Holder Sues for Right to Continue Immigration Failures

Yet another state, this time, South Carolina, has been added to the list of states now being sued by this administration over their laws aimed at stemming the tide of illegal immigration. According to the Obama administration, individual states have no right to protect their citizens from, try to stop the wild out-of-control spending related to or stop employers from hiring illegal aliens.

As a state, just try and do something about it, and you will be sued.

On the other hand, make your state or your city a sanctuary for illegal aliens and what exactly will this administration do?


Here’s another way to look at it.

This Obama administration is more than happy to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels which have now been used in more than 200 murders including the murder of a U.S. agent – but let a state try to enact a law to check a subject for legal status who has been contacted by law enforcement in regard to another crime and that state will be served and dragged into court.

Here is yet another way to look at it.

In Arizona, there are public lands where the Obama administration has put up signs restricting American Citizens from entering because those areas are so rife with drug smugglers crossing the border – but when the state of Arizona enacts a law to crack down on illegals, they got sued by the Obama administration.

Ask a liberal…Any liberal…and they will tell you that this administration, the Obama administration is NOT pro illegal immigration and they’ll look at you as though you had 3 heads and maybe even call you a racist but…

If you were born and raised in South Carolina and after high school you decide to go to college in Texas or Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah, Washington or New York and you’ll  be paying out of state tuition; but, if an illegal alien, in our country illegally, wants to go to school in one of those states, they will pay a lower in state tuition. The federal government says nothing about this but sues South Carolina for enacting a law allowing law enforcement to call ICE if they suspect someone stopped for a traffic violation is in the country illegally.

Obama’s Justice Department set up a hotline and email address for people to complain about Alabama’s anti-illegal immigration law, and officials said they’re working with other federal agencies such as labor, agriculture, education, and health agencies — to make certain federal money will not being used to discriminate – but they are suing the State of Alabama over THEIR law.

Enact a law at the state level, any law putting the clamps on illegal immigration and presto, you’re sued by the DOJ but do as they did in Washington state and hire illegal immigrants to do voter canvassing in the 2010 midterm election and what does the DOJ do?

Zip, zilch, zero…nothing.

Thousands of illegals were openly marching through the streets of Phoenix back in 2009 at a time when Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, the former Governor of Arizona was telling us that it’s just too hard to find the illegals but a year later, Obama’s DOJ was suing Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio because they felt that his aggressive operations against illegal immigrants had violated civil rights.

The fact is, it is the federal government’s responsibility to enforce immigration laws but it is also a fact that the federal government is failing in that responsibility regardless of what Janet Napolitano says about the border being more secure now than ever before or what numbers she tosses about.

I has been shown that her numbers have been inflated and the fact remains that only about 40 percent of the border has been patrolled which leads us to yet another part of the problem.

Our border agents are being handcuffed by the federal government.

A couple of years ago, an agent arrested a teen drug smuggler crossing the Rio Grande and ended up serving 2 years in prison while the smuggler was granted immunity later admitting to providing false testimony to a grand jury and in court. For more on that story, click here.

According to Eric Holder, “Today’s lawsuit makes clear once again that the Justice Department will not hesitate to challenge a state’s immigration law, as we have in Arizona, Alabama and South Carolina, if we find that the law interferes with the federal government’s enforcement of immigration.”

Holder went on to say, “It is understandable that communities remain frustrated with the broken immigration system, but a patchwork of state laws is not the solution and will only create problems.”

Here, what we have is Holder admitting that it is the federal government’s responsibility and that the federal government is failing in that responsibility but it is even more telling than that. Holder is also advocating a failed federal government, in regard to illegal immigration is better and more preferred than having individual states actually enact and enforce their own laws.

Congress has for years ignored the failings of federal immigration laws but never before have we seen the federal government sue states for doing what they won’t.

States have an obligation to protect their citizens from those who would break the law and to protect their ability to spend their taxpayer’s dollars wisely. Those who enter this country and any individual state illegally are costing those states valuable resources and they are, with that first step over the border, breaking the law.

If the federal government refuses to act, so be it but the states should be allowed to do so on their own in that case but where Holder doesn’t believe a patchwork of state laws is the solution, it is clearly a better solution to the problem than anything being offered by the DOJ.


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