Today, as I predicted last Wednesday, November 30th,in an article titled “Cain Train Derailed” – Herman Cain has bowed out of the 2012 presidential campaign. In a speech today from Atlanta, Cain cited the emotional toll taken on his family as one of the factors in his decision.

Cain, in “suspending” his campaign, did so in what can only be described as the best possible way given the circumstances. He has moved on to plan B.

This new Cain plan will keep his name and his 9-9-9 plan in the public eye and will work, as he says, toward the day when someone from outside the beltway, completely outside the beltway, can and will become the president.

Cain called the allegations which many see as the direct cause of the derailment of the Cain train, false and unproven but hurtful. Hurtful to his wife, hurtful to his family, hurtful to him and hurtful to his supporters.

In part, Cain blamed aspects of the media and pundits for the derailment saying that pundits want him to shut up and go away. While some may feel that way, not all do. In a series of articles, I have defended Mr. Cain against the allegations of sexual harassment and even in my article of November 30th, while I point to the latest allegation of a 13-year affair, I did not assume it was true.

In fact, we still do not know the absolute truth surrounding any of those allegations.

I cited what I considered to be a lack of sound judgment as Cain himself has admitted to befriending Ginger White for 13 years and providing financial support to her during that time. I also cited White’s personal history and lack of credibility which, in my mind, shines a harsh light on his judgment in sticking by someone such as White.

The Cain saga had become the stuff of reality shows and frankly, as we find ourselves only 1 month from the Iowa Caucus, such distractions are more harmful than good. As such distraction take place, the focus of the voters is removed from substantial issues and placed on matters much less important than solutions to our nation’s troubles.

One of the problems with Cain being the ultimate outsider in such an important race is that he was ill equipped to respond to such charges whether accurate or false in a swift and decisive manner. This is not to say that only a political INSIDER is so equipped – but, if anything, it shows what future grass roots outside candidates must do better.

Cain supporters should take heart for while his presidential campaign is over, Cain has paved the way for future regular Joes to run for the highest office with a new found sense of validity.

Mr. Cain also indicated that sometime soon, he will issue a presidential endorsement but did not hint at who that might be. Many believe Cain’s supporters will head to the Gingrich camp more than to other camps and Cain would be well advised, before those supporters scatter, to make whatever endorsement he chooses lest his support attach themselves to someone else despite his desire.

My guess is that a Cain endorsement is probably less than 2 weeks away and could well come sooner.

I also suspect that after the Iowa Caucus, the GOP field will narrow even more based on the lack of financial support for those candidates whose numbers simply aren’t gaining traction and will further narrow after New Hampshire.

I believe that in suspending his campaign today, Herman Cain has done what is best for his family, for himself, for the race toward the nomination and, whether they realize right now or not, he did what was best for his supporters.

“Herman Cain’s 999 plan got our country talking about the critical issue of how to reform our tax code and he elevated the dialogue of the Republican presidential primary in the process.  I am proud to know Herman Cain and consider him a friend.  I know from having worked with him for more than a decade he will continue to be a powerful voice in the conservative movement for years to come.

– Newt Gingrich

The National Patriot wishes Mr. Cain the best as he moves to his plan B.


  1. Although I clicked the article ‘like’ I did for the most part. My only disagreement was this part. “I cited what I considered to be a lack of sound judgment as Cain himself has admitted to befriending Ginger White for 13 years and providing financial support to her during that time.” Apparently, you aren’t very aware of how many Christians in this country who have given financial support to both male and female with public acknowledgement and all to be done ‘in secret’. This to me could be why Gloria Cain did not know. Now, with that said, I believe ultimately when we all stand before Jesus Christ that Herman Cain will stand completely alone on Judgement Day. Gloria will not be there. She will be standing completely alone also. So, it is easy for one to look through the ‘windows’ into the home of a person but until we live in that home we can’t every know whether it was ‘lack of sound judgement’ or not.

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