Rocking the Boat or the Voice of Realism?

Here’s the deal. Straight forward and in plain talk. I have never been accused of being politically correct and that’s not likely to change today.

What I’m about to say will probably set a few darn good conservatives ablaze but…So be it.

It will also send the Ronulans into orbit.

As we close in on the Iowa Caucus and other important early state primaries, I am seeing and hearing more and more of the “Only MY candidate can…” and My candidate is the ONLY one who will…”


ANY of the GOP candidates CAN and WILL do this and that. Some may do one thing better or faster than another and another may do something else faster and better but ALL of them have the ABILITY to do…whatever.

One Facebook friend, a solid conservative, responded to a post yesterday with this:

“And if the Republicans take total control what do we get? Right now we get back room deals while the people get stabbed in the back by democrats and republicans. I do not want Republicans – I want conservatives worthy of the name.

I understand exactly where he’s coming from and I agree with him much more than I would disagree but…I’m also a realist and as such, I believe the MOST important thing is kicking Obama and HIS ilk OUT of our administration and as many of them OUT of Congress as possible.

IF we’re looking for PERFECT candidates in each and every aspect of each and every issue, we’re wasting our time. It ain’t gonna happen because such a candidate doesn’t exist.

Want to know why?

Because each of us, as conservatives, have a slightly different idea of what each issue is, which issues are the most important, how a member of Congress should vote on a particular issue and how exactly a president or Congress should react to various situations. If we can’t agree 100% on each and every little thing…how on earth can we find any “perfect” candidate?

We can’t and that is the realism of it all.

Here’s another little realism.

Until we vote for them, and elect them, how are we to know if they will be “worthy of the conservative name?”

In this, I believe some have the mistaken idea that elected officials will behave if only we elect the correct government officials.

Once again…


In reality, it’s not just their job at fly straight. It’s OUR job, as voters, to SEE TO IT that they fly straight. If they don’t, at the first opportunity, we, as voters, need to let them know and send them home.

To me, that’s the most important part of… “We the People.”

If it was “They the Government” we could elect ’em and turn ’em loose. Being “We the People” means the founders expected US to take the responsibility to stay ON TOP of the government – and from this point on, because we’ve been lax about it for a while, WE MUST DO JUST THAT.

Even if my friend’s comment above were to come true, it would take 3 election cycles to fill the Senate with those who “would live up to the name.”

It’s NOT going to happen as of November 2012. Chances are, it’s not going to happen ever and I CAN say that with some degree of certitude. History being my guide, we have NEVER had a Congress which thought with a singular purpose.

That is because individual members of Congress are just like individual voters. Each has an individual idea regarding each individual issue. The ONLY place you get ONE individual action from a government is in a dictatorship – and isn’t THAT what we’re trying to keep from happening in the first place?

Now, for those strong and solid conservatives who want to stand on their principles and their principles only, stating if their “Only one who can or will” doesn’t get the nomination they won’t vote…


They are as much the problem as the problem we want to vote OUT.

In some cases, standing on principle is a little like treading water in shark infested waters while wearing a hamburger swimming suit. Just because you aren’t a big fan of the person steering the boat that came to your rescue doesn’t mean you’re better off in the water.

Somebody is going to get the nomination and a lot of “Only one who can or will” won’t which means a whole lot of “Only one who can or will” followers are gonna have to suck it up and either vote FOR the nominee not of their choice or…Sit back and watch Obama win a second term.

This means…no write in votes for “The only one who can or will” who didn’t get the nomination. Ya wanna know WHY? BECAUSE NOT EVERYBODY OUTSIDE OF THE SUPPORTERS OF THE NOMINEE ARE BELIEVING THE “Only one who can or will” is the same candidate YOU think is “The only one who can or will.”

Okay, that said, SOMBODY’s “Only one who can or will” IS going to win the nomination and the best advice I can think of at this point would be…KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE “ONLY ONE” STUFF. You’re pissing everybody who supports a different “Only one” to the point where they’re likely to NOT vote for YOUR “Only one” in the general election. Is THAT what you want?

Probably not.

This, of course, leaves us with the issue of Ron Paul and Ron Paul’s followers.

It’s hard to piss off Ron Paul follower any more than I already have, but damn it, I’m willing to try.

IF, when the nomination is announced, pigs are flying and they’re building a snowman in hell…and Paul gets the nomination…We as Conservatives have our work cut out for us.

As important as it is already that we support the conservatives who run for the House and Senate, we must then increase that support by a level of 10 to ensure a…(dear GOD I can barely type the words) President Paul…has nothing BUT solid conservative legislation to deal with and may GOD oversee his foreign policies.

Paul’s followers are, in the words of the politically correct, fervent, somewhat fanatical, and/or are willing to walk off a cliff for the guy.


They’re INSANE followers of a racially one-sided candidate who has a strong dislike for Israel and they’re turning social media into the most unsocial place on earth. They’re rude, crude, name calling, malcontents who advocate anarchy and anti-Semitic ideologies who are bum rushing Facebook and other social media groups and staging hostile hackings.

How am I doin’ at pissing ’em off??

They are NOT Republicans, they’re Libertarians. They believe in isolationism but they will call you names if you point out the fact that they’re isolationists. They believe anyone who isn’t a Ronulan lemming is a war monger and they believe the twirp they follow is rational for stating Iran would be more respected should they be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, that we are at fault for 9-11, offering Iran friendship is a sound policy and that the U.S. government should have purchased all the slaves.

Remember, you can’t spell WRONG without RON.

So, flying pigs and snowmen in hell considered…what are ya gonna do if that NUTCASE and his legion of asylum dwellers get the nomination?

Keep in mind, in this scenario, it’s a bat crap crazy or Obama – and I would rather try to work AROUND Paul than THROUGH Obama.

What MUST be kept in mind, is this:

2012 is NOT the END of the problem. It’s the BEGINNING of the solution.

5 thoughts on “Rocking the Boat or the Voice of Realism?

  1. Carl…I wanted Cain and would have supported him to the end, but writing him in is a vote for Obama. Let’s hope that we are not placed in the proverbial “rock and the hard place” where we have to choose between Obama or Paul because both are untenable choices, but Craig does have a point…

  2. If Ron Paul wins the nomination (and the election) we’re fucked. I can’t think of a politically correct term to describe the condition we will be in. Myself, I’ve considered leaving the country, but have since reconsidered: I will stay and fight. Because if Paul is elected, or if Obama is re-elected, the shit is going to hit the fan and there will be civil war. Me, I will stay and fight with my patriots.

  3. How about this,

    I will write in Herman Cain.

    The rest are UN worthy.

    NO more “less of two evil” wasted votes.

    And If th GOP nominates a RINO or a Wack Job?

    Take the GOP and shove it, WE aint working here no more.

    Patriots have had it with the false choices.

    If you keep repeating the same effort and expect a different result your crazy. Supporting a RINO or Ron Paul for President is Crazy. Bat Shit Crazy.

    • Love ya like a brother Carl but there are sharks in the water and a boat coming for ya. Here’s the voice of realism…writing in “The only one who can or will” in the primary will move Ron Paul closer to the nomination. This is EXACTLY what the Paulistinians want you to do. Don’t fall for it. Writing in “The only one who can or will” in the general…moves Obama closer to a second term. That’s EXACTLY what HE hopes you’ll do. Don’t fall for it.

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