obama has already met the requirements for the position of President via the vetting process long before he was ever elected.

    The U.S. Congress, including a majority of Republicans have declared officially that President Obama is in fact a Natural Born Citizen, born in Hawaii, all of which can be found in the Library Of Congress.

    I’m not surprised that the “BIRTHER” minions have found a sympathetic lower court State Judge to hear the case but I have no doubt that if this judge rules against Obama the decision will be overturned immediately on appeal, as it should be because all of the “BIRTHERS” are just FREAKING INSANE IDIOTS !

  33. “You people are so sad Nothing better to do in Georgia I guess”

    why are THEY sad, and not the Democratic National Committee, which clearly and deliberately failed to vet him, even cutting out the relevant about part about natural born citizen in the document that the State Committees had to sign to accept the candidate? Why is the American media not “sad” when it has asked no questions as to why Obama has paid a million dollars to keep all his records sealed.

    btw, Obama & Congree just passed a law allowing at will detention of American citizens for as long as the “current conflict” shall last. Since we have no declared war, what the hell is this “current conflict” and who determines how long it will last? This is so egregiously illegal and anti-American that it is indeed the saddest thing I’ve heard of on a political level in ages.

  34. Will Obama have to pay back America for all of the lavish vacations he has taken on our dime? And, does this mean his appointments such as Janet Napolitano also will get booted out the her policies erased.

  35. I hope the State does not cave in to the demands and stands their ground and the corrupt central government will always try the withholding funds game and works every time and government is not to be doing these things anyway, so the state is better off not taking the fed funds! LIBERTY.

  36. Why do so many of you believe this is hatred? If your children lie to you, do you hate them? Same thing here. We have been lied to by this administration from day one about everything before we even get to his citizenship. He’s fraud through and through and even denying his heritage.

  37. @Danny Adams……The Congressional Research Service, a public policy arm of Congress, officially admits no one in the government ever vetted Obama’s constitutional eligibility…..

    State never vetted him…..nobody thought at that time he could beat the Clinton machine…..

  38. In light of O’s non-recess appointment of another tsar, which is outside the constitutional purview of the office of President, which NO ONE IN CONGRESS is doing anything about….I doubt we will ever see this lout reigned in…..

    And @AZDave–Are you serious? playin’ the race card? his treatment is the result of his policies and anti-American behavior….how can your viewpoint be valid in light of the fact he indeed got elected?

    All this crap would not be occurring if he weren’t perceived by a majority of Americans as trying to destroy the nation….


  40. It’s simple, are we going to have a nation under the rule of law? Or will it be just another bannana republlic, with a tin pot dictator who does whatever he wants, regardless of the law of the land. The way you do anything is the way you do everything, and lawlessness is contagious.

  41. It’s a shame Obama is not white skinned because all this crap would not be occuring. From day one our elected president has been treated like the first black member of a South Georgia golf and country club after the civil rights movement.

  42. The defenders of Obama are blind with racism.
    You dupes would defend Ted Freakin Bundy if he was black. You are NOT Americans and care nothing about this country. You don’t even realize that this usurper is pulling the rug out from under your feet. Ignorance and arrogance are bed partners and you are all sleeping with them.

  43. Does anybody REALLY think this will do any good? Masonic hierarchy will never allow any punishment against this mass murdering terrorist monster.


  44. Anyone in favor of the court ruling against Obama is going to have two massive hurdles against them here:

    First of all, it’s been the law of the land since the 1960s that in the case of a vice-president–and by default the president, since a VP would have to be qualified to step into the president’s shoes–that “natural born citizen” is defined as someone who had one parent that was a natural born citizen who spent at least 14 of their first 21 years on U.S. soil. So the court will have to prove that Obama’s mother did not do this.

    Second, the State Department vetted Obama in 2008 and cleared him. So even if the court ruled against Obama, he wouldn’t legally be culpable for serving in the office, just the officials who OK’d him.

  45. Every piece of legislation this fraud has signed into law is null and void, including all previous US budgets and the current budget.

    I was talking to someone the other day who believes this man should be publicly “bullwhipped” along with Pelosi, Reed, G. W. Bush and a host of other congressional members and presidents.

    Too bad the stolen Social Security number Obama is using won’t be heard at the Georgia hearing. If one of we peasants stole a SS# and it came to light that poor soul would never see the light of day again. But not Obama…he believes he is above the law… We shall see about that one.

    BHO and his partner in crime MO are marxist traitors. Tar and Feathers and driven out of Washington on a rail is a most fitting end to his “Reign of Constitutional Terrorism.”

    Me thinks BHO should warm up Air Force One for a one way ticket to Bolivia. I believe Bolivia doesn’t allow Extradition of foreign criminals Barry Sorotero, Ba’ri Shabazz, B.H. Obama or whoever the hell you are… Good day.

