IAEA Report Details LEAKED and Iran IS Almost Ready to go NUCLEAR

The situation between Israel and Iran has taken another turn for the worse. We knew it was coming and now we have some degree of confirmation.

The IAEA report regarding Iran’s nuclear ambitions comes out tomorrow – but already, some general details of that report are leaking out and the picture is not pretty.

Tomorrow’s report will talk about how Iran has a missile, the Shahab 3, which can reach from Iran to Israel. Many who have been steadfastly insisting that Iran poses no direct threat to Israel because they have no weapon with the range to hit Israel will be proven wrong. Iran does indeed possess that range but that’s not the worst of it.

Iran has also, according to the IAEA report, apparently found a way to fit such a missile with a nuclear warhead.

Let me say that again.

Iran has also, according to the IAEA report, apparently found a way to fit such a missile with a nuclear warhead.

The upcoming report will also provide details showing that Iran has…HAS…gathered the necessary technology to build nuclear weapons and the clandestine procurement avenues Iran has gone through to do it. It is widely believe that the report will show that North Korea, Pakistan and Russia are all assisting Iran in this technology.

The report will explain how, within Iran, nuclear scientists are working both sides of the equation, domestic energy development AND nuclear weapon technology. Same scientists, two vastly different programs.

While it has been reported that Iran is probably 3 years from having such weapons, it now seems more likely it could happen sooner than that.

Iran has, according to the report, created a computer model of a nuclear warhead core, been conducting prep work for nuclear warhead testing and they have been actively testing high explosives while developing a detonator designed specifically to set off a nuclear device.

While Israel continues to keep a military option, a preemptive strike, on the table, the situation has become further eroded by today’s disclosure of what was thought at the time to have been a private conversation between Obama and French President Sarkosy.

In that brief back and forth at the economic summit meetings last week, their mics were still live and Sarkosy told Obama that he can’t stomach Netanyahu and that Netanyahu is a liar. Obama reportedly responded, “You may be sick of him but I have to deal with him every day.”

Netanyahu has not responded to that conversation but, knowing of it is sure to cool already strained relations between the U.S. and Israel and may well prompt Israel to keep any plans of a preemptive strike against Iran to themselves.

Those who have for years, held fast to the 2007 IAEA report stating that Iran had dropped their nuclear weapons ambitions back in 2003 will find out tomorrow, they have been wrong all along. This new report, which has already been handed over to a 35 nation IAEA board and to the U.N. Security Council, for all the good that will do.

Obama has called for more sanctions but clearly, all sanctions previously placed on Iran have been completely ignored.

Ron Paul has said that should HE become President, he would offer friendship to Iran as the most effective way to convince them not to build nuclear weapons, a move that would likely have less effect than sanctions.

Condoleezza Rice and John Bolton have both advocated in favor of an Israeli preemptive strike and both have said that we, the U.S. should assist in such a measure as there are things we have the capability and technology to do better than could the Israelis.

While many more details will emerge over the next day or two regarding this new IAEA report than have been leaked thus far, it is clear that Iran is building nuclear weapons, they have missiles with the range to reach Israel, they have developed a way to fit those missiles with a nuclear warhead, they have been testing high explosives for the expressed purpose of nuclear detonation and they have developed computer models of a weapons grade nuclear core.

The clock is ticking, Israel is in the crosshairs, Obama has no intention of standing with Israel on this and Iran much closer to carrying out their avowed intentions of wiping Israel off the map.

My question is simple.

What EXACTLY will it take before those so opposed to action of a preemptive nature by Israel to see the light?

Seemingly, it will take an atomic explosion over Tel Aviv for those folks to accept they have been wrong all along or, maybe that’s exactly what they’re hoping for.