Holder, At the Bottom of a Deep Hole, Keeps Digging

In May of this year, Eric Holder testified before a Congressional committee that he first heard about operation Fast and Furious just a few weeks previous to his testimony. At first he said he wasn’t sure when he heard about it then, upon being pressed told the committee it was just a few weeks ago.

Eric Holder lied.

Documents and emails now show that Holder was aware of the operation which allowed weapons from the U.S. to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels 10 months before his testimony.

Holder’s exact quote, when pressed was that he had “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

In fact, a memo from the Director of the National Drug Intelligence Center, Michael Walther, informed Holder that straw buyers in Operation Fast and Furious “are responsible for the purchase of 1,500 firearms that were then supplied to the Mexican drug trafficking cartels.”

Wow. That seems pretty clear doesn’t it? That memo was dated in July 2010…That’s 10 months before Holder said that he, “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

Lanny Breuer’s name comes up more than once in memos as well. Breuer is the Chief of the Criminal Division of the DOJ and in mid October 2010, Breuer sent a memo to Holder informing him that prosecutors were about to file indictments in the Fast and Furious case.

October 18th, the date of that memo was 7 months before Holder’s testimony that he, “probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.”

This is interesting…By the time of the October 18th memo from Breuer to Holder, the cover spin was already taking place.

One day ahead of the Breuer to Holder Memo, on October 17th, Jason Weinstein, Deputy Attorney General, fired off a memo to another attorney in the Criminal Division where Breuer worked asking about the possibility of having Breuer hold a press conference as soon as Operation Fast and Furious became public. Weinstein, in that memo stated that, “It’s a tricky case, given the number of guns that have walked.”

So, Holder knew, the Criminal Division of the DOJ knew, the Deputy Attorney General knew…Who else knew?

Fox News broke this memo story yesterday but seem reluctant to state what is clear.

Eric Holder lied under oath. Holder committed perjury.

Fox got this statement from the DOJ.

“Holder’s response referred to when he first learned of the “troubling tactics” of the program, not the name of it.”


If we are now, to believe the DOJ, and Holder himself, we must believe that while he knew the NAME of the program, Fast and Furious, he had no idea of what it was or how it operated. We are being asked to believe that this was going on for up to 9 months before Eric Holder had any idea of the “troubling tactics” being employed.

Somehow, the DOJ is trying to tell us that incompetence excuses Eric Holder and that he simply just didn’t understand the question as it was posed back in May by the Judicial Committee.

The question from Congressman Issa seems pretty clear and you can watch that part of the Judiciary Committee hearing and further comments by Congressman Issa by clicking here.

Holder didn’t understand the question?

Holder thought he was only being asked when he first heard about the tactics employed?


The statement given to Fox News by the DOJ goes a step farther saying, “that the “gun walking” referred to in the October 2010 email exchange is about another case initiated before Operation Fast and Furious.”

So…Fast and Furious was not the first time weapons were allowed to “walk” across the border and into the hands of Mexican drug cartels?

Standard procedure would be to allow the bad guys to purchase the weapons then, arrest them on the spot, NOT allowing those guns to “walk” out of the country. Fast and Furious, and maybe another operation, DID allow those weapons to “walk” while ATF and DOJ officials stood there doing nothing.

Those guns, bought with taxpayer dollars were then sold to gun runners and allowed to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and we now know some of them have been used in murders on BOTH sides of the border including the murders of U.S. Border Agents.

We are being asked to believe the Attorney General of the United States simply didn’t know about this until he read about it in the news just a few weeks before being asked, under oath, by the Judiciary Committee about it?

IF we are to believe that, we must ALSO believe that upon FINALLY hearing of it, over those “few weeks” before providing his testimony, the Attorney General, Eric Holder, didn’t bother to ask anyone for details…KNOWING he was going to subpoenaed?


So, when did Eric Holder REALLY know of this program? Who else knew of this program? Well, knowing what WE know now, one has to wonder just how deep this goes and the answer to THAT question might be found in a different video, from March 24th, 2009,  you can see by clicking here.

It’s impossible to believe, that Holder was out of the loop after seeing THAT video and even if, in that video, the program being described is a different “gun walking” operation, how could Holder NOT be aware that any of this was happening?

The Fast and Furious case is not the only problem Holder and Obama face together either. Remember the voter intimidation case which Holder refused to prosecute involving the New Black Panther party in Philly?

Big Government and Andrew Breitbart over the weekend uncovered a good possible explanation

for THAT.

Breitbart discovered photos of Obama, during the presidential campaign, speaking at a New Black Panther party event with the very head of that group who organized the intimidation in Philly.

Obama finds himself in a rather tight spot here. If he fires Holder he looks as though he’s covering for himself and Holder could implicate him in both these cases. If he accepts Holder’s resignation, it would seem likely that Holder wouldn’t be held accountable for perjury in which case Holder most likely wouldn’t implicate Obama in either case which looks bad but not quite as bad.

It’s very unlikely Obama will be scathed by Fast and Furious even if he should be unless he can be directly tied to the cover up in the deaths of the border agents or other Americans because of these weapons placed into the hands of the Mexican cartels.

It’s much MORE likely that Holder will resign and other heads will roll in the DOJ, the ATF and DHS.

While it’s tempting to conclude that Obama is as deep into the Fast and Furious disaster as is Holder, so far, the evidence isn’t there…So far…Solyndra on the other hand, has Obama’s fingerprints all over it.

What world are we living in when an administration can allow guns to be sold to Mexican Drug Cartels and used to kill Americans and it doesn’t affect the oval office but misappropriation of tax payers money on a venture capital investment can?

Fast and Furious won’t bring Obama down but Fast and Loose just might.


Article by Big Government regarding Obama and New Black Panthers can be read by clicking here.

Fox News Article regarding Holder can be read by clicking here.

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  1. Why on earth isn’t Michael Walther subpoenaed in front of the Congressional committee?? He is NOT some sort of low level flunky……I would start with him, first.
    Perhaps he has been, but I’m sure the public would be VERY interested in what he has to say or whether he has pleaded the 5th.
    Just curious.
    Sometimes I wonder about Issa’s and Grassely’s investigative style. They should start at mid-level and work their way up. Never start at the top…..They’ll deny everthing and always do!!
    The NDIC, of which Walther is the head, was recently voted by Congress to be closed….Thank Heavens! However, that raises more questions than answers since the Democrats from PA all voted for the closure……Very odd.

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