  46. No doubt about it…Obama is a fraud & criminal. If we had not have entered the Twilight Zone he would have been impeached & prosecuted. Until millions get busy & make their legislators responsible, Obama & friends will continue to rip the United States apart & bring their “new style” of government upon us.
    Obama’s “daddy” was a Kenyan, end of story. Notice how even our
    own conservative leaders & top media (radio-cable) hosts do not give a rats!!
    Come on America, take notice. Check out what a few state reps in New Hampshire are doing.

  47. Whilst I applaud the hearing re the question of NBC and loyalty to the USA I think the whole question is now somewhat irrelevant in the eyes of most Americans.
    They clearly DO NOT CARE if their President’s loyalties are not to their own country.
    We have just watched Iowans vote near 80% for Republican candidates who, other than Ron Paul, are Israel firsters.
    50% voted for two men allegedly totally corrupt who are eager to send young Americans to die for an Israeli led attack on a sovereign state that has not threatened either America or anyone else in hundreds of years.
    Nearly all Congress and the Senate are pledged and paid for to put Israel first.
    So if the idea if NBC is to ensure loyalty to the USA and no other country it has been an abject failure.

  48. how about the fact that this fools social security number failed the e-verify program. you must pass this just to get a job. there are a lot of news articles back in 04, one came from the assossiated press. the front page-KENYAN BORN OBAMA ALL SET FOR US SENATE. WE NEW THEN HIS REAL NAME WAS BARRY SOETORO. THIS FOOL IS NOT ELIGABLE TO GET A JOB AT MC’DONALDS LET ALONE THE PRESIDENT.

  49. While NBC is not defined in the constitution, Title 5 Section 1401 does define who is considered a Citizen by birth. Please read the seection 1401 and specifically sub para (g) … Which states that a person who is offspring born to a non-citizen and a US Citizen who lived in US for 10 yrs and at least 5 yrs before age of 14, is defined as a citizenby birth. The code makes only a distinction between a citizen by birth and a naturalized citizen. There is NO 3rd classification discussed in the code. So, if being a Citizen by birth – even if born outside area of US jurisdiction – is the same thing as NBC, then Obama is legit – unless you can show that his mother does not meet the min quaolifications as defined in the code or you can show that Stanley Ann Dunham is not Obama’s biological mother. If NBC is not the same as Citizen by birth, then we have looked beyond our laws and constitution for definition which the courts said long ago was not valid – constitution is supreme law of the land and no document supercedes it.

  50. While NBC is not defined in the constitution, Title 5 Section 1401 does define who is considered a Citizen by birth. Please read the seection 1401 and specifically sub para (g) … Which states that a person who is offspring born to a non-citizen and a US Citizen who lived in US for 10 yrs and at least 5 yrs before age of 14, is defined as a citizenby birth. The code makes only a distinction between a citizen by birth and a naturalized citizen. There is NO 3rd classification discussed in the code. So, if being a Citizen by birth – even if born outside area of US jurisdiction – is the same thing as NBC, then Obama is legit – unless you can show that his mother does not meet the min quaolifications as defined in the code or you can show that Stanley Ann Dunham is not Obama’s biological mother. If NBC is not the same as Citizen by birth, then we have kiijed beyond our laws and constitution for definition which the courts said long ago was not valid – constitution is supreme law of the land and no document supercedes it.

  51. Wow, I didn’t know so many fear based Birthers were in one place. Oh, and stop believing the BS that Obama spent 2 million to block his personal info. I hate to mention this but the first thing W did was seal his records so Obama was NOT the first prez and won’t be the last. For a change try vetting these crazy whack job emails to see if they’re actually true before mindlessly and gleefully sending them on. I’ve ckd the last 45 of these ultra rtwing nut emails and every one of them has bee false and no doubt intentionally so. Also, are virtually all of you really so desperate that you believe the FBI gave him a top secret clearance so that he has his finger on the bomb w/out vetting him? Ok, drop the moonshine and KKK hood and no one gets hurt.

  52. I seem to recall the general concensus from Obama worshipers was they do not care whether or not he is a natural born citizen!!! However if Nancy Pelosi hadn’t avowed that he was totally eligible, then he would have never been considered.
    The ultra liberals and socialistic persons who have been doing their level best to destroy this country all need to be booted out of their seats. These elected persons are meant to work for We The People, since in essence they are in our employ.
    I say they are all fired! Only a sparse few of them care what the people think!
    They have made themselves millionaires giving themselves big raises and the big benefit package when they are ‘forced’ out. All this needs to end immediately; retroactively to include past representatives. No more life time positions! There should be term limits.

  53. As much as we have all prayed and voiced our concerns for the state of our country due to the lack of respect or even acknowledgement of our Constitution, I have to say this: Y’all, HE put SEVERAL Supreme Court Justices in their seats. We the People can NOT force them to recuse themselves–they have to do it voluntarily. Now think about it. IF they were to step down due to personal involvement, thus lending a hand to him actually being found guilty of fraud, treason, etc etc etc, and ALL of his underhanded, side-alley appointments become null and void, the appointees HE put into office are now out of a job. Would you step down? Honestly. Also, how many politicians do you think are going to be held accountable? I can think of about 2 dozen off the top of my head, but in reality, ALL who did nothing to stop the reversal of America are guilty.

