Perry Dug the Dirt on Cain and Shoots Himself in the Foot

Rick Perry has some damage control to do and he had better do it fast and strong or his campaign is over. This morning in an article regarding the Cain situation I tapped Perry as the source and now, low and behold, it has been revealed that it was his campaign which put the smear hit on Herman Cain.

A Perry pollster and supporter dug the dirt and let it fly against Cain and to me, it comes as no surprise.

Perry has been slipping fast and he’s desperate.

Perry, in order to save what’s left of his campaign will have to fire Chris Wilson and detatch from anything to do with the smear but NOT before issuing an IN PERSON and heartfelt PUBLIC apology to Herman Cain.

When I watched Perry over the weekend being so giddy in a speech, it was clear he knew something the rest of us didn’t and it was his jabbing at Cain during that speech which tipped me off.

While I couldn’t be sure, the red flag was waving leading me this morning in my piece, “The Cain Scandal -Problematic but Not Yet Dire” to say, “While this looks, for all the world, to be a bit of dirt dug up by a fellow GOP candidate, I’ll guess Perry as he’s slipping fast, and may be a lot of nothing, it will pale in comparison to the attacks which will come from the liberal machine should Cain actually garner the nomination; and if Cain, with 10 days advanced warning on this wasn’t prepared, some changes must be made and be made quickly.”

While Republicans would have taken Obama or liberals to task over a tactic such as this, I would expect them to do likewise to one of their own.

I will.

Perry was looking for dirt, an advantage, something to bring a GOP rival down rather that to build himself up and he found it in a decade old story.

There are only 2 ways for Perry to get out of this.

1)      This story had better have a concrete foundation of evidence against Herman Cain

2)      If there is no concrete evidence, Perry needs to drop out, taking full responsibility for what has happened along with firing this Wilson character.

For now, Rick Perry is done!


2 thoughts on “Perry Dug the Dirt on Cain and Shoots Himself in the Foot

  1. I really like Herman Cain. It is too bad that these women can come out of the woodwork and level these accusations against him. No matter what party you are part of no one deserves to be falsly accused. I don’t know if he did it or not but it seems very odd.

  2. I would not put it past Perry to do this, and he did seem giddy when attacking the 9-9-9 plan as he did in his speech, but I’d like to posit that the Politico story MAY have been fed by the RNC/GOP which is clearly in the sack with Romney, and by floating the story AND following up by pinning it on Perry, they are in essence knocking out two potential candidates at once, which makes Romney’s job much easier. Just a conspiracy theory to contemplate.

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