Friday Fume

Well, this is it, my last opportunity of 2011 to let it out.

One would think, or at least hope, that between Christmas and New Years, liberals could GIVE IT A REST but…NOOOOOOOO……

Oh well, that’s okay because guess what all you liberal/socialists???


Get ready…It’s Friday and…

I’m fuming.

Over in Maryland, a small community has for YEARS, been flying an American flag in their roundabout…one of those circular traffic disasters emulating the British system.

They drive on the wrong side of the road over there which is why roundabouts don’t work so well over here.

That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.


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Is THIS the Writing on the Socialist Wall??

Who didn’t see THIS coming?

There is now some talk about Obama dumping Biden from the 2012 ticket and replacing him with Hillary.

First off, Obama is in trouble and he knows it. His base is fleeing. He needs to add someone who socialists want. Hillary fills the ticket. She ran hard against Obama in ’08 and there seem to be a lot of liberals who would rather have HER in the White House than HIM.

The weirdest part of the scuttlebutt at this point is that Biden and Hillary would swap jobs.

Can you even IMAGINE Joe Biden as Secretary of State? Seriously, at this point, the guy can shoot off his mouth with all sorts of inane and crazy blather – and other than making for some entertaining sound bites, it’s harmless. But as Secretary of State…he would be sticking our national foot in HIS mouth on the WORLD stage and I suspect, that within days of taking the job, Biden would manage to INSULT at least HALF of our allies.

Let’s get back to the VP Hillary thing.

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The Kickback Kick Out

Yesterday, we at The National Patriot, brought you breaking news before Senator Ben Nelson announced his “retirement” and that he will not run in 2012. We then added to that blast with an update a couple of hours later. You can read that piece by clicking here.

Now, we know a little more regarding his announcement.

Suffice it to say that Nebraskans have been STEAMED at Nelson since the Cornhusker Kickback and obviously, the support for Nelson in Big Red country was down to zero.

Now, as he made that announcement yesterday, a singular line bears notice.

“The Tea Party must be stopped.”

This is a VERY important line and one which needs to be analyzed.

In uttering this line during his conference call, Nelson has allowed us into the secret behind closed door DNC agenda.

Okay, it’s not all that secret but, it’s an agenda many liberals have been trying to hide.

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Can a 3rd Party be Viable?

Some in the Republican Party are calling for, or at least, starting to think about, the possibility of a 3rd party. I can understand their line of thinking to an extent.

They’re not happy with the current crop of GOP candidates and their not at all thrilled with the RNC at this point. They’re tired of the establishment and what seems to be predestined outcomes.

I get it.

This morning, my friend Mark posted the following:

“The Republican Party is officially in Disarray now, with Ron Paul favored to win Iowa, and Mitt Romney the odds on favorite to win the GOP Nomination. The Republican Establishment is orchestrating a strategy sure to snatch victory, from the jaws of certain defeat for Obama. One by one those that have threatened the coronation of Romney has the chosen one, have ceremoniously been taken down by the Establishment kill machine. I never thought I would feel this way at this point, but I think the day as indeed come for a Third Party in the lineage of Palin, West, Demint, Rubio, or a Mike Pence type. We are all tired of compromising our values at the polling place. In retrospect I now believe it was the Republican Establishment, not the DNC, that brought Herman Cain down. The RNC is not our friend. They are our Enemy.”

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Rocking the Boat or the Voice of Realism?

Here’s the deal. Straight forward and in plain talk. I have never been accused of being politically correct and that’s not likely to change today.

What I’m about to say will probably set a few darn good conservatives ablaze but…So be it.

It will also send the Ronulans into orbit.

As we close in on the Iowa Caucus and other important early state primaries, I am seeing and hearing more and more of the “Only MY candidate can…” and My candidate is the ONLY one who will…”


ANY of the GOP candidates CAN and WILL do this and that. Some may do one thing better or faster than another and another may do something else faster and better but ALL of them have the ABILITY to do…whatever.

One Facebook friend, a solid conservative, responded to a post yesterday with this:

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In what can only be described as fallout from the 2010 midterm elections, Nebraska senator Ben Nelson is set to announce his retirement!

Nelson, who was long seen as a moderate democrat, often leaning to the right much to the concern and angst of liberals, changed all that with the Cornhusker Kickback in 2010.

By first accepting before ditching a kickback in return for his vote in favor of Obamacare, Ben Nelson seal his fate as a Nebraska senator.