    The aftermath of finger pointing, blame, denial, and ‘i can explain’ will give a whole new nauseating meaning to ‘spin doctors’. How much has been done illegally and directly against our beloved United States Constitution? Will the bailout recipients have to pay back all the money they were given to put him in office? What about the politicians who have voted for amnesty from the health care bill? What about the bill where politician’s families are exempt from paying back student loans? What about the money he spent on family vacations, and personal ventures? What about the entirely anti-American Martial Law and ‘ok to kill Americans, or at least detain them indefinitely…”? We, as a nation who have let our belief in our government rule over what we have SEEN and LIVED, lead to our civil liberties being made mere memories have so much work to do–as a nation–as a people–as a UNITED NATION UNDER GOD.

    I pray justice is swift and honorable. I pray our Constitution and our politicians still have some sort of power and ability to care for our citizens and our children’s futures. I pray people stop saying we are ‘hating’ and ‘hate’ is the cause of our outcry, for it is not. Justice, Freedoms, and the fact that the US Constitution has been ignored, tailored and tampered, and mocked to serve the self-serving under the guise of a legit president are the reasons we cry out–while we are still able.

  54. I sure hope I don’t meet many of you on the street. With this much hate and name calling, it could be dangerous. How about a real and meaningful conversation based in reality rather than outlandish claims. Some of your expectations will only serve to make you more angry and hate filled.

  55. Outstanding news!!!!!! Maybe we can get rid of this reach-around fixture in the White House.

  56. If Odumbo is found not elgible will his supreme court appointes be removed
    and new ones appointed after 2012 election?

  57. Just what the Democrats want, a chance to place someone other than Obama on the ballot.
    Joe Arpaio would divulge his information in February leaving the Dems little to no choice.

  58. Even if he is found to be a Natural Born Citizen, which I doubt very much he is, he is also someone who Hangs with Anti-American Activists as well. He should NEVER get a Second Term as President and in addition to that, he needs to be given a background check on his involvement with these criminal types and what that ,so called, Christian Church he was involved with in Chicago is REALLY all about! There is NOTHING Christian about the way this congregation operates!!! Reverand Wright is NOT a religious man! He is a Bitter Anti-American activist who is trying to brainwash his followers into being the same!!! Just one more thing I have against the Dem. party, the fact that they obviously didn’t do a background check on Obama, but instead manipulated him into becoming their candidate, even though it was obvious that Hillary was the peoples choice! Let me add to that she, Hillary, is not the All-American Girl she tries to be either!!! Remember when she and Bill marching against the Vietnam War in RUSSIA, of all places? My conclusion to all of this is: The Democratic Party , in my mind, is NO LONGER a Pro-American Party!!! We need to really think about that!!! They’re friends with our enemies and they’re enemies with our friends!!!

  59. We can never give up…………..our republic is at stake. No wonder Holder and Obama want to grant amnesty to all the illegals entering our country thru the open borders in AZ, TX….etc. That is because the illegal immigrant sitting in our White House needs backup for all illegals…….he is the HEAD ILLEGAL. Has anyone noticed that McCain is now helping Romney??? Gee “birds of a feather stick together.” McCain sure didn’t show up and help his Governor when she went to the Phony in our Whtie House …asking for help with closing Arizona’s borders. Neither did Sara Palin. This race for the 2012 presidency sure resembles the inept pair who were on the Republican Ticket in 2008. Am I the only one in America who notices the above coincidences?

  60. Folk, I don’t celebrate anything but if the court rule against this arrogant, lying, illegal, law breaking, muslim, I will buy a fifth of 190 proof Rum and get drunk as a skunk for two days. I have not had a drink in forty years. This man is a disgrace to our race and this nation. I don’t care how he is stopped but it must happen. He has sold our country to the gays, muslims, unions, mexicans, and baby killers.

  61. I live in GA. If I knew in which county or court room this was being held in, I would go there just to hear the case.

  62. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that the truth comes to light. This man has paraded himself under all kinds of suspicion. This man is not a humble person. Everyone from he-she Michelle, Pelosi, Reid, and Hillary need to be handcuffed and taken to the public square.

  63. Are we grasping at straws? This is a waste of taxpayers money, something right wingers vow to stop–when? The country and world recognize President Obama as legitimate–this is crazy. I guess some people have more money than they know what to do with. Might better spend it donating to charity and really help some needy person–then again, that’s not what 19th century conservatives do, is it? The farce called conservative politics goes on, but it’s not a joke any more. The American voter in massive numbers will throw out the political rascals in November; we’ll have to rely on unstable right wing families to sit on their black sheep bigots and time/money wasters.

