Cain Accuser CLEARLY Not Acting Like an ASSAULT Victim

Yesterday, I said I smelled a skunk. If you missed that article, you can read it by clicking here. I was referring to the “case” of Sharon Bialek, the woman who stepped forward yesterday with her celebrity-chasing, self-promoting attorney, Gloria Allred, to level accusations of sexual harassment against Herman Cain.

According to Bialek, what happened was not at all sexual harassment, it was sexual assault.

Bialek claimed that Cain reached under her skirt, tried to touch her genitals and pulled her head towards his crotch.

I said I smelled a skunk because she had to READ a first person account of the alleged event, she stammered her way through it, awkwardly pause to flip pages, stumbled through words and sentences and even had to read the portion of why, some 14 years later, she decided to come forward.

Now, Bialek’s story is coming apart at the seams.

Bialek and Allred even appeared this morning on Fox News repeating the allegations and, of course, Allred was all to pleased with herself to back Bialek up.

Now, we have learned, in a Glenn Beck interview, that last month, at a Tea Party event in Chicago, Bialek “bum rushed” a radio personality to get to Cain and SHE HUGGED HIM…full on. A conversation ensued which could not be completely heard but according to the radio personality, Amy Jacobson, while Bialek leaned in to Cain’s ear, he was responding with “Uh huh…uh uh…uh huh” and then …”HUH?” shortly after that, according to the radio personality, Bialek STORMED OFF in a huff!


Now, allow me to ask, IF one had been, as Bialek claims, ASSAULTED by Herman Cain 14 years ago, why on EARTH would she, just 1 month ago, be hugging Mr. Cain AND BE ALL EXCITED TO SEE HIM?

It has also come to light since I published yesterday’s article, that Bialek has some financial issues. To get a peek at THAT issue, just click HERE!

Did you notice WHO the attorney is on that legal document?


Today, at 5pm EST, Herman Cain will hold a press conference from Phoenix, AZ, to discuss this matter.

Were I Mr. Cain, regarding Sharon Bialek, I would be announcing a LAWSUIT against her.

She claims the reason she didn’t file a complaint 14 years ago was because she no longer worked for the National Restaurant Association.


If she and her story of the event are to be believed, she SHOULD have file a POLICE report as she was NOT harassed – and don’t get me wrong here, sexual harassment, when real, is a bad thing – but this, according to her claim, was ASSAULT which is a FELONY and she files no report at all? Then, 14 years later, HUGS  the man she claims ASSAULTED her???

There is no way she can prove her case, OR her complete lack of evidence which would lead one to believe she is a SCAM artist and standing right there with her, is her attorney, Allred.

Bialek has also, in the past filed for bankruptcy, had custody issues and more.

Bialek has filed for bankruptcy…twice. Most recent lawsuits…Sued for $2205.00- 2000. BROADACRE MANAGEME Joint Lawsuit sued for $2250.00- 2000. Sued for $6750.00- 2000. Sued for $3000.00, Mark Beatovic 2005. Sued for $1000.27, MIDLAND FUNDING LL 2007.Sued for $3539.58, ILLINOS LENDING 2009.


Here’s just a little something else to chew on while we wait to see what happens next. Have you notice, that while Herman Cain has held MANY high level positions in MANY companies and on MANY boards of directors…ONLY women from the NRA are making these accusations?

You’ve had your 15 minutes Bialek, time to crawl back under your rock and as for your attorney…most skunks are black and white…One of the stinkers in THIS story seems to be…all red!


2 thoughts on “Cain Accuser CLEARLY Not Acting Like an ASSAULT Victim

  1. I could tell what she was up to when I saw her speak. Way too many pauses – had to read the whole statement – fumbled her words. Hard to believe that “out of the kindness of her heart” she would decide to come forward now.

  2. Great article, as a woman I don’t believe anything this two come with… it’s fishy on many things… if she was to be in distress for that “assault” as a woman myself, I will NEVER forget and will be in my mind like the day a happen, I will NOT need anyone to tell me what to said, because I will have my own words, this woman has been couch and provably promise the dismiss of her law suit pending against her if she helps out… they idiocy of people believing that others are stupid.
    So sad and so corrupt.. I believe that he need to turn around and suit this two fools and the guy in politico as well, to stop the ball rolling, for ” assassination of character and malice” most especially to try to destroy his campaign as a front runner for President. My opinion.

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