Nelson, whom I know personally, was a two tern Nebraska governor before running for the U.S. Senate and was successful in that respect as he garnered not only the democrat vote but the quiet yet respectful vote of many Nebraska republicans.

Nelson, during his years as Governor, often bucked his own party’s line by supporting conservative issues.

Then, he shot himself in the foot.

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Eric Holder’s Selective Application of the Law

Eric Holder, our nation’s Attorney General, is a racist. Plain and simple, no two ways around it, a racist.

Oh, we’ve suspected as much for some time.

When the New Black Panthers, caught on video, were intimidating voters in Pittsburgh and Holder did nothing…we suspected he was a racist, but, in all fairness, we had nothing from which to make a direct comparison. There were no WHITE people standing out front of a polling place intimidating voters for Holder to either ignore or throw the book at…so, we could only suspect his racism.

That has now CHANGED and we DO have direct comparisons.

Eric Holder is a racist.

Our direct comparison comes to us in the form of Voter ID Laws.

Holder, racist that he is, is shutting down state’s voter ID laws.

This week, he shut down South Carolina’s new Voter ID law and he’s looking at several other states new Voter ID laws as well. Holder is shutting them down because, he claims, these new laws unfairly discriminate against minorities and old people.

He had to toss in “old people” in an attempt to mask his racism.

It’s not working.

According to the racist Eric Holder, old people and minorities don’t have access to photo ID’s or at least, not the same access that white people have and therefore, any law requiring a photo ID to vote, is discrimination.

Here’s the problem with Holder, the racist’s claim.

According to his, and various other liberal’s own numbers, which will surely change as this story unfolds, 25% of minorities don’t have a photo ID.


Oh the humanity!!!

Liberals, and the racist Holder, seem to think that’s a lot…a WHOLE lot.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but…Using THEIR numbers…doesn’t that mean that…75% of minorities DO have a photo ID?


Why, that’s 3 times more than…a WHOLE lot…isn’t it???

That 75% of minorities CAN and HAVE obtained photo ID’s tells ME that the other 25% COULD if they wanted to. I contend that IF one has the ability to vote, one also has the ability to get a photo ID. To have the ABILITY to vote meaning they can fog a mirror and they are in this country LEGALLY.

Oh yes, the direct comparison…

People need to show a photo ID for lots of things, don’t they?

Photo ID’s are required when you go to the bank, when you try to board an airplane, when you pick up items from the pharmacy, when a credit or debit card is used, when you are contacted by police…the list is nearly endless.

Has Eric Holder gone after any of those entities which require a photo ID?

ANY of them???


He’s ONLY going after STATES who are passing new VOTER ID LAWS…isn’t he?

White people, who apparently have no problem whatsoever getting a photo ID, must, because of Eric Holder’s ignoring of the situation, SHOW those photo ID’s EVERYWHERE but minorities…because 25% can’t seem to obtain a photo ID…should NOT be required to have them for a singular purpose…voting.

Let me tell you something…Were I black…I’d be OUTRAGED at Holder right about now.


If minorities are indeed being disenfranchised from voting because they don’t have a photo ID, are they not also being disenfranchised from all the other businesses and entities which require the presentation of said photo ID???

Of course, we know this is all BS and Holder is FULL of it.

The only people who will be disenfranchised by voter ID laws are dead people, those who claim to be someone they’re not and illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens were never “Franchised” to begin with so, how can they possibly become DISenfranchised?

Dead people are “Previously franchised” but, sadly, no longer franchised due to having their voting privileges cancelled by a much higher power.

Those who claim to be someone they’re not ARE franchised – but ONLY as THEMSELVES and NOBODY is franchised to vote more than once in a given election.

Oddly enough, those who claim to be someone they’re not, illegal aliens and the “Previously Franchised” nearly always vote for liberals and THAT is exactly why Holder is SO adamant about protecting THEIR voting rights!!!

Here’s a little something Holder probably doesn’t want you to know.

If he gets HIS way, you won’t need a photo ID to VOTE for a president but, if you want to get into the White House where a president lives…YOU HAVE TO SHOW A PHOTO ID!!!

What we have in this administration, in Eric Holder and in liberals in general, is a political ideology bent on encouraging fraud and illegal activity in an effort to curry votes.  How else can his insistence that voter ID laws are racially motivated while ignoring all other requirements to show photo ID be explained?

If ACORN and their ilk weren’t bent on registering dead voters, the Dallas Cowboys and illegal aliens, individual states might not be passing voter ID laws now. If people didn’t break the law to get into our country and then go driving about without a care in the world, their vehicles would not be impounded.