  64. What a better way to lead us in a New World Order! The Globalist knew he was not eligible and their plan is coming together. What better way to have the Leader in World affairs (The U.S.) brought to it’s knees. Heck, we have told the World we have the Best voting process ever. Now it is time to change the way we all knew of

  65. If a cat has kittens in an oven, doesn’t make them biscuits.

    If one parent was not a NBC, BO isn’t.
    If a U.S.. military family has a child in China, they are not Chinese.

  66. Hoiw do you spell Politicfal Corruption?

    B A R A C K H U S S E I N O B A M A, E R I C H O L D E R, N A N C Y P E L O S I, H A R R Y R E I D, C H R I S D O B B S, B A R N E Y F R A N K S & C O N G R E S S

  67. I am hopeful, but cautiously so, that the great state of Georgia will be able to redeem itself after having given this great Country one of the worst presidents ever (Carter). That the redemption will carry over throughout several other states, and this atrocity be ruled as a tremendous flop of one of, or even both of our ruling political parties. I have absolutely zero doubt that it is corruption of not just one party, but both. That their acting in their self interest, rather than the interest of the Country, and it’s Consititution, has caused this to happen. It isn’t entirely on them, we the people bear some responsibility in this, not as individuals mind you, but as a whole. Individually there are many of us that would willingly give life, limb, and property, to assure freedom for future generations. The problem is that those of us with that mentality are the in the minority, even within the “conservative” group they are the minority. Both ruling parties are well aware of this fact, and they take advantage of it at every turn. Both secure monies to in essence buy votes, both deal in scare tactics. Until we wake up and demand that this behavior is stopped, we will continue to get what we have gotten.

  68. Minor v. Happersett (1875) and the other three cases often cited in this matter, to wit, Shanks v. Dupont (1830), the Venus ((1814), and US v. Wong Kim Ark (1889) were decided on grounds other than who was or was not a “natural born citizen”. Thus, the above cited cases are neither dispositive of, nor have any precedential value in, the Georgia case.
    In short, if you want to throw Obama out of the Oval Office, you’re going to have to do it the old fashoned way-Vote him out in Nov. 2012.

  69. Finally, Obama must have both parents natural born citizens…his father was born in Kenya therefore Obama could have been born in the white house and would not qualify as President.
    Hillary would be glad to step into the breach and she is just as dangerous as Obama.

  70. Well, I hope it helps put this issue to bed eventually, but I still think Congress needs to act to define and make open to the citizens of this country the vetting process that certifies somebody is truly certified per the Constitution to meet the requirements. It is obscene that the process is undefined, held behind closed doors, information used kept secret, and the sole responsibility of the given political party. The Constitution doesn’t even address political parties, or authorize them that function, yet somehow they are the gatekeeper we are supposed to blindly trust? Why the secrecy? It makes no sense at all, and is an injustice to the American people that shouldn’t have to go through all this either, let alone the courts. None of this needed to happen if the process was transparent, and it shouldn’t be an issue in the future if Congress addressed it formally with legislation. I wish more saw the root cause of the problem, the process itself, and wrote their legislators to see it gets fixed permanently.

  71. Yes, I would agree, I hope that it will make a difference. If it does, everything that this wicked man has pushed through by executive power can be overturned and he can be impeached! However, he has already done so much damage to the economy of this country, that cannot be undone. It will take years to recover from this man trying to destroy the very fabric of our nation.

  72. I would be more than happy to see Obama disqualified from office. That said ….

    I hope you are not writing the brief for the plaintiffs, Mr. Andresen, because you completely misconstrue the language in Minor v Happersett. The court did NOT define “natural born citizen”; the court merely referred, in dictum (you can look it up), to the fact that there was some controversy over whether the term referred not only to someone born of two citizen parents but also to someone born on this soil with one parent not a citizen. The court then said “BUT WE NEED NOT DECIDE THAT HERE”! Why? Because Minor did not involve the issue of citizenship. Ms Minor was born in this country of two citizen parents, so she was a citizen by any definition. Therefore, the question of what constitutes a “natural born citizen” was irrelevant to the holding in the case.

    For those who are wondering, the only issue in Minor was whether Ms Minor, as a citizen well within the definition created by the 14th Amendment, was entitled to vote as one of the “privileges and immunities” of citizenship. The Minor court held that she was not and that the State of Missouri could enact a statute limiting the vote to men.

    The language in Minor could be persuasive if in fact that court had indicated any belief of its own in the restrictive definition of “natural born citizen”, but it did not.

    Suffice it to say that if in fact Minor v Happersett, or any other SCOTUS case, had embraced the restrictive definition of “natural born citizen” that would then be the law of the land and we would not even be having this discussion, and it would have been Obama suing to reconsider the question, not us suing to have a court make new law.

  73. The judicial system is under investigation by the United States of America. If they keep ignoring the facts of Obama’s ineligibility to be president…. then, it will be their donkeys being kicked down the road, too. Obama is failing horribly, no doubt. Take back America and kick out the illegals, crooks and cronies! Vote Anybody, but Obama.

