Islamic Law in American Courts a Dangerous Precedent

It was almost exactly 1 year ago when, in Oklahoma, an amendment to that state’s constitution, voted FOR by the people OF Oklahoma was barred by a judge. That amendment would have made it illegal, in Oklahoma courts, to employ Sharia or Islamic law.

Opponents argued that the measure was unnecessary because state judges have no reason to rely on Islamic law.


Tampa…We have a problem.

Yesterday, in Tampa Florida, an appeals court has rejected a request to BLOCK a judge from using…ISLAMIC LAW…Thus ALLOWING ISLAMIC LAW to decide a case.

Oh, it’s weird…. In this case, it was a Mosque which did NOT want Islamic law used and that Mosque filed a motion to stop Hillsborough Circuit Judge Richard Nielsen’s ruling in March that he intended to cite “ecclesiastical Islamic law” in the case.

This Judge…Nielsen…said back in March that based on testimony “under ecclesiastical law” and pursuant to the…Koran… “Islamic brothers should attempt to resolve a dispute among themselves.”

The merits of this particular case are not far reaching in that a handful of trustees of the Mosque were dismissed and sued over it and had, apparently agreed that an Imam would handle any arbitration should the need ever arise. It did and the Judge, Nielsen, sited that since that agreement had been made, his court would abide by it.

In arbitration, the former Trustees won giving them control of 2.2 million bucks in Mosque funds, should that be upheld.

Okay…here’s where things get sticky.

Mosque officials now claim the arbitration never occurred and that Judge Nielsen never issued a written opinion and further that the court never addressed the merits of the case.

Chances are, the 2.2 million dollars could be in limbo for a while but that’s not the real problem.

The REAL problem is that a Judge allowed Islamic law to take precedent over American law and an appeals court upheld that decision.

Give them an inch and what will they take?

Now, a precedent can be sited in future cases and the implications are…frightening.

Let’s say, in Florida (for now) a father who subscribes to the ideology of Islam, finds that his daughter has committed the capital crime of listening to Katie Perry on her iPod while sitting on a bench at the mall with a boy.

According to Islamic…Sharia law, an “honor” killing is in order because the man’s daughter is acting too…westernized.

The man COULD kill his daughter, claim protection under Islamic law, cite the case of the Florida Judge allowing Islamic law to take precedence over American law and…what happens???

Hypothetical? A silly argument with no real basis? That’s what liberals will say about what I have just written but let me remind them what THEY said a year ago in Oklahoma.

“Opponents argued that the measure was unnecessary because state judges have no reason to rely on Islamic law.”

Apparently, there IS a state Judge in Florida who feels differently about it and thus, MY argument suddenly doesn’t seem so far-fetched or hypothetical does it?

Reintroduction of Sharia law is a longstanding goal for Islamist movements in Muslim countries and we have just seen another example of that in Libya this week. The introduction of it in OUR country is also a goal of Islamists such as CAIR which claimed the blocking of the Oklahoma amendment as a victory.

In Dearborn, Michigan, Christians have been arrested and or detained based on Sharia law. In New Jersey, a trial court found that a Muslim man did indeed rape his wife, repeatedly, but declined to issue a restraining order because, based on Islamic law, the man had done nothing wrong…A decision which was later overturned but that Judge DID bow to Islamic law.

In Oklahoma, we have the decision to block the amendment to ban Sharia law and now, in Tampa Florida, we find yet ANOTHER Judge willing to elevate Islamic law over American law.

Isolated cases? Cherry picking? Again, this is what will be claimed by liberals who don’t see any problem with “inclusiveness” or activist Judges but again, reality tells a different story.

According to the Center for Security Policy, there are at least 50 cases in 23 states where Sharia law has come to the forefront in direct conflict with the Constitution and American law.

In Peoria Arizona, back in 2009, a Muslim man, upset that his daughter had become westernized and had moved out of his home discovered the 20 year old daughter and her boyfriend’s mother in the parking lot of a local mall.

Faleh Hassan Almaleki, the father, ran them down with his car. The boyfriend’s mother recovered from her injuries, the man’s daughter did not.

Almaleki, in court, said it was a tragic accident but was it? In fact, it was an honor killing. Not only did he run them down, he drove away leaving his daughter for dead. Almaleki was eventually arrested at the airport…in Atlanta.

According to the dead girl’s own brother, Noor and her father had been at odds for years and said that she had disrespected her father and family. The brother went on to state, “Different cultures, different values. One thing to one culture does not make sense to another culture.”

The Judge in Arizona had no part in bowing to the Iraqi culture or to any form of Islamic law and the man was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and then sentenced to more than 34 years in prison.

Yesterday, in my article, “A Progressive March to the Brink of Self Destruction “ I stated, “Our next President must work to instill pride in OUR culture rather than try to instill the culture of others into our society.”

The invasiveness of Islamic law into OUR courts is one of the things I eluded to in that sentence. It must stop. It MUST not be allowed. We have our own laws AND our own culture and those who wish to live here MUST abide by OUR laws and respect OUR culture. If they choose differently then let them also choose a different country in which to live.

Judges who, for any reason, allow Islamic law to invade OUR courts, are frankly unfit for the bench.