A Patriot, AZ Sheriff and Maybe a Force in the House

Look out D.C. because you just might find a new Sheriff in town!!!

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is strongly considering a run for the House in 2012 and The National Patriot could not possibly be happier to hear it!

In Pinal County, AZ, Sheriff Paul has formed an exploratory committee looking into this possibility – and as we all know, one does not form such a committee without a serious reason.

Sheriff Paul has become nationally known – but unlike Sheriff Joe, also from Arizona – Sheriff Paul does not seem to seek publicity for his own reelections but because of a deep seeded drive for the safety of those he has sworn to protect. While both are fine law enforcement individuals, they do have a decidedly different style.

Sheriff Babeu has brought more attention to the legal aspects, the safety aspects and the dire consequences of illegal immigration than any other single law enforcement officer in the country. The lack of federal control over the border, the flood of drugs, the rise in violence and the staggering financial burden of illegal immigration do not happen in Sheriff Paul’s BACKyard…they happen every day in his FRONT yard.

This Patriot Sheriff has been for years trying to wake up national law makers and make his county, his state and the nation more safe but has been met by frustration over and over again. First, that frustration came from his own Governor and now, that FORMER Governor is heading up Homeland Security; and in that position, Napolitano has consistently claimed the border is safer now than ever before.

Sheriff Paul lives ON that border and he sees a very different reality than the delusional Secretary of Homeland Security.

A couple of weeks ago, Sheriff Paul headed up a group of 10 Arizona Sheriffs, 5 each democrats and republicans, who called Fast and Furious, the ATF/DOJ gun-walking operation, “a betrayal of state law enforcement” and held Attorney General Eric Holder to account for it!

Earlier this year, in January, several Arizona border town mayors took Sheriff Paul to task. San Luis Mayor Juan Carlos Escamilla , Nogales Mayor Arturo Garino and Douglas Mayor Michael Gomez sent a letter to Babeu criticizing his stance on illegal immigration violence.

Sheriff Paul stood firm.

For those who might think Sheriff Babeu is a one trick pony and illegal immigration is his only concern, think again.

The following is from his website just released this morning:

I believe the real deficit in Washington is one of leadership. Nearly three years after the 800 billion dollar stimulus disaster, one in ten Americans is unemployed. In some of our communities, that number is more than double. Meanwhile we have a 14 trillion dollar national debt, with budgets in the red as far as the eye can see.”

With Arizona Senator Jon Kyle retiring, and Congressman Jeff Flake running for that seat, Sheriff Paul would be seeking Flake’s seat in the house.

The National Patriot stands WITH Sheriff Paul Babeu and hopes to make contact soon to interview him regarding his positions on a range of issues.

Meanwhile, we encourage those who wish to send a new Sheriff to Washington to use the comment box below to ask this Patriot to RUN!

Sheriff Paul Babeu

8 thoughts on “A Patriot, AZ Sheriff and Maybe a Force in the House

  1. Dear Sheriff Babeu,

    I can understand that this will be very difficult for you and your family since the socialist in our government will do anything to destroy good conservatîve people. We the people would love to have you run for this office. We need people like you to get our country back. Understanding how difficult this will be, we ask that you consider.

    Thanks and God Bless

  2. Run Sheriff..Runnnn. Please lets get someone in Washington that has some sense. We have to start now sending some of the BAT BRAINS in Washington home.

    Thanks for all you do in our behalf. My prayers are with you!

  3. Dear Sheriff Babeu,

    PLEASE DO RUN!!!!!! OMG…that would be AWESOME!!!! WE NEED MORE like YOU!!!

    Good Luck and I would move just to vote for you!!

  4. Sheriff Babeu: Please move to California!!!!! Oh well, I tried. You have done an excellent job in your state, and need to take your message to Congress. Your message will resonate because you have taken this problem on, hands-on. I will support your run for Sheriff of the House, errr, House Representative and will do all I can to help you. Good luck to you, sir.

  5. Sheriff Babeu~

    Met you at a Pacana Park Tea Party and was impressed with what I saw and heard. You are EXACTLY what this State, and others across the country, needs! And I congratulate you on the fantastic job you and your posse have been doing on ridding our towns of illegals, their illegal drugs and crimes! Shake it up in the House if you go and make them listen! Several of them have been sleeping far too long! Good luck! You have my vote!

  6. Dear Sheriff Paul Babeu,

    I think you have done a great job in Arizona. You would very effective in Congress. We need good people to be a part of our system. The best of luck to you if you decide to run.

  7. Dear Sheriff Paul Babeu,

    We need some strong patriots to fill the seats in our Senate. We have only a few whom I would say fit that bill. We are in great need of those who do not only talk the talk but who are willing to walk the walk and truly fight for our freedoms as outlined in our Constitution and who are willing to stand up against any and all enemies, foreign and domestic and to use the power and only the power given them by the Constitution and not allow anyone in office including the man in the oval office to deviate from it. If you are willing to do that and uphold the Constitution as it was written by our forefathers, then I salute you and I will pray that you will have success in your endeavors to run for a seat in our House.

  8. Dear Sheriff Paul Babeu,

    Thank you for your service to this country. I hope you will indeed run for office. We need patriots like you who are truly fighting for our freedom and safety as American Citizens. Please be safe and my prayers are with you.

    A concerned citizen in Ohio,
    Briana Sams

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