  74. FINALLY!!!! If this does go through, WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! I’ve been waiting for SOME court to come to the protection of the CONSTITUTION! HOW WONDERFUL, if the Georgia Court – and others where this case is pending reach the ONLY decision possible under our poor abused Constitution! A cautious HURRAY!!!!!

  75. In many trials and opened cases in different size courts, through out this land annually are lost not because of the guilt or innocence of the defendent but because known or unknown mistakes and many easilly won cases are subject to dismissals, mistrials, tainted evidence, tainted jurors, etc; mistakes made in general that could have been avoided but instead were not and guilty people go free or are let out of jail or prison because of that evidence in america! This case against obama is just that type case for it started based the on the birth certificate or place of birth of the defendent not specifically on the Constiutional requirements in Article 2 section 1, paragraph 5, to be president of the united states!suing the wrong person also is a mistake for many many individuals, some citizens some not have committed crimes against the united states and the constitution in aiding and abettiing the defendent in treason and terrorism against our nation and now the first death has already been ordered of an american citizen of the united states regardless of guilt or innocence in a federal court by barack hussein obama, in fact he admits assassinating that citizen for being a terrorist no less guilty then himself! Harm was created then as well to the united states of america in violation of the united states constitution so america get the information the family of that murdered citizen and take action!

  76. I want them to investigate if there was a Conspiracy to cover-up both Obama and McCain as Ineligible to be president by both Democrats and Republican elites because they found out that McCain was in question AFTER the Senate approved him and that kept Obama free from scrutiny because the democrats had this Questionable research on McCain and told him they would pitch it to the Public and wipe out the republican party if they said anything about Obama not being eligible .
    This is how I think the Democrats were able to bribe the Republicans to stay shut up in 2008 and the last 2 1/2 years about Obama needing to prove eligibility to be Natural Born , its been a Bribe and a Cover-up from when this Law review was done in July of 2008 and If you remember McCain Lost his Power and force to challenge Obama about this time in the 2008 campaign .
    This link is the 2008 claim of McCain’s ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law ;
    This is why Obama is going to take up the Immigration Reform debate NOW and drive this all the way to 2012 because He needs Amnesty as Bad as the Illegals that will VOTE for him do !!!!
    what I see going on is a Democratic party Defining this Natural Born Claim and they are doing under the guise of a 1608 ENGLAND COMMON Law instead of Constitutional law , through the CALVIN RULE , which basically says that you only need ONE parent a Citizen at the time of BIRTH to be Natural Born in this 1868 14th Amendment ruling ,

  77. jdunn says “Stop the hate!” The only thing “hateful” is the fraud of all of this–so, may adjust the dunn statement to, “Stop the fraud!” Don’t be a jackweed and attempt to disquise fraud with hate. The four-year charade has carried on long enough: the entire Obama essence was based on fraud, is a fraud and will go in history as THE worst President ever.!

  78. First, I am an american natural born citizen, born in america of two citizens parents who were citizens before my birth! Native born indians all, But this case of united states of america verses barry soetoro aka; barack hussein obama, will again be opened then closed in the supreme court of the united states if not properly label and filed! Many times the court has accepted then denied proper due diligence in this case for reasons stated that the plainiff has had not the proper standing or specific harm to warrant a decision from the court! The people have shown no harm was caused by the defendent specifically therefore the justices continue to use the standing clause in their opinions for justification for dismissal! The proper facts are in evidence but never used properly for under the obama administration many military service have been sent into a combat situation and have not returned and die on the battlefield the defendent chose by his orders sending them to their deaths, so finding those families through out america who have suffered those deaths and adding them to the case, and you find your “standing” and the harm that was committed by this defendent alond with many others knowingly committing treason under false pretenses to crush a nation and its people! We as americans all will finely have a case that stands up in the supreme court of the united states against these traitors both foreign and domestic! The blood of true americans is on their hands!

  79. This is FANTASTIC! After all the attacks on the ‘birthers’, they are about to be VINDICATED! The fact that the case will be heard could indicate that this court has not been corrupted by democrats, or the hearing would have been denied, just like all the other corrupt judges denied a hearing, based on nothing.

  80. Have we not know this for quite some time? And do we also know that Obama has spent millions to keep his true birth certificate hidden? Yes we know these things and Obama’s Presidency should be null and void!

  81. Great news, indeed! Am keeping my fingers crossed just in case.

    One nagging thought: what if Obama is, in fact, the illegitimate child of an as yet unidentified American citizen? Could that be why he’s been hiding under his desk on this eligibility issue? Just a idle thought.

    In any event, I pray the court doesn’t short change the Constitution yet again.

  82. Unfortunately, I predict that they will rule that the Happersett ruling has no standing in this case. That while the Happersett ruling does conclude that Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, the fact that he was elected by the citizens of this country, takes precedence over the previous ruling and from this date forward, any citizen (and possibly non-citizen) can be elected President of the USA.

