Fast & Felonious…The Slippery Slope of “Tolerance” and Apathy

The “Fast and Felonious” gun walking scandal is growing deeper by the day. Eric Holder is in trouble. Lots of trouble – and the GOP sent a letter to Obama demanding a Special Counsel to look into the matter.

It’s not going to end there. It’s not going to end with Holder and the DOJ-  and for that matter, I don’t think it going to end with just the “Fast and Felonious” scandal either.

This was a multi level, multi departmental death trap. Right now, it’s the DOJ in the hot seat but, as we all know, the ATF was in on it and so was the DHS and, I suspect, it goes farther still. ICE probably wasn’t untouched by it either.

Ask yourself this question.

How could an operation involving the ATF, the DOJ and the Department of Homeland Security escape the notice, or…The INVOLVEMENT by way of signing off on it, of the President? HOW?

The obvious answer is that there is no way Obama didn’t know. He had to know.

CNSNews has been trying to get the answer to that question and Obama’s mouthpiece, Jay Carney, is stonewalling.

If Holder set this up, without Obama’s knowledge, and as we now know, lost the weapons in an operation which led to the murder of Border agent Brian Terry, would Holder have a job today? No. Obama would have fired Holder as soon as this story broke.

Congressman Smith sent a letter to Obama a couple days ago, demanding a Special Counsel to investigate Holder after it has come to light, in the last week, that Holder lied under oath to the Judiciary Committee.

Here is the problem.

Normally, it would be Holder who would appoint the Special Counsel; but it’s Holder who is under investigation and would be the focus of that special council, so the demand is now sent to Obama, Holder’s boss.

How are We the People going to get to the bottom of this, to get real and accurate answers and to hold accountable all who took part in the setting up of, carrying out of and the cover up of this ill conceived and deadly operation, if the chief fox is to designate a legal fox to investigate a department head fox for a hen house massacre in which the chief fox is also culpable?

I’ll get back to the above before I’m done here.

What are the alternatives?

To whom, exactly, does the Special Counsel report?

Can we assure that this investigation be carried out publicly?

These are just some of the questions I asked Congressman Issa in an email yesterday afternoon. Congressman Issa has been all over this “Fast and Felonious” case in the Judiciary Committee and I WILL report his answers here in The National Patriot.

Not only do we need the answers to the questions I posed to Congressman Issa, but we need to know what measures will be put in place to prevent such abomination of an operation to be undertaken in the future.

ANY rational person, with an ounce of foresight should have realized that using taxpayer’s money to purchase weapons which would then be sold to a straw buyer, most likely in this country illegally, and then allowed to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels who have, for years, been murdering elected officials, police chiefs, raining death upon entire law enforcement departments in Mexico and the murdering of civilians on BOTH sides of the border, was going to turn out badly.

We must also challenge the way Special Counsels are appointed so as to provide a fair and open investigation regardless of circumstances in the future.

In this morning’s news conference, with this case being top and center in news reports, only one question was posed regarding it and that question was combined with the Solyndra scandal. Obama was asked if he was given pause regarding decisions made by his Attorney General and the fact that Holder has stated he didn’t know of “Fast and Furious.”

Obama’s response was classic.

“I’ve been very clear, I have complete confidence in the Attorney General.”

Obama went just far enough farther to raise MY eyebrows.

As to Holder’s awareness of the “Fast and Furious” issue, Obama very quickly, and nearly as an aside stated, “I was not.”

We shall see won’t we. Keep in mind that Holder stated HE wasn’t aware until just a few weeks ago back in early May during HIS testimony to the House Judiciary Committee – but NOW…Documents, emails and memos are proving a very different reality!

Okay, back to the fox and hen house thing.

Imagine, if you will, someone being accused of a gross wrong doing, being allowed to select the investigator to look into their deeds. How deep do you believe that investigation would go? How accurate do you believe the information provided would be? How do you believe that investigation would turn out? Would those being investigated be found to have done anything wrong regardless of the evidence against them?

That is exactly the situation here with this whole “Fast and Felonious” case.

Remember, back in the early ’70s when a simple break in to a hotel room and the planting of listening devices along with the subsequent cover up of it led to the resignation of Nixon before his impeachment and dismissal from the Presidency?

Have we, as a nation, slipped so far down the slippery slope of “tolerance” and apathy that we would now allow those in power to use taxpayer money to purchase weapons, sell them to illegal buyers to be resold to Mexican drug cartels and then used to murder one of our own border agents, attempt to cover it up, have the lead law enforcement officer in the United States lie under oath to a House Judiciary Committee and have so many high level departments involved that the President could not, with any sense of rationalization, been unaware of it and suffer the ramifications of accountability?

This investigation of “Fast and Felonious” must be handled in a fast and furious manner; and those responsible, regardless of how high up the ladder they are, MUST be held responsible and accountable to the only TRUE power named in our founding document.

We The People.


To read the CNSNews article, please click here.

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  1. Excellent synopsis of the situation. You have it dead to rights when you point out that the DOJ, ATF and Homeland Security were all involved. I had not put that together. I wonder how long before Janet and others are called in. On a side note it appears that CBS is gagging it’s reporter; I wonder how that will play out,

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