The 14th Amendment states: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

I suggest Holder, and this administration, by striking down voter ID laws are in violation of the 14th Amendment.

Holder is saying that requiring a photo ID be shown to vote but saying NOTHING regarding photo ID’s being required for score of other things and THAT is not EQUAL protection. The ONLY people being “protected” by Holder, regarding photo ID voter laws are those who would perpetrate fraud.

Let me state that again.

The ONLY people being “protected” by Holder, regarding photo ID voter laws are those who would perpetrate fraud.

Since when, precisely, has it become the mission of the United States Attorney General, to protect those who would commit fraud?

The voter ID laws are just PART of it.

I also submit that by blocking states from establishing their own laws to prevent illegal immigration, such as Arizona’s SB1070, Holder and this administration is ALSO in violation of the 14th Amendment as their actions are meant to protect those who are breaking the law at the expense of those who are law abiding citizens.

Whether we are talking about the voter ID laws or the federal blocking of laws like SB1070, we are in fact talking about UNEQUAL protection under the law.

If, as Holder contends, it is unconstitutional to require a photo ID to be allowed to vote then it should ALSO be considered for a bank to require a photo ID or an airline, or a store or the white house. It should also be considered unconstitutional for law enforcement to ask for a photo ID if it is unconstitutional for a photo ID to be required at the voting booth.

I contend it is Holder and his selective application of law which is unconstitutional and any Attorney General who applies the law in a selective manner is not fit to hold the office and should therefore, immediately, be removed.

The FACTS regarding the supposed 25% of minorities who do not currently have a valid photo ID are clear. They CAN, if they are legal to vote, obtain one AND they have 11 months in which to do so. If they CHOOSE not to, then they should not be allowed to vote AS PER THEIR CHOICE.

I also believe that a system of ID be implemented for those voting via absentee ballot. With the technology available today, a simple finger print on a prescribed place on the absentee ballot checked against a voter registration card would suffice.

All steps to PREVENT possible voter fraud rather than any step to enable it should be employed.

Holder and this administration continue to take steps to ENABLE voter fraud by challenging or blocking voter ID laws.

Voting for those who would lead our towns, cities, states and nation must…MUST be protected against fraud or the possibility of it if we are to remain free. ANY action by ANY level of government to protect those who would commit such fraud is, in fact, promoting such fraud and therefore, an infringement of our very freedoms.

The enactment of voter ID laws does NOT disenfranchise anyone but blocking those laws DOES.

Now, either Holder is actively encouraging fraud, or he’s a racist.

How else can his actions possibly be explained???

Social Media, Politics and Religion…Oh My….

“Wow, ya’ll are really doing politics on Christmas. I logged on to my own page out of boredom and lo and behold. Haha, God Bless you all..and please, lighten up if just for tonight. Jesus is king, the government shall be upon his shoulders, as prophesied in Isaiah.. what better promise can God offer? It’s not about you or me, but about him. For unto us a child is born!! Merry Christmas!!”

This was a post by a Facebook friend last night in one of the many groups to which I belong. It was not directed at me specifically but to those in the group in general.

I understand her sentiment. I really do but I too was engaged in politics yesterday. The verse to which she refers is this; “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; And the government shall rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”Isaiah 9:5-6

Isaiah is one of 5 books of major prophecy. It’s in the Old Testament. That verse is one to which Christians point as the foretelling of the coming of Jesus.

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Politics on Christmas? Yes…and for a VERY Good Reason

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

If there is such a thing, and I fully believe there is, as divine providence, clearly it played a most important part in the events surrounding the founding of this nation.

For those who wish to separate Christmas from the politics of the day, I am with you but, one must realize that without connecting the two, we may well not have a nation at all.

When one thinks of Christmas, the true and first Christmas, one thinks of tiny Bethlehem. That’s where it started. Bethlehem.

So too, via divine providence, is Bethlehem a key to our nation’s birth.

Yes, it is a different Bethlehem than the one from the first Christmas but I ask you, is it coincidence? I rather doubt it as I don’t believe in such things either in politics OR divine providence.

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Mom’s SPECIAL Christmas Cake!!!

A couple of days ago, My mom was nice enough to share her extra special Christmas Cake recipe with me. In turn, I wanted to share it with ALL our readers.

Mom makes this EVERY year and needless to say, it’s the HIT of the entire Christmas dinner.

I’m busy whipping this up right NOW!!!

Here’s the recipe…

Subject: Tequila Christmas Cake

I thought I’d share my famous Christmas recipe.  It’s been in the family
for years, enjoy!
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