Racial Strategy of Liberals Based on Tired Old Dogs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…and again…and again. If you want to know what liberals are doing, just pay attention to what they accuse conservatives of doing. Oh, I have liberals, every day, tell me I wrong and, most of the time, they punctuate it with a few choice names – but much more often than not, liberals confirm it at every turn.

According to liberals, the Tea Party is a bunch of racists. We’ve heard it nearly from the genesis of the Tea Party movement. We’re racists. That’s what they tell us.

Oh really?

Well, meet the new face of the Tea Party…Mr. Herman Cain. Of course it’s possible for a black person to be a racist as racism isn’t in and of itself…racist. I mean by that that racism isn’t confined to the “white’s only” bench.

I have been listening to Mr. Cain for some time now and have yet heard him utter anything near a racist comment. For that matter, I have yet to notice any racism in his actions either.

But, if liberals are correct, and they always profess to be, then Herman Cain, because he is a Tea Partier, would most certainly be a racist.

Mr. Cain is in good company. Along with the multitudes of people of varying degrees of tan who uphold the Tea Party ideals across this great country, many have the privilege of being well known. There is Senator Rubio who is somewhat more tanned than your garden-variety member of the Aryian Brotherhood. Deneen Borelli, a nationally known speaker, columnist and Tea Party advocate would clearly stand out at a white sale. Congressman Allen West is a Tea Party guy whose skin color lacks the light reflectivity of the average eastern European.

How about Michelle Malkin? Kevin Jackson, president of the Black Conservative Coalition? Condi Rice?


In what MUST be the most racist move EVER, the Tea Party supporters elected Tim Scott as the first representative from South Carolina in over 100 years who needs nothing more than SPF 1 at the beach!

Okay, so clearly, no matter the skin color, the Tea Party is an open and welcoming movement. Black, Hispanic, Asian, White, whatever…it just doesn’t matter – but that’s not stopping liberals from throwing the racist label at the wall to see if it sticks.

Like I said, if you want to know what liberals are up to…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz recently went so far as to claim conservatives want to drag this country back to the days of Jim Crow. Oh really, Debbie? It was the southern democrats who, back in the day, insisted on those Jim Crow laws and the democrats who railed against Ike’s attempts to end segregation in the 1950’s and democrats who have, for decades since, advocated things like affirmative action which drew direct racial lines through society.

Do a little research and you’ll find that throughout our history, democrats, as a political party, have done much, much more to promote racist policies than any other party. It’s a fact that liberals just don’t want known.

Liberals have also tried, on many occasions, to label the Tea Party as an angry mob – but when challenged to bring forth evidence of that claim, they are unable to produce. Are there any videos, in a world where EVERYTHING gets on video, showing Tea Party riots? Tea Party beat downs? Tea Party’s advocating violence?

If you want to know what liberals are up to…

Ever see a video, in a world where EVERYTHING gets on video, of union thuggery? Ever see videos of liberals calling for violence? Ever see a video of democrats destroying property?

So, the question would be, why, when no evidence exists to back these claims, would liberals continue to make them? I’ll present you with 3 answers to that question.

1)     Fear.

Liberals are scared because they are starting to experience the erosion of their voting blocks. Traditionally, minorities have bought into the liberal talking points while ignoring their actions but now, with more and more notable minority individuals speaking out from the conservative pulpit, embracing the Tea Party values and being embraced by the Tea Party movement, liberals fear losing their minority voting blocks.


2)     Desperation.

Liberals are desperate because their candidate, the President, has employed a losing ideology. Liberals have for decade been promoting socialist ideologies and, in 2008, they went all in with Obama. Now, those very ideologies are proving to be losing ideologies and unable to campaign against the Tea Party with a winning record of achievements, in desperation, they can only attempt to vilify the Tea Party to have any chance of winning in 2012.


3)     Arrogance.

For years, maybe decades, liberals have, with a willing media, been able to foist misleading information upon the public and are still arrogant enough to believe this tactic will work. Liberal arrogance has allowed them to pander to voting blocks telling them one thing while their actions are in direct opposition. Now, riding the coattails of an arrogant President, they believe they are above reproach in their misdealing.


