Gaddafi’s Final Moments – GRAPHIC

About 9 hours ago, Gaddafi met his end at the hands of Libyan rebels in Sirte. While there is some question as to exactly how it all went down, one thing is clear…His own final demise was brutal.

Earlier today, TNP published the first images available and now, we have been able to garner further images.


These images were captured from a short video airing on al Jezeera this afternoon and that video, courtesy of Breitbart TV is linked below the still images.

1) This image shows Gaddafi, as he was marched to the front of a pickup truck as a reber holds a handgun near the Libyan madman’s face.







2) Gaddafi is then yanked to his feet and marched down the road.








3) Amid cries of Allah Akbar and the sounds of triumphant gunfire, a confused and bloodied Gaddafi is pulled and pushed through the street toward another vehicle.







4) Gaddafi hold out his right hand and, reportedly asked not to be killed as he is leaned up against a truck on the street in Sirte.




5) Gaddafi is once again pulled toward yet another vehicle as the gathered crowd continues to chant, cheer, and fire their weapons.





6) In this finale image captured from the video, a rebel reaches in and grabs Gaddafi by the hair before the crowd shoves him into the back of an open pickup.


What happened next remains unclear but apparently, moments later, the Libyan madman, the dictator who ordered the PanAm Lockerbie bombing abd other acts of terrorism, the tyrant who held a 42 year brutal rule over his own people, was dead, reportedly from a bullet to the right side of his head, just behind or near his right ear.


According to reports, other Gaddafi loyalists and officials, including at least one of his sons, were also killed in Sirte this morning. As this unfolds, it is now night in Libya and the celebrations continue with some wishing Gaddafi had been captured and held for trial but most seem happy he’s gone.

Video from Breitbart TV.

Gaddafi’s body dumped on street.