Quitters Never Win…Winners Will Stay Involved

Across social media, from Facebook to Twitter and many other venues, I have seen some very disturbing posts, comments, tweets and sentiments over the last two days. To say I am disappointed in what I am seeing and hearing is an understatement.

Within two days, both Chris Christie and Sarah Palin have made it official that neither will be running in 2012. No ifs, ands or buts – they are not going to run.

They did NOT quit as they WILL be more involved than ever before! It’s being INVOLVED that counts!!

After each announcement, from their respective supporters, the fallout was immediate.

These two potential candidates were light years apart within the republican party, and it’s safe to say they didn’t share many supporters which makes the whole of the sum even more disturbing.

By and large, not in the entire, but in the majority, they, those supporters, say they’re finished. They’re done. No more GOP support. No more money. No more campaigning. They’re just not going to vote. Their chosen candidate is out and so are they.

With all due respect to those whom I believe are good conservatives at heart…You’re dead wrong and I say that from a standpoint of deep understanding.

I too had a chosen candidate, Allen West, who I still believe, as do those who supported either Palin or Christie, would be a GREAT President. Here is the difference. When I came to the realization that MY desire to see MY candidate run wasn’t in the cards, I refused to turn my back on the process or on the job at hand. I turned my attention to a broader goal. I still support my candidate and will because I believe in the overall good.

More so, I believe, with every fiber, that we, as conservatives, MUST remain a vital part of this process.

To that end, I began this blog site, The National Patriot and with it, I, and the entire TNP team, will continue the fight. We will inform, educate, and hold to the principles of conservatism. We will support the cause AND the eventual GOP nominee.

Our mission, as conservatives, is clear.

WE must take the Senate.

WE must retain the House.

WE must regain the White House, REGARDLESS of the nominee.

WE must also work locally, within our communities and our states, to discover, support and elect those who exhibit true conservatism.

IF and ONLY if we, as conservatives, work TOGETHER and STAY involved can we make the changes to our country, states, cities, towns and society which MUST be made to save this great nation.

Giving up, quitting, bowing out of the process, losing interest…THOSE are the exact…THE EXACT things liberals are hoping for! If we, ANY of us follow THAT path, THEY, the liberals, win and WE LOSE OUR NATION FOREVER!!!

I may have to hold my nose at the polls in 2012, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do. I will NOT walk away and let THEM win.


I will wait, I will listen, I will vet, I will learn. I will hear what MY candidate says when HE endorses someone. Allen West may not endorse the same person Sarah Palin or Chris Christie does, but I will weigh them ALL and make MY choice.

Will YOU?

Will YOU stay in this process?

Will YOU stay IN the fight?

Will YOU be a part of finding the solutions we so need right now?

Would Christie give up? Would he just stop trying?

Would Sarah Palin walk away from the fight? Would SHE stop voting?

I know this for a fact…Allen West would NEVER quit, NEVER walk away from the fight and NEVER say he wasn’t  going to vote.

Those who now claim it’s over, just because their chosen candidate isn’t in the hunt, may have never been in it at all.

When individual disappointment fades, and it will, the collective desire to make our country better will take over. If this site, this post, our team at The National Patriot or I can make a difference or say anything of importance to conservatives let it be this…

Adhere not so much to the individual but to the nation.

One thought on “Quitters Never Win…Winners Will Stay Involved

  1. Who exactly is “Them”? You speak as though Liberals and Progressives aren’t Americans. We all want the same thing in the end, we just prefer our leaders to be the best educated and brightest of the available field of candidates. Liberals and Progressives don’t want a welfare state, we want a strong middle class because that is what makes an economy of this size and complexity operate at its peak performance level.

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