    It, of course, will be appealled, but the Supreme Court will decide to let the ruling stand, because removing Obama from office at this point could cause irreparable harm to the country and its citizens. The Justices have known this issue all along (note Thomas’ testimony in Congress), but, like the rest of government, are too corrupt to act in support of the constitution. (The recent loss of rights in the defense bill will be another example.)

    Those that are currently fighting the good fight, will raise up their voices louder and will either be arrested and never heard from or will push Congress into conviening a constitutional convention that will be taken over by those in power and will be used to rewrite the entire constitution to consolidate their power. Any further dissenters will be sent to “retraining” camps or killed when they resist.

  83. This would be great news if the Liar N’ Thief were found to be ineligible. Then all laws signed and passed would all be null and voided because they were singed into law by someone who was not supposed to be signing in the first place.

  84. I’m cautiously optimistic. There are so many twists and turns in our legal system and one seemingly minor mistake could upset the entire case in favor of the socialist “spread the wealth.” It’s my hope that this will reverse the great one’s plans for his so-called “hope and change.” No one will prosecuted and go to jail over this matter. However, it may bring upheaval to the DNC and all the liberals who wanted some of that Obama money.

  85. The people will dispense of POTUS BHO in November and with a firm majority in both houses of Congress, a new beginning will dawn. In order to right the many wrongs done by all administrations and Congresses since FDR, WE, The People, have to demand that it be done and keep constant watch over those whom we entrust to do our bidding. The very good news BHO forced on Americans is that it is the responsibility of all citizens to get involved, speak up, and put up if we want to restart America and live free. I have total faith in all of us that now awake and informed, We, The People, will correct ourselves, and return to the path our Forefathers blazed. May God bless America.

  86. All Obama needs to do is produce a REAL birth certificate. That hasn’t been done to date. Oh yea, I’ve seen the phony certificates on the Internet. We’ve been requesting it for 4 years, 4 YEARS! Don’t the Obama supporters wonder why he can’t produce a legitimate Birth Certificate in 4 years?

    But then again, you can’t rationalize anything to a Democrat. They’ve got their own Socialist agenda. They need to visit North Vietnam, Laos, China and Cuba. They will find out quickly that Socialist countries don’t spread the wealth around, they spread the poverty around. All excess monies go into the government’s coffers because everyone works and toils for the success of the government and a few top ranking government officials.

    Be careful what you wish for, Democrats. If you keep voting these Socialist leaning politicians into office, you, your children & your grandchildren will be working in factories owned by the government just to try to make enough money to buy food, and probably living in government housing. Why do you think everyone in Socialist countries are skinny & poorly dressed?

    You will love it. It’s like a national welfare program, except you have to work to get any money. Hmmmm, maybe the Socialists do have 1 good point, no more lazy, non-working, 3rd generation welfare recipients.

  87. This case will end up getting kicked up to the Supreme Court, obama will (again) use Kagan to throw it out. There is nothing I would like better than to see obama and michelle packing their bags and leaving the White House, but if that DOES happen (after the nation-wide celebration party is over) the DNC will draft Hillary to run in his place. ALL people in the DNC and many in the administration need to be held accountable for this conspiracy and brought before the court of law. obama should be thrown in jail and tried for treason, and then the resulting coverup.

  88. Stop the Hate ???????? Obamahas done nothing except promote hate from day one ……..

  89. If he does lose this case, and he absolutely should as his father is a dual citizen of great Britian and Mombassa (under a new name). I wonder if he’ll try to claim that Barrack Hussain Sr. is not his natural father. As for time to recover, The man we need is Donald J. Trump. I’d almost bet money he could shorten the recovery period, and have us standing on 2 proud feet in half the time expected. He is a very smart money-man and knows how to negotiate a deal.

  90. If Georgia issues a decision against Obuma, there will be an appeal, then another one, then another one, and so forth, and so on, and we will still be stuck with his sorry mess until 2016 when he can no longer run, but since he pretty much does as he wants that to may change. Remember he was about change. Everything about this man sticks, but just like other countries that have a dictator in chief, his followers will burn the Constitution to see him stay in office.

  91. By definition, Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen and therefore is ineligible to become President of the USA. Justia is in part staffed by Marxists and partially funded by George Soros. How long will the Lame Stream Media be silent about this attack upon the Constitution, America and her people? How long will America stand for the lie being thrust down our throats by enemies of the Union?

    JustiaGate: ‘Natural Born’ Supreme Court Citations Disappear | Vision to America
    Did deliberately aid Barack Obama in 2008 by helping to hide the one legal case that might prevent him from legally qualifying for the presidency?

