A Progressive March to the Brink of Self Destruction

The election of 2012 will be the – THE – most important election in our 235-year history. We’ve heard this said and while many agree, I believe it needs context. To say an election is THE most important, one really needs to know which previous election set the standard.

To do that, I believe we must go back and have a look at the election of 1860.

It was the 1860 election which gave us President Lincoln – but it was what led to that momentous moment which makes the 1860 election so important and to this day, the most…MOST important we have ever seen.

We all know that slavery was the…THE issue in that election but few people know why. Of course there are the known factors in that slavery was wrong, the south wanted it, the north did not and the divide would lead to civil war – but what was it which lit the fuse?

To be frank, it was the Kansas–Nebraska Act.

In 1854, that Act, which replaced the Missouri Compromise, was written by and pushed to passage by Lincoln’s future opponent Stephen Douglas.

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A Patriot, AZ Sheriff and Maybe a Force in the House

Look out D.C. because you just might find a new Sheriff in town!!!

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is strongly considering a run for the House in 2012 and The National Patriot could not possibly be happier to hear it!

In Pinal County, AZ, Sheriff Paul has formed an exploratory committee looking into this possibility – and as we all know, one does not form such a committee without a serious reason.

Sheriff Paul has become nationally known – but unlike Sheriff Joe, also from Arizona – Sheriff Paul does not seem to seek publicity for his own reelections but because of a deep seeded drive for the safety of those he has sworn to protect. While both are fine law enforcement individuals, they do have a decidedly different style.

Sheriff Babeu has brought more attention to the legal aspects, the safety aspects and the dire consequences of illegal immigration than any other single law enforcement officer in the country. The lack of federal control over the border, the flood of drugs, the rise in violence and the staggering financial burden of illegal immigration do not happen in Sheriff Paul’s BACKyard…they happen every day in his FRONT yard.

This Patriot Sheriff has been for years trying to wake up national law makers and make his county, his state and the nation more safe but has been met by frustration over and over again. First, that frustration came from his own Governor and now, that FORMER Governor is heading up Homeland Security; and in that position, Napolitano has consistently claimed the border is safer now than ever before.

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Obama, the Emperor, Has No Clothes

None of this should come as any surprise. None of it. The National Patriot has all but predicted it, and now it’s coming to pass.

The Obama doctrine is coming home to roost in the most dangerous part of the world and the result will be an even more dangerous world.

Last week, I posed the question, “What’s next for Libya?”

In that article, I pointed out how the vacuum had been created with the ouster of Gaddafi and how the Muslim Brotherhood was standing in the wings.

Yesterday, as the Libyan National Transitional Council declared liberation following the killing of Gadaffi, they went exactly where I knew they would go.

That council has made it crystal clear that Sharia Law will be the basis of their new government which ensures that their people, the Libyans who fought for their freedom from a brutal dictator of 42 years, will now see it replaced by an even more brutal regime.

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Is Herman Cain Striking Out?

Over the last several weeks, conservatives have been raising Cain. Herman Cain’s rise in the polls has been steep and sudden. It wasn’t that long ago that most conservatives were only vaguely aware of Cain and knew him best as the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza.

That started to change when Cain announced, several months ago, that he was a Presidential candidate for 2012. After a couple of debates, Cain started to gain some traction but it wasn’t until he started talking about his 9-9-9 tax plan that his numbers really started taking off.

Now, as more people start analyzing the 9-9-9 plan, it has started to look a little tarnished. For some, though Cain denies it, it seems to raise their taxes. It’s simple and that’s what caught attention but, when it’s put to specific questions, it may well be too simple and in some ways, unworkable.

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Libya Celebrates…Has No Idea What’s Coming

It’s a question we seem to be asking more and more often. What’s next? This time we ask it of Libya. What’s next for Libya? With Kaddafi dead, one of his sons dead as well and another son’s whereabouts unknown…What’s next?

After 42 years of brutal rule, Kaddafi met a brutal end last week at the hands of Libyan Rebels in his hometown of Sirte.

Kadaffi, from what we know, was making a run for it in a convoy of some 75 vehicles when on the outskirts of town, a French Fighter jet and an American drone opened fire. Neither the French nor we knew Kadaffi was in that convoy and while many vehicles and those inside them were destroyed, Kaddafi’s vehicle was not.

With rebels in hot pursuit, Kaddafi bailed out and ran on foot diving in to a culvert, a sewer pipe with a loyalist. That’s where the rebels found him. From reports, the loyalist was yelling, apparently thinking those who were approaching were fellow loyalists, “The Master is here!” That is apparently when a rebel fighter fired into the pipe wounding Kaddafi then dragged him out while Kaddafi, who have vowed to fight to the last drop of blood started begging not to be killed.

That rebel fighter, wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap, disarmed the dictator of his golden gun and what happened over the next several minutes is somewhat unclear. There was shouting, chanting, gunfire, and Kaddafi, still alive for the moment, was paraded, pushed, shoved, beaten with shoes, hair pulled and roughed up from one vehicle to another, his shirt soaked in blood. Moments later, Kaddafi was dead of a gunshot to the head.

