Hey Allen West…Time for Show and Tell

Solyndra and all the emails, subpoenas, hearings and cover ups, Fast and Furious with its memos, emails, who knew what and when along with its subpoenas and testimony, GOP campaign polls changing daily, the whole Occupy Wall Street drama, Penn State and on and on and on…


The real story is the Super Committee and what is happening, or not happening, between 12 members of congress.

With less than a week to go before triggers kick in and drastic cuts are made to Medicare and our Defense Department, there just doesn’t seem to be any movement. Or is there?

Obama and the liberals have been trying to make a living on, and or campaigning against, what they have, for some time now, labeled a “Do Nothing Congress” and therein rests the issue.

Obama has chided and scolded the Republicans in Congress for being a “Do Nothing Congress” and some polls and indicating that more people would blame the Republicans than the Democrats or Obama himself for stalemates from the budget to the debt ceiling to the Super Committee triggers which seem about ready to be pulled.

Republicans from Ryan to Boehner to you-name-them have been systematically stepping forward to speak about the bills introduced in the House but either stalled or killed by the liberal-controlled Senate. Words are not enough.

It’s high time to put forth a visual display.

We are, whether one likes it or not, a visual society – and more and more, what people see holds more sway then what they hear so my advice to Republicans is to put on a show-and-tell session for the American people and for members of the “Main Stream Media” aka…MSM.

What I would advise members of the House to do and do it soon, no later than this coming Monday, is get busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

Find a room to which they can invite the press and start hanging wallpaper comprised of each and every page of each and every bill or proposal put forth by Republicans and which have been killed off or stalled in the liberal Senate.

Every page.

Set up two tables, one on either side of a podium at one end of the room. Upon one table will be stacks of bills and proposals, the Ryan Budget Plan and all the various debt ceiling bills and proposals along with everything so far proposed by Republicans relating to the Super Committee. On the other table, each and every one of those bills or proposals actually passed by the liberal Senate.

Open the doors and let the MSM into the room and have someone the likes of Allen West standing at the podium to explain to the press exactly at what they are looking. There is a very good reason why I suggest Congressman West and here it comes.

Behind the table on the right, the one with all the stacks of Republican legislation which has been killed or stalled in the liberal Senate, and  slightly raised above it, should be another table and upon THAT table should be representations of our National Defense. Army men, ships and planes representing our current strength in each area with a sign explaining that each army man represents X number of GIs,  each ship represents X number of actual Navy ships and how each plane represents X number of planes and members of our Air Force.

Behind the other table, the one containing all the Republican legislation actually PASSED by the liberal Senate should be a second table, likewise raised slightly with the corresponding X numbers of army men, ships and planes our nation will have AFTER the automatic triggers related to the Super Committee get pulled.

Show and tell.

As a freshman member of Congress, nobody knows, appreciates or understands the vital needs of out national security and our military better than Congressman Allen West and nobody could state the case, outline the ramifications or highlight the facts better than Allen West.

Let THAT become the IMAGE…not the words upon which Obama and other liberals try to run against when they carry on about the republicans being a “Do Nothing Congress.”

Plant THAT image in the American psyche.

Make THAT image be the one the MSM has to deal with and itch as they back the liberal bogus talking points.

There is, I believe, another image which must be planted and one which I cannot believe has not been mentioned yet by anyone.

Washington, and for that matter the MSM, loves acronyms.

Remember Obama’s “Winning the Future?”


Run through the Washington acronym machine and render out all the unnecessary bits and pieces of the alphabet from “Do Nothing Congress” and with what exactly are you left?


In Washington, words are a dime a dozen.

Image is everything.

One thought on “Hey Allen West…Time for Show and Tell

  1. Do we need Boots on the Ground in DC? I think West could prove the point quite nicely. Personally I think we need a Constitutional House Cleaning as well. No one seems to understand that we have to start HERE and NOW…2012. We cannot compromise with “little” Progressives, that paves the way to keep going, little by little…Its time for all of this mess to STOP Period. Game Over. nO mORE qUARTERS.

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