Paul Followers Now Going After Those Who Stand With Israel

Anybody who is politically inclined, a conservative and into social media has no doubt been noticing the tactics and strategies of those who follow Ron Paul. If you’re a Ron Paul follower yourself, you will no doubt start vibrating while reading this.

Paulbots can do themselves a big favor and save some time by getting their collective panties in a wad right now.

The latest tactic, or strategy being employed by the Ron Paul followers, Paulbots, is to attack through their various social media outlets, those who support Benjamin Netanyahu.

Paulbots, as we know, love to jump into the discussions of others and start poking those who are engaged with a stick trying to provoke a fight. This latest tactic simply isn’t going to win them any friends in the conservative community. Oh, their choir will crow – but outside that select and isolated group, they’re just completely missing the mark.

A Facebook friend posted a blog link about Netanyahu calling for shooting Palestinians who were throwing rocks at Israelis. The blog included an Israeli newspaper with the headline “Shoot to Kill.” IMMEDIATELY, a Ron Paul supporter jumped in stating, “…noticed that Netanyahu, who tells people to “shoot to kill” Palestinian children throwing stones and wants to ban foreign media so they cannot report Israel’s atrocities “inspires” you. You also call yourself a Christian which is something I highly doubt. I suppose you agree with Netanyahu’s stance in this article?”

She didn’t bother to mention that the article she mentioned was 23 years old nor did she bother to acknowledge that this has been brought up by a recent event where a young Palestinian threw a rock just days ago severely injuring a 20-month-old Israeli child.

Not saying that I would advocate shooting people who are throwing rocks on a general basis or as a general practice – I felt obligated to weigh in with this:

“I wonder how many of those who threw rocks, 23 years ago when Netanyahu said this, and weren’t shot, have now taught their children to use bombs to kill the Jews. I am certain those who were shot, have not.”

At this point, Noel, the “Paulbot” responded with, “I suppose it is “appropriate” for Zionists to post wanted posters with my picture calling me a Nazi etc. on my wall and 1000 of my friend’s walls simply for acknowledging the existence of the Holodomor and Palestinian Holocausts too?” and followed that with, “So you believe the value of the life of a Jew to be greater than that of a non-Jew then Craig? Have you ever even heard of the Holodomor Holocaust, I wonder? I suppose you are one of the people who say Palestine never existed too? (-;”

Ahhh…A trifecta! Noel played the Nazi card, the victim card AND managed to assign to me words I never said nor ever intended or implied. Basically, there are two groups who most often employ these tactics and those would be liberals and Ron Paul followers.

Noel continued. “Christians do not condone genocide. It’s that simple. I see he just liked that Netanyahu inspired him. Perhaps Mr. Weaver should not call himself a Christian, when he is not.”

Again, Noel assigned a falsehood, this time to Mr. Weaver, as he had never advocated or condoned genocide in his posting.

My next comment was simple. I believe in being open minded but not so much so that my brains fall out and as a Christian, I believe in turning the other cheek…until I run out of cheeks.”

Noel responded, “Mr Andresen, you said, and I quote, “I wonder how many of those who threw rocks, 23 years ago when Netanyahu said this, and weren’t shot, have now taught their children to use bombs to kill the Jews.” I am certain those who were shot, have not.” Clearly, this indicates a certain perspective.”

I decided to give Noel the benefit of the doubt. “You are quite astute Noel as it does indeed indicate a certain perspective however it does not indicate the perspective you attempted to ascribe to be in a previous comment. I suspect you know as little about me as you do about Patrick.”

Noel of course came right back at me. Are you aware that Israel instituted terrorism in the Middle East, that the first suicide bomber was an American born Israeli named Baruch Goldstein, and that our own media fired an [sic] news anchor for telling the truth about who broke a ceasefire…it was Israel….”

For a while, I left the “discussion” as I was rather busy at the time on other matters but I did leave here with this nugget. “I am aware that Netanyahu is now advocating for a peaceful solution and an independent Palestine regardless of his stance some 23 years ago and therefore I am much more inspired by him than by you. Further, I am much more interested in Netanyahu’s plans for peace in the region than in playing a game of  “Well THEY started it” with you Noel.

Checking back in after a while I saw how Noel had continued on her “Christians” are more moral than Jews tirade so I simply stated, “It may also come as quite a shock to some but…Jesus was a Jew. As a Christian, I Stand With Israel.

When Noel left this response, I decided it just wasn’t worth my time or effort any longer. I am aware that Jesus was a Jew (-; but he was a Christian Jew and promoted the Christian religion, not Judaism.”

Good grief. Jesus was a Jew…period. His FOLLOWERS became the first Christians – and while I fully realize this is a simplified definition, Jesus did not promote the Christian religion as that just plain didn’t exist until after his death. Jesus was born a Jew, lived his life as a Jew, taught in the Jewish Temples, was referred to as Rabbi and died a Jew.

This however is NOT meant to be some sort of theological lesson.

This is what it is. A Ron Paul follower attacking those who stand with Netanyahu, support Netanyahu, are inspired by Netanyahu and or ascribe all of these attributes toward the Nation of Israel.

Am I stating unequivocally that Paul or his followers are anti Semites? No. Am I stating that ALL Ron Paul followers are employing this tactic? No. I will say, however, that this is not the first I’ve seen it employed nor do I believe it will be the last.

I will also go so far as to say, in regard to the 23-year-old article which led to the above “discussion” that it was rock throwing which started Crystal Nacht and we all know what happened next.

Am I playing the NAZI card with that statement? Well, if you read the Charter of Hamas which is the primary doctrine followed by the Palestinian Authority, you will find that they advocate the killing of Jews and the elimination of Israel. So, I believe a direct correlation can be drawn.

In Noel’s, and others similar arguments regarding a stance against Netanyahu and Israel, whether or not they intentionally mean to do so, these Ron Paul followers are taking the side of the Palestinians and by default, Hamas.

Does that mean either they or Paul himself advocate the elimination of Israel and the killing of Jews? Honestly, I don’t know. You would have to ask them directly.

At any rate, it’s a misguided strategy at best and a failing tactic as well. Ron Paul is not going to win friends or influence people amongst true conservatives, amongst the majority of independents or within the Jewish community by attacking those who stand with Israel or with Netanyahu.

As for Ron Paul followers, NOT mentioning Ron Paul in your comments really isn’t fooling anyone as the red flags start to wave from your very first comments. I quick check of Noel’s wall confirmed my initial suspicions.

From Noel’s wall:

Political Views

Republican Party

Have decided to vote for Ron Paul, thanks to this article. Read the comments. (-; Let’s put America first, not Israel…

The National