Hyphenated Americans have, for at least the last 60 years, voted overwhelmingly democrat and only one party has, for at least the last 60 years, built political capital on hyphenated Americans…Democrats. The majority of hyphenated Americans continue to fight against racial inequality. Only one party has continued to implement programs based on racial demographics…Democrats.

Hyphenated Americans…How’s that 60 year vote working out for ya?

Far too many hyphenated Americans will claim they wouldn’t have the Civil Rights act were it not for democrats but the truth is, they would have had it a decade sooner were it NOT for democrats. They point to Jim Crow laws and how wrong those were but the truth is, those laws would have been done away with many generations sooner were it NOT for democrats.

Playing the race card hasn’t been working lately for liberals. They’ve tried, retried and tried it again but it’s just not working. It’s been a time worn strategy but it’s now worn out. Label the Tea Party as racists because racists are a vile bunch. Nobody likes racists except other racists. Nobody wants to be associated with racists either and those who are labeled as such will certainly distance themselves from any organization or movement labeled as racists. This is the liberal strategy.

Label the Tea Party as an angry mob. Angry mobs are a vile bunch. Nobody likes an angry mob except people who are in an angry mob. Nobody wants to be associated with angry mobs and those who are labeled as such will certainly distance themselves from any organization or movement labeled as an angry mob. This is the liberal strategy.

If you want to know what liberals are up to just pay attention to what they accuse conservatives of doing.

Here’s a hint.

Those weren’t conservative Tea Party Members out front of  Philadelphia polling places…were they? It hasn’t been a Conservative Tea Party administration’s DOJ that won’t prosecute them for voter intimidation…has it?

Those weren’t Tea Party people who did 8 million dollars in damage to the Wisconsin capitol…were they?

Those weren’t Tea Party people who stormed the docks in Washington…were they?

Those weren’t Tea Party folks who said they needed to get a little bloody or called for taking those sons of bitches out…were they?

Of course they can’t get away with calling conservatives who happen to be black racists – but liberals, especially DOC’s (Democrats Of Color) will outwardly call black republicans Oreos, Uncle Toms, and sell outs but…We’re the racists huh?

Janeane Garofalo went on TV recently and claimed that Herman Cain was getting paid to run because he was black and said he has Stockholm Syndrome. This would indicate that he has been held captive so long that he now empathizes  with his captors. Huh? The part about being paid would indicate that he’s nothing but a front so that republicans can pander to the black voters. This of course would also indicate that Herman Cain, because of his skin tone, doesn’t have the wherewithal to run for office of his own volition – but again, we’re the racists.

If you want to know what liberals are up to, just pay attention to what they accuse conservatives of doing.

Liberals can just keep on trotting out their Andre Carsons, Maxine Waters and Morgan Freemans all they want spouting their lynch mob, go straight to hell, racism talking points, but those tired old dogs ain’t huntin’ and neither are their socialist, big government, tax and spend, class warfare ideologies.

Just a day or so ago, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee  admonished conservatives to “Shut up and stop playing racial politics” and continued barley without taking a breathe and said she wants “The buy America to be real. I want the Buy America to be Buy Small Businesses, buy African American businesses, latino and asian but in particular African American businesses.” Here’s a link to the video.

And it’s the Tea Party that’s racist huh?

Color doesn’t matter to the Tea Party but cards do. We’re cutting up the credit cards and guess what…we don’t accept the race card either.

One thought on “Racial Strategy of Liberals Based on Tired Old Dogs

  1. True, true and true again. What the Herman Cains and Allen Wests of this nation have realized is this: Democrats, Liberals go on the assumption blacks are not capable of making it on their own merits. What’s more, they DON’T WANT black America to be successful because they would no longer need the Dems of Libs to be in office, doling out the goodies.
    What Conservative Black America knows is this: keeping their people addicted to public assistance is just modern day slavery. The look of the plantation has changed, but it’s the old plantation none the less. The more black America is successful, the less they need to vote the same old story into office. It’s one of the two reasons one of Obama’s first initiatives upon taking office was trying to do away with charter schools in Washington DC (the worst public schools in the nation). All of their students are over achievers, all go on to college and a profession. The other reason, of course, is his weded bliss with the teachers’ unions…charter school teachers are not unionized.

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