U.S. Slaps Israel in the Face!!!

In a strange turn of events, though not an unexpected turn, the U.S. has cut 60 million dollars worth of funding to the U.N. – but this situation is far from over and  the ramifications are very interesting.

Today, the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization voted 107-14 with 52 abstentions thus admitting the Palestinians as full U.N. Members.

According to our State Department spokeswoman, Victoria Nuland, “Palestinian membership as a state in UNESCO triggers longstanding legislative restrictions which will compel the United States to refrain from making contributions to UNESCO.”

Actually, Palestinian Membership granted by ANY U.N. committee or group would trigger such a move and I’ll get back to that.

Of the UNESCO budget, we, the United States is responsible for about $80 million per year or roughly 22% of that total budget and in November, we were scheduled to make a $60 million payment…That is now NOT going to happen…

Or WILL it?

We all know how Obama loves the U.N. and he has made no secret of it. While at the general assembly a month ago, Obama, from the podium, stated, “We must return to the wisdom of those who created this institution.”

Obama made this pronouncement knowing full well of the Palestinian’s quest for full Membership.

Obama may, once again, have painted himself into the proverbial corner.

Here’s the deal.

Obama loves the U.N. but we have a law stating that should the Palestinians be granted Membership by any committee of the U.N., we will cut off funding for that committee. That law went into effect back in 1990 which shows you just how long this issue has been an issue.

Obama, who is bypassing Congress on a daily basis must now go TO Congress according to Nuland, who said, “We obviously have to comply with U.S. law, to comply with U.S. restrictions. That said, we will have a conversation with Congress on moving forward.”

Good luck with that conversation.

It seems unlikely that Congress, at this point, would set such a law aside and continue that funding and much more likely that any such conversation would be extremely short.

That leaves Obama with a couple of possible options and none of them are good for him.

He could, I suppose, try yet another bypass of Congress and authorize that $60 million November payment – but in doing so, garner the wrath of conservative and some liberal members of Congress and put himself even further out on the plank come November 2012.

He could allow the funding for UNESCO to drop – which brings up a whole NEW scenario he won’t like.

IF the U.S. defaults on that November Payment, the U.N. could…COULD…Challenge the very Membership of the United States in the U.N.

That they would do such a thing to their cash cow is doubtful – but, if they don’t, it would be yet another principle-ignoring move by the international body which would cause even MORE taxpayers to question why indeed we would wish to remain a U.N. Member.

In fact, to even attempt any such conversation with Congress, considering the rousing welcome given to Prime Minister Netanyahu before a joint session a few months ago, would likely end with Obama being handed his hat and shown the exit.

Obama could try to make a unilateral decision not to enforce the law, much the same way he did with the Defense of Marriage Act – but that too would lead to a great deal of decent from voters and right now; thankfully, his numbers are already dropping like a stone.

According to John Bolton, “UNESCO has made its decision: it prefers Palestinian membership to American participation. Now let the rest of the U.N. specialized agencies make their choice.”

While the Israeli Ambassador, Nimrod Barkan, has called this vote by UNESCO a tragedy, I would take it a step farther. Yes, the vote is a tragedy, but having the State Department issue a statement regarding having a conversation with Congress regarding letting this one slip or any possibility of revising the 1990 statute would be a direct slap in the face to Israel.

I would suggest that we, as voters, contact our individual Members of Congress and demand that UNESCO funding be cut off at once, that they adhere to the 1990 statute wholeheartedly and that absolutely NO conversation be held in regard to it.

If then, the U.N. decides to punish the United States, in ANY way up to and including the dissolving of our Membership, we immediately kick that corrupt organization OFF our soil and revoke their diplomatic status lock, stock and barrel while DEMANDING payment for ALL their parking tickets!!!

In the midst of an administration determined to prop up organizations who support terror and the elimination of our way of life and the existence of one of our greatest allies it is up to we the people to take a stand.

Any further efforts to legitimize the Hamas controlled Palestinian Authority whether real or implied must be met by a solid and immediate repudiation of those who would do so and the removal of any financial support to any organization which would vote as UNESCO did this morning.


Source: Fox News.

3 thoughts on “U.S. Slaps Israel in the Face!!!

  1. @Mitchell…we don’t need to do somersaults to obtain reasons to critize Mr. Obama. He freely gives us plenty of reasons-almost daily- with his actions.
    And to call us “Obama Haters” is incorrect. We do not hate Mr. Obama…however we do hate his policies and what he is doing to this country. Now if you can’t see that…just relax and drink yer kool-aide.

  2. Craig,another great article as ever,straight and to the point,I am surprised that the UN has lasted as long as it has,but that’s only to be expected,corrupt organisations usually last a long time until someone makes the mistake of letting the cat out of the bag so to speak,and,UNESCO has done just that.
    The UN stands for Corruption and Chaos,it stands with those who advocate violence,murder and mayhem,could someone not slip them all a dose of Anthrax in their coffee and sandwiches,that would save a great deal of yelling and screaming from the Muslim contingent !

  3. I’m always amazed and dumbfounded by the intellectual somersaults people who despise Obama have to make to criticize his every move.

    Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. In the world of Obama haters: Truth to be told, they wouldn’t have had to go up the Hill in the first place is Obama had arranged for them to have the water they needed earlier.


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