Eric Holder’s Selective Application of the Law

Eric Holder, our nation’s Attorney General, is a racist. Plain and simple, no two ways around it, a racist.

Oh, we’ve suspected as much for some time.

When the New Black Panthers, caught on video, were intimidating voters in Pittsburgh and Holder did nothing…we suspected he was a racist, but, in all fairness, we had nothing from which to make a direct comparison. There were no WHITE people standing out front of a polling place intimidating voters for Holder to either ignore or throw the book at…so, we could only suspect his racism.

That has now CHANGED and we DO have direct comparisons.

Eric Holder is a racist.

Our direct comparison comes to us in the form of Voter ID Laws.

Holder, racist that he is, is shutting down state’s voter ID laws.

This week, he shut down South Carolina’s new Voter ID law and he’s looking at several other states new Voter ID laws as well. Holder is shutting them down because, he claims, these new laws unfairly discriminate against minorities and old people.

He had to toss in “old people” in an attempt to mask his racism.

It’s not working.

According to the racist Eric Holder, old people and minorities don’t have access to photo ID’s or at least, not the same access that white people have and therefore, any law requiring a photo ID to vote, is discrimination.

Here’s the problem with Holder, the racist’s claim.

According to his, and various other liberal’s own numbers, which will surely change as this story unfolds, 25% of minorities don’t have a photo ID.


Oh the humanity!!!

Liberals, and the racist Holder, seem to think that’s a lot…a WHOLE lot.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but…Using THEIR numbers…doesn’t that mean that…75% of minorities DO have a photo ID?


Why, that’s 3 times more than…a WHOLE lot…isn’t it???

That 75% of minorities CAN and HAVE obtained photo ID’s tells ME that the other 25% COULD if they wanted to. I contend that IF one has the ability to vote, one also has the ability to get a photo ID. To have the ABILITY to vote meaning they can fog a mirror and they are in this country LEGALLY.

Oh yes, the direct comparison…

People need to show a photo ID for lots of things, don’t they?

Photo ID’s are required when you go to the bank, when you try to board an airplane, when you pick up items from the pharmacy, when a credit or debit card is used, when you are contacted by police…the list is nearly endless.

Has Eric Holder gone after any of those entities which require a photo ID?

ANY of them???


He’s ONLY going after STATES who are passing new VOTER ID LAWS…isn’t he?

White people, who apparently have no problem whatsoever getting a photo ID, must, because of Eric Holder’s ignoring of the situation, SHOW those photo ID’s EVERYWHERE but minorities…because 25% can’t seem to obtain a photo ID…should NOT be required to have them for a singular purpose…voting.

Let me tell you something…Were I black…I’d be OUTRAGED at Holder right about now.


If minorities are indeed being disenfranchised from voting because they don’t have a photo ID, are they not also being disenfranchised from all the other businesses and entities which require the presentation of said photo ID???

Of course, we know this is all BS and Holder is FULL of it.

The only people who will be disenfranchised by voter ID laws are dead people, those who claim to be someone they’re not and illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens were never “Franchised” to begin with so, how can they possibly become DISenfranchised?

Dead people are “Previously franchised” but, sadly, no longer franchised due to having their voting privileges cancelled by a much higher power.

Those who claim to be someone they’re not ARE franchised – but ONLY as THEMSELVES and NOBODY is franchised to vote more than once in a given election.

Oddly enough, those who claim to be someone they’re not, illegal aliens and the “Previously Franchised” nearly always vote for liberals and THAT is exactly why Holder is SO adamant about protecting THEIR voting rights!!!

Here’s a little something Holder probably doesn’t want you to know.

If he gets HIS way, you won’t need a photo ID to VOTE for a president but, if you want to get into the White House where a president lives…YOU HAVE TO SHOW A PHOTO ID!!!

What we have in this administration, in Eric Holder and in liberals in general, is a political ideology bent on encouraging fraud and illegal activity in an effort to curry votes.  How else can his insistence that voter ID laws are racially motivated while ignoring all other requirements to show photo ID be explained?

If ACORN and their ilk weren’t bent on registering dead voters, the Dallas Cowboys and illegal aliens, individual states might not be passing voter ID laws now. If people didn’t break the law to get into our country and then go driving about without a care in the world, their vehicles would not be impounded.

The 14th Amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

I suggest Holder, and this administration, by striking down voter ID laws are in violation of the 14th Amendment.

Holder is saying that requiring a photo ID be shown to vote but saying NOTHING regarding photo ID’s being required for score of other things and THAT is not EQUAL protection. The ONLY people being “protected” by Holder, regarding photo ID voter laws are those who would perpetrate fraud.

Let me state that again.

The ONLY people being “protected” by Holder, regarding photo ID voter laws are those who would perpetrate fraud.

Since when, precisely, has it become the mission of the United States Attorney General, to protect those who would commit fraud?

The voter ID laws are just PART of it.

I also submit that by blocking states from establishing their own laws to prevent illegal immigration, such as Arizona’s SB1070, Holder and this administration is ALSO in violation of the 14th Amendment as their actions are meant to protect those who are breaking the law at the expense of those who are law abiding citizens.

Whether we are talking about the voter ID laws or the federal blocking of laws like SB1070, we are in fact talking about UNEQUAL protection under the law.

If, as Holder contends, it is unconstitutional to require a photo ID to be allowed to vote then it should ALSO be considered for a bank to require a photo ID or an airline, or a store or the white house. It should also be considered unconstitutional for law enforcement to ask for a photo ID if it is unconstitutional for a photo ID to be required at the voting booth.

I contend it is Holder and his selective application of law which is unconstitutional and any Attorney General who applies the law in a selective manner is not fit to hold the office and should therefore, immediately, be removed.

The FACTS regarding the supposed 25% of minorities who do not currently have a valid photo ID are clear. They CAN, if they are legal to vote, obtain one AND they have 11 months in which to do so. If they CHOOSE not to, then they should not be allowed to vote AS PER THEIR CHOICE.

I also believe that a system of ID be implemented for those voting via absentee ballot. With the technology available today, a simple finger print on a prescribed place on the absentee ballot checked against a voter registration card would suffice.

All steps to PREVENT possible voter fraud rather than any step to enable it should be employed.

Holder and this administration continue to take steps to ENABLE voter fraud by challenging or blocking voter ID laws.

Voting for those who would lead our towns, cities, states and nation must…MUST be protected against fraud or the possibility of it if we are to remain free. ANY action by ANY level of government to protect those who would commit such fraud is, in fact, promoting such fraud and therefore, an infringement of our very freedoms.

The enactment of voter ID laws does NOT disenfranchise anyone but blocking those laws DOES.

Now, either Holder is actively encouraging fraud, or he’s a racist.

How else can his actions possibly be explained???