“Occupiers” Inhabiting a Failing Agenda

“Whose Park?…OUR Park!”

That was the chant starting around midnight in Zuccotti Park in New York as NYPD officers started clearing out the protesters. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS!” was another chant being belted out through a chorus of Occu-Pie-Holes.

Zuccotti Park is being clear out, at least for a few hours to clean up and remove the filth from 2 months of squatters. It’s become a health hazard, the people who live around the park are sick of it and businesses in the area have had enough. Mayor Bloomberg issued the order to clear the park and about 400 police officers started the process around midnight.

Once the park is cleaned, protesters WILL be allowed to return but they will NOT be allowed to bring their tents, tarps, shanty town kitchens or sleeping bags and winter is forthcoming. It is folly to believe the “Occupiers” are cut from the same cloth which wrapped the frozen feet of Washington’s men at Valley Forge as those men were fighting for ideals while the “Occupiers” are clinging to ideology.

That “Whose Park…OUR Park” chant couldn’t be more wrong.

Zuccotti Park is privately owned and maintained for the enjoyment of neighborhood residents and the fact that these protesters believe it belongs to them is indicative of a mentality espousing that those who do nothing are due the rewards of those who succeed.  

More than a month ago, I referred to “Occupy Wall Street” as a Socialist Dress Rehearsal and I stand by it. Just as socialism has failed everywhere it’s been implemented, so too is this “movement.”

Outbreaks of disease, violence, infighting, reports of drug use and sexual attacks and arrests, lots of arrests have become the story and those who have attempted to perpetrate and grow the “Occupy” movement have managed to accomplish nothing more than the creation of garbage dumps where parks once stood.

In Zuccotti Park this morning, more than 100 have been arrested for failing to vacate on the orders of law enforcement.

Now, those who have infested Zuccotti Park are trying to whip up support for blocking vehicle traffic on Wall Street and disrupting subway lines in several parts of New York. Those who attempt to occupy the subway should try to avoid occupying the 3rd rail lest they find themselves occupying caskets and as for blocking traffic, in New York City, perhaps the 3rd rail is a safer option.

Some in the “Occupy” movement, facing their pending exile from properties not their own, are making plans to “Occupy” college campuses or as I call it, returning to the mother ship.

Schools have, for decades now, abandoned the principles of rational critical thought and the teaching of fundamentals championed by our founders. They have systematically revised history, encouraged political correctness and taught the socialist principles of liberalism. Out with the core values of American greatness, in with an entitlement mindset. Out with personal responsibility, in with collectivism.

By the time young students arrive on college campuses, where liberalism reigns supreme, they are geared toward an economic viewpoint where capitalism is evil and socialism is the future and there, in those college class rooms, the final attempts and “fundamental change” are employed.

Not all college students are sucked into the liberal/socialist ideology but many are and at that point, they enter the world not as individuals of self reliance striving for success but with a herd mentality believing that society, as a whole, owes them something for nothing.

The human mind is the most complex computer ever created but just like the one on your desk, if downloaded with a virus, it will malfunction and the “Occupiers” are but laptops whose hard drives have been corrupted by decades of liberal/socialist virus infestations. Garbage in, garbage out.

One clear sign that the “Occupy” movement is failing is that so many liberals who, from the start, embraced the movement by gushing over their spontaneity  and in what we, as conservatives called very misguided comparisons to the Tea Party, have for weeks now, remained silent and by that omission of praise, tried to distance themselves from what can only be described as a very visible example of their own failing agenda.

Yes, there are still those celebrities who adhere to the movement but in doing so, expose themselves and those who protest as liberal hypocrites as they live the lives of the 1% the “Occupiers” so revile. Michael Moore attempts to bond with the “Occupy” movement and is embraced by them while both he and the protesters know full well, Moore has more money than God. Alec Baldwin goes down to Zuccotti Park and expresses his brotherhood with the squatters and then buys a 12 million dollar apartment in New York.

Obama, recently, has excoriated Americans for being “lazy over the last couple of decades” and losing our ambition and stating, “The way I think about it is, you know, this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft and, you know, we didn’t have that same competitive edge that we needed over the last couple of decades.”

Set aside for a moment, the presumption that nothing Obama says can be the truth and allow yourself, just for a moment, to see the unintended truth of those utterances. One need look no further than Zuccotti Park or any other “Occupy” venue to realize the perfect examples of his statements reside there in filth and squalor. There they are, the shining epitome of a steady march towards socialism, an agenda championed by the liberal machine and Obama himself is their current poster boy.

The clearest difference which can be drawn between the “Occupy” movement and the Tea Party movement is this:

The former “Occupy” parks and other assorted venues, demanding an entitlement to the success and reward of others based upon the agenda foisted on them by a political ideology elevating the government to become the caretaker of the people while chanting, “Whose Park? OUR Park” while the latter occupies the heart and soul of American ideals and exceptionalism presented to them by those who steadfastly believed in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, demanding an adherence to the principles of the founders which elevates the people to be the caretakers of the government and embracing the document beginning with the words, “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

History has proven, time and time again, that a socialist agenda, the likes of which has given birth to the “Occupy” movement is guaranteed to fail just as the “Occupy” movement is failing now. On the other hand, the Constitution, which has given birth to the Tea Party movement offers no guarantee of success rather it offers the guarantee of the opportunity for success.

Those who, allowed by our nation’s guarantees choose the liberal/socialist agenda are to be relegated, by history’s record, to the conditions of occupied parks. Those who choose the guaranteed opportunity of success offered by our nation’s founders can achieve anything.