  92. GO FOR IT GA!!! Then ALL the others who have these kinds of cases pending! Its OAST HIGH time the TRUTH come out. The lying ___ KNEW he was NOT a citizen from nanosecond one, the dnc KNEW he was not. No egg on our face, the whole world has been waiting for us to get to the truth. His relatives are sittin in Kenya laughin their guts out at how he “pulled the wool” over our eyes. We will F I N A L L Y get “monkey boy” {Japan’s name for him} OUT of our hair and White House. Even ‘if’ there is egg on our face, its WORTH it to get him OUT! P.i.t.a. ALL Americans should be upholding our Constitution. If you don’t like the country and can’t stand to play by the rules our forefathers lost their lives for, then go with him and get the hell outta here, we don’t want you either. We WON’T miss you or him.

  93. I am sick of the idiot Democrats that still believe that Obama is a good president. He and the formerly democratic Congress overspent more more than any other Congress throughout the history of the nation COMBINED. And he is NOT a natural born citizen. He needs to go. He is also expremely dangerous for our Constitution and our rights under the Bill of Rights.

  94. Interesting how the DNC pushed for, and was successful at, getting the Democrat-controlled Congress to actually have a hearing on whether McCain was eligible to run for President and challenge whether McCain was a natural-born citizen because McCain was born outside of the United States (in the Panama Canal) of 2 American parents. This, while the DNC and the liberal establishment, including, the mainstream media, ridiculed and villified anyone who questioned Obama’s NBC eligibility. Also interesting how Obama and the DNC have spent millions to seal all evidence and facts of Obama’s past (the most non-transparent president ever), while all other presidential candidates (both Clintons, both Bushes, Kerry, Gore, Carter, McCain, Dole, etc.) provided their college records, medical records, etc. for all to see and review. Not the case with Obama. Obama is hiding something monumental and potentially damaging information about himself and his past. The truth shall set you free, Mr. Obama — that’s what the Bible says. Stop hiding the truth, once and for all.

  95. This would be good new s and very welcomed, as I have been praying for this injustice to be reversed.
    Its a shame there is no set procedure within our government to check off the requirements and a regulating body to say “NO” STOP. if all the requuirements haven’t been met before the person is sworn in. I’m thinking fo the School records, the Birth Certificate and all the other documentation he refused to turn over. The Blacks will not like this decision but we have been husteled by the Welfare and’ lazy do nothing for themselves crowd on this issue”.
    Maybe the race war my Grandfther always warned me of is on its way, keep your powder dry.

  96. Well, this is interesting. IF the court finds that BHO is NOT a NBC, then maybe all of his school records, and everything else he has been holding back will be revealed. Maybe all the members of the DNC who knew about this and vetted him, and also George Soros, who HAD to know about this will be prosecuted and go to jail.

  97. well everyone has been talking about obama not being a citizen since he got elected and other than talk thats all thats happened so i hope for the countrys sake they can finally prove hes not a citizen and get him out because if they dont he stands a really good chance of being elected again as president which would be the downfall of this country and my still be the downfall of this country because of all the damage this man has done already. Even if a conservitive is elected president it would certainly take 8 years to scratch the surface of correcting all the damage this man has done to the USA and its unimaginable that there is still a whole lot of people that are behind this man. God only knows what they are thinking and why. I can truly say this if obama gets relected it sure wont be on my vote. God bless the USA and the true patroits of this great country we certainly will need it

  98. Everyone who relies on Happersett is putting their faith in nothing!. Happersett says, in essence: “There is no question that folks born here to two citizen parents ARE NBC’s. Some people argue that being born here is all that matters, not the citizenship of the parents. The constitution is silent on that issue so it must be decided elsewhere, but we won’t be the ones to make that decision. For our purposes, it is irrelevant, and we don’t have to decide!”

    Citizenship is a Federal Question, so it must be resolved in federal courts. However, NO FEDERAL COURT HAS ISSUED A RULING ON THE CITIZENSHIP STATUS OF PEOPLE BORN IN USA WHERE ONE OR BOTH PARENTS ARE NOT CITIZENS. Any Federal Court ruling on the Obama question will have what is called a ruling of First Impression. Everyone place your bets now as to what that impression will be!!!

  99. Bobc, you’ll be saying the same thing when the Georgia court issues their decision.

  100. @gary- not a federal case. The natural born question has not been taken up in either Hawaii or the Supreme Court. In Hawaii, one citizen parent is defined legally as “native born”, what does that leave for natural? Two parent citizens lol. Also, in discovery, we will all get to see why Obama has a Connecticut SS number that won’t pass e-verify, having never lived in Connecticut, issued in 1986. What happened to his original? There is also a question of where his new citizenship docs and name change docs are after spending 8 years in Indonesia as a student under the name Barry Soetaro. See, in Indonesia you can’t be a dual citizen, it’s against the law, and you can run for president as a citizen of another country. There’s way more going on than a birth certificate Gary. If he has nothing to hide, why spend over 2 million of our money to fight showing it in court? Being that none of it is his money being used, we at least have the right to know the truth about it all, right? Where are his college transcripts? If he accepted foreign aid scholarships for college the he can’t be a natural bot citizen either.

  101. Gary Miller, you try to make your point as fact BASED on WOONG KIM ARK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly where does Wong sit in deciding law?????????????????? The laws are interpreted as any person being born in the US, as in anchor babies. The constitution natural born was referring to blacks taken as slaves, and they deserve to be citizens. Else all blacks would have been kicked out after the civil war as neiter parent was born here!
    …Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents.”….means squat!

  102. Craig, if the plaintiffs attempt to argue that two citizen parents are needed to be a natural born citizen, why do you believe this court will find any differently than Indiana vs. Ankeny: “based upon the language of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents.”

    Why Craig?

    You and the birthers will yet again be disappointed.

    And you might want to re-read Minor vs. Happersett in its entirety.

  103. I pray they aren’t bought off or intimidated by his crooked thugs. And I pray that ultimately they hang him for high treason for being an illegal potus and trying to destroy this country and turn our constitution and bill if rights upside down and ignoring it. As well as the traitors that went along with him… He will get his in the long run.. God will destroy this man… Guaranteed…

  104. why did oboma spend 2 million to keep his birth certificate hidden or was that to fix it? there is so much corruption in our government today hat it is enough to make u vomit , there is no justice and if u think any of the folks up in the fed government gives a crap about u , u have falllen and can’t get up , so u lay there and take what u r given. lol

  105. There is one other aspect in this case, should (WHEN) it goes to the US Supreme Court. BOTH of Obama’s Court appointies (as well as all of his Federal Judge appointments), Sutimoir & Kagan, would HAVE TO “recuse” themselves from the case, because a Userper CANNOT appoint any Judges, and everything he signed, will become NULL & VOID. Many of the DNC leadership could be charged with “Voter fraud,” as well as further criminal charges under the Rico Act.

  106. Most people had no clue that he was not a citizen of our country. That his father is British. Fact he was actually born in Africa while his mother was visiting family. Then he was brought to US and registered in Hawaii. This was how it was told by his aunt and mother. His given name wasn’t even Barrock Obama. He delayed his birth certificate because he knew he was not legal to run. Now all those people who have been saying all along that he shouldn’t be there are going to say a big fat I TOLD YOU SO! It has never been a race thing it is a matter of legality. Our country will have a big massive egg on its face. As much as this is good news. We are going to be in a heap of trouble for the fall out of this truth coming to light! As they say Shit rolls down hill, and this one has a mass amount of stink to it! It is not going to be pretty! God help us all!

  107. I hope we can repeal every law he has set in place. He is not an American citizen and it has been proven over and over. We should tar and feather his but and kick him out of the USA

  108. Is it any wonder how this will turn out? Orly will go on a hysterical rant for an hour with no evidence, the President’s attornies will present either of the two birth certificates we’ve all seen, the judge will declare Obama to be a natural born citizen eligible for the ballot, but this time, the judge will hopefully issue the ultimate smackdown to the birthers. Then they’ll all go back to Free Republic and swear that “someone got to the judge.”

    And the nonsense will continue.

    How else could this possibly turn out?

    • Oh…they can TRY to show the birth certificate but they will not be allowed to do so as it has absolutely NOTHING to do with this case.

  109. The Court in Minor specifically declined to decide whether a person born in the U.S. of one or more non-citizen parents is a natural-born citizen, thus leaving the issue unresolved:

    “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. For the purposes of this case it is not necessary to solve these doubts.”

  110. If he does not run… then the Democrat that DOES run will run against his record the last four years (like Clinton did). And the chances of election go up…
    Be that as it may, remember that Obama grew up in Indonesia and THAT is normal for him… the USA is not normal and he is trying to make it “normal” – Why should he want to help America excel?

  111. sorry that was wake the heck up, but maybe some need to do some wailing, this crap is old, old, old, and talk about nasty, has anyone been listening to the Repubicans. i am tired of living in a country where there seems to be no idea of how to even work together for the common good, yet we expect other countries to listen to us, we expect our country men to try and live together, and even our teenagers and children how can they live and have any respect for anyone or anything,when no one around is setting good examples. I am ashamed, truly ashamed to lift my head any more, not because of America the country, but because of the caretakers she has NOT caring for her.

  112. So what? How about this for so what; Legally all executive orders and laws signed by BHO could effectively become ‘NULL and VOID’ (e.g. forget repealing Obamacare, it was never legally signed into law by a legal president!) Go ahead a brush it off all you want, if these cases are lost, there’s a potential D-Day for the entire BHO presidency coming. And don’t just say ‘Biden can re-enact them if that happens’. Sorry, if BHO was ineligible to run in the first place, one cannot automatically assume his running mate who would not even BE vice president had he not run will automatically be given the reins. Things may get very interesting this year, no doubt.

  113. Great news! Yes, the Founders wanted both parents to be citizens so that the president would have no other loyalties. It puts some republicans out of the race also, so what.
    Happy New Year!

  114. You know, that would be a beautiful day. I hope and pray that it would happen. What would truly be beautiful, if all his work had to be reversed and his presidency branded null and void. I can dream, can’t I ?

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