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Are any of you familiar with the movie “Fallen?” The film begins with a cop, played by Denzel Washington, paying visit to a serial killer prior to his–the killer’s–execution. During the scene, the killer takes Denzel by the hand and sings “Time Is On My Side.” Moments later, the killer is executed and the plot thickens. Although his body is toast, the spirit remains floating from one body to the next, first to a person working at the prison, then on to a construction worker, and so on and so forth. Unsuspecting citizens play host to an infiltrating demon spirit’s agenda, recommencing with more killings at the behest of the soul which has taken them over.

At first, Denzel suspects there are copycat killings taking place; however, as these killings are being committed by one-time, normal, everyday productive members of society, he realizes that something else is going on. He realizes that these people were not acting on their own accord; rather, they served as puppets for a homicidal and incorporeal puppeteer…who would move on to the next body by a touch of the hand, a bump, a graze, a brush-by; a brief instant of contact allows for the spirit to switch bodies…and walk away from the scene undetected. This brings Denzel into the occult world, as he looks for alternate ways to put an end to this, but the situation seems hopeless, even when the killer sits at his desk and taunts him. Take a look at this scene, and you’ll understand what I mean…


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Bachmann’s Campaign Falling Apart?

Well, it seems Michele Bachmann’s quest and campaign are nearly finished. Reports are filtering in that her entire paid staff in New Hampshire, the location of the 1st in the Nation Primary, has quit.

It seems to be true that all 6 of the staff she has had in New Hampshire have walked out the door. Bachmann has been laser focused on Iowa and that may well be the reason.

According to New Hampshire State Legislator, Fran Wendelboe, “It certainly underscores the impression that New Hampshire isn’t a priority for her. She’s totally written us off.”

Early reports claim the staff was citing a lack of focus on New Hampshire as their reason for locking the door behind them.

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Gaddafi’s Final Moments – GRAPHIC

About 9 hours ago, Gaddafi met his end at the hands of Libyan rebels in Sirte. While there is some question as to exactly how it all went down, one thing is clear…His own final demise was brutal.

Earlier today, TNP published the first images available and now, we have been able to garner further images.


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The Case For Newt Gingrich

Taking this country back, saving this country, turning it around and restoring its place in the world cannot be done through legislation alone. It cannot rely solely on the repeal of unwanted prior legislation nor can it be accomplished only by the excising of useless government waste.

Yes, these things are necessary but if that is to be the end game, we shall remain lost.

As a nation we need something more.

We need a leader which is something we frankly are missing right now. We need a leader with experience but that experience can’t be found only in a board room or, for that matter, only in elected office. The leadership we need to correct the course is a combination of those things but to stop there would leave us short of the goal.

This nation, to right the ship, correct the wrongs and climb back into prosperity must find a leader with the X factor.

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No matter how you spell it Kaddafi…Qaddafi…Gaddafi…is reportedly D-E-A-D this morning.

According to reports from Reuters, the former Libyan thug, the Madman of the Middle East, who have vowed to go down fighting has fulfilled that promise.

The reports claim Gaddafi was trapped near his hometown of Sirte, shot in the legs, both of them, captured and died of his wounds at the hands of Libyan rebels.

The former dictator, the longest ruling ever in Africa, has been on the run for months and now, though unconfirmed by U.S. officials, has met his end. A State Department official has confirmed to Fox News that Gadaffi had indeed been captured but gave no more details than that.

Apparently, according to some reports, he was found hiding in a bunker near Sirte when rebels discovered him.

Who exactly the rebels are and what will happen next, if indeed these reports are true, remains a question.

Hillary Clinton had just paid a visit to Libya and their transitional government committee but the door is now wide open. We know many, thousands if not tens of thousands of weapons have gone missing in Libya over the last few months and those weapons include shoulder fired surface to air missiles and the Muslim Brotherhood IS in the area.

Liberal pundits are already, just minutes after this announcement, giving credit to the Obama policy of leading from behind in this…”Kinetic Action” as they try to make the case, now based on the actions of unknown rebels, that Obama’s policy has been vindicated.

Now, both Reuters and Libyan TV are reporting Gaddafi has been killed.

From DEBKAFile:

As long as Qaddafi was at liberty, the interim government was prevented from establishing its legitimacy and a stable administration. His capture completes the rebel victory. The interim regime must decide whether to try the deposed ruler before a local court or hand him over to the international court.

For the rebel forces, Qaddafi’s capture or death would be a major psychological and political triumph. However, Libya remains bitterly polarized between pro- and anti-Qaddafi factions with scores of rival militias and hundreds of tribes at each other’s throats. Qaddafi’s demise rather than promoting unity and ending the conflict could trigger wider civil bloodshed. 

To read the full report from Reuters, please click here.

More reports, though unconfirmed, are now stating Gaddafi had either been shot in the head or possibly killed in a NATO strike but more sources are now stating that Gaddafi, one way or another, is indeed dead!