100 or So Muslim Students Need to Take a Hike


The Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights says yes…Really. They ARE indeed investigating a possible violation of human rights regarding Muslim students.


John Banzhaf, an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School says yes…Really…As he has filed an official complaint on behalf of those Muslim students.



Muslim students at Catholic University are suing claiming their human rights have been violated because when they pray they are surrounded by…gasp…images of Christ, priests, saints and other Catholic imagery.

Here’s a little something you need to realize about Catholic University…It’s a private University.

Here’s a little something that Muslim students need to realize about Catholic University…it’s name is Catholic University.

Here’s a little question to which I am certain many would like to hear the answer…Why would Muslim students want to attend…Catholic University?

Okay sure, Catholic University offers a top level education in many different theaters of study – but without slighting Catholic University in any way, so do many other schools.

Here’s another question to which I’ll bet I’m not the only one who would like to have answered…Did these Muslim students expect NOT to see Christian and or Catholic imagery all over the place on the campus of Catholic University?

According to their attorney, John Banzhaf…all they’re asking for is a room without a cross on the wall or any other image related to Christianity or Catholics within it for Muslim prayers to be used by the 100 or so Muslim students who attend Catholic University. Says Banzhal, “Of all the hundreds of available rooms, why can’t they remove the Christian and Catholic images from just one? It that too much to ask?”

In a word…Yes.

While I am not Catholic, I am, I believe, endowed with something which seems to have eluded the Washington D.C. Office of Human Rights, Attorney John Banzhaf and about 100 or so Muslim students…Common sense…And in that regard, I believe it is not only perfectly acceptable for an institution of higher learning, named Catholic University as a private entity, to have Catholic and Christian imagery on full display, but completely expected.

I’ll go a step farther and suggest, considering this outrageous affront from these Muslim students and their attorney, that every broom closet, every hall way, every nook and cranny at Catholic University be so adorned.

If Muslim students don’t like it, they are free to hold whatever events they want off campus.

In fact, they’re free to attend an entirely different University.

At first glance, this would seem to be nothing but utter foolishness and many might well simply dismiss it without a second thought. To do so would be wrong; and in many ways, a further eroding of our culture and our principles.

In bringing this action and investigation, attorney John Banzhaf and the Washington Office of Human Rights, regardless of the outcome, is lending credence to an ideology bent on destroying America and show just how political correctness is running amok in our society.

By complaining about the lack of a room without Catholic imagery in which to hold Muslim prayers at Catholic University, this group of Muslim students is showing their efforts at infiltrating our private institutions and attempting to force them to bow to their ideology.

The very fact that Catholic University would accept enrollment by students of other faiths or, in this case, ideology, says a great deal regarding their tolerance of others – but no private institution should be faced with legal action regarding their right to express themselves, their right to practice their religion or the way they decorate their halls.

This also goes a long ways toward showing the intolerance of those who subscribe to the Muslim ideology.

Any costs associated with this investigation or resulting from this litigation should be passed along to those 100 or so Muslim students and all Americans regardless of political affiliation of religion should stand solidly with Catholic University.

An example should be made of those who would bring such action against a private institution – and it should be a strong example at that lest those who subscribe to the Muslim ideology or others deem it appropriate in the future to attempt to tie up private institutions or private entities in such litigation or financial encumberment.

For those 100 or so Muslim students to even complain about not having a room at Catholic University clear of Catholic symbols or imagery in which to pray shows a disregard for principle. That this issue is under investigation and a law suit has been filed is immoral. Should it be found that Catholic University must bow to such ideology would be a violation of the Constitution.

Neither the Constitution nor the bill of rights establishes any right to political correctness and it’s high time we, as Americans, acknowledge that fact just as it is high time that those who attempt to utilize political correctness to erode our values and principles realize it.

You can’t fix stupid, but…Enough is enough.

9 thoughts on “100 or So Muslim Students Need to Take a Hike

  1. The complaint is surely absurd, even more so given that it has been filed without a real complainant. The accuracy of this article would be improved if it were made clear that no Muslim initiated a complaint with the University about the exercise of their religion on campus. According to CUA President John Garvey, “Mr. Banzhaf himself has not received any complaints from our Muslim students. Instead, according to today’s Washington Post, he based his complaint on an article that appeared in that newspaper in December 2010. Contrary to the impression Mr. Banzhaf would like to create, the December 2010 Post article spoke in overwhelmingly positive terms about the experience of Muslim students at Catholic University.” I’d like to know whether or not the Muslim student body at CUA supports or protests this filing. Either the suit involves real complainants with standing or there are none. And while a plaintiff may be sanctioned for filing a frivolous lawsuit, I am curious as to the professional ramifications of filing on behalf of non-complainants (presuming standing is an issue). Apparently reputation amongst peers holds no sway for this attorney known for expanding economic liability by demanding McDonald’s and family physicians be held accountable for obesity. Likelihood of success surely didn’t factor into his decision making. This professor is an energetic activist whose efforts to hold McDonald’s and family physicians liable for obesity serve only to expand economic liability for businesses, professionals, and universities. CUA is an unfortunate victim.

  2. Through the years that the Catholic University has been in existence, how many other Muslim students have gone through? This would be an interesting question, I believe, because it shows the AMERICAN Muslims vs the ones that are here because of the idea of tearing down our way of life.

    A good example of how you cannot budge one inch, because if you do they will take 10 miles, is the $900,000 bounty placed on Israeli soldiers to force the release of other terrorists held by Israel. And this is just because Israel released hundreds of them in exchange for one Israeli soldier.

    The University should not budge at all. It is, as Craig pointed out, PRIVATE, and therefore not subject to federal dollars and thus can make their own rules as long as they don’t violate the constitution or state law. Oh, and by admitting Muslims, they certainly believe in Equal Opportunity laws.

  3. let’s hope they sue & it goes to the supreme court… i wanna hear the SCOTUS’s take on this… let ’em go on record… and let them slap down the sharia pushers….

    IF the university backs down, it’ll set a precedence…. the infiltration is happening in every nook and cranny of our country…. it makes me sick!

  4. How many Christian Churches are there in Saudi Arabia? None. Is a non-Muslim allowed to set foot in the city of Mecca? No. Can someone convert from Islam to another religion? No, to do so is a crime for which the punishment is death. Freedom is a two way street. If you want to have freedom of religion you have to practice freedom of religion. Islam does not do that.

  5. They haven’t forgotten anything. They know that the US believes in freedom, and will go to long lengths (PC in the name of tolerance) to prove it. Unfortunately, the freedoms don’t seem to apply to Americans, only Muslims. Try this: Tell them that if we can visit or move to their country of origin and act the way they do here, maybe we can make a deal. Like that would ever happen.

  6. You are only doing this to stir up trouble and I hope the Catholic Church does not back down because if they do we are in for bigger trouble than this. If you don’t like it there go somewhere else. Like maybe a muzzie school

  7. They forget this is a free country. Free enough that they are allowed to go to a Catholic univeristy. They should respect our beliefs if we are supposed to respect theirs.

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