They Want Us to Fight Each Other

Ok folks.  Shadow here.  I know it has been a while, but I have been busy taking a class (US History, and it is surprisingly free of liberal bias) and getting ready for Christmas with my family.  Yes you libs reading this, I said CHRISTMAS.  If that offends, so what.  Go read Politico.  If you are here to learn something, then read on.

Obama is losing his base.  In 2008, 66% of young voters gave the nod to Obama.  That is a pretty wide margin, and probably lead to Obama being elected, though his competition was pretty weak and people were sick of Bush…but the youth vote sure did help.  However, a news article from US News states those very same voters say he is likely to LOSE.  That is a serious blow to Obama, who has done nothing but lie his way through office when he wasn’t on vacation.

BUT, don’t go cheering just yet.  Those same people also say that when pitted against Romney, Obama would get more votes than Romney.  That is bad, and not because I like Romney (which I don’t).  So, what do we do?  We vote for anyone but Romney in the primaries.  Then, when a clear winner is decided, we push that one through and it does not matter who the winner is.  I don’t advocate blind voting at all, but in this case we KNOW what we have in office, and what is in office is bad.  We need someone else in there, even if that someone ends up being Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich or even Rick Perry.  Yes, I mean to say any one of those three would be better than Obama.

Want to know why?  Well, here is a small list:

Vacations and golf.  Do you really think that the next president would take nearly as many vacations and games of golf as the one we have now?  Do you think the next one would use the position of President to host dozens of lavish parties?  Bend or break any rules that stand in the way of his ideology?  Pander to the poor while robbing those that work at the same time as he derides the rich while asking them for donations?  Do you really think the next President would hide his birth certificate?  His college transcripts?

Look at it this way.  Each and every GOP candidate has a past.  One we can research and learn about in order to like or hate.  Each and every one of them.  What is Obama’s past?  Can you research him?  Can you get his college transcripts?  Can you even ask about him and what he did while in college?  The man is an enigma wrapped up in a mystery and only he controls what you learn about him.  There is something very wrong about that.

So, while we bicker away with each other over stupid things like Perry’s inability to get out an idea during a debate, Ron Paul’s questionable foreign policy, or Gingrich’s dealings with Fannie Mae, Obama is just laughing at us all.  He wants us to fight amongst ourselves.  He wants us DISTRACTED.  He wants us so riled up that we won’t know who to vote for.

We need to disregard what the media is throwing at us with regard to the GOP candidates.  We need to research on our own, and learn what information is good and what information is bad.  We need to vet that information amongst each other.  We need to stop watching the sideshow debates and use our combined knowledge to see through what we are being spoon-fed.

Just remember, it isn’t the President that is the most important office.  He is but one man.  CONGRESS is 535 men and women.  If the Presidency is important, then Congress is more so.  Nothing gets to the Presidents desk without first going through Congress.  All bills, all budgets, all treaties….they all start in Congress.

And Congress has the power to override the President.

But electing your candidate to office is not all you have to do.  Stay engaged with that candidate.  Voice your desires.  Write your letters.  Encourage others to do so as well.  Hold their feet to the fire, and let them know you have the power to replace them when their term ends.

If your candidate wasn’t elected to office?  So what?  Keep writing your letters, keep calling the office, keep making noise.  You will be heard, as long as what you are making noise about has the facts to back it up.

So, remember folks…it IS up to us.  we just have to stop falling for the liberal traps that make us fight amongst each other.  Don’t feed their egos.  Don’t buy any of the hype.  Do YOUR own research and make your own decision.

Bottom line, we have been enslaved by a system that removes the yoke often enough to make us think we have made our own minds up but in reality we have made the decision they designed us to make.  You didn’t vote last election?  Congrats, you handed the Presidency to Obama.  You wrote in a candidate?  Congrats, you handed the Presidency to Obama.  You didn’t register because it doesn’t make a difference?  Well, it does make a difference as most (if not all) state electoral colleges tend to side with the popular vote of the state, and by not making a choice you allowed the choice to be made for you.

Get informed.  Think for yourself.  Vote.

That is all for now.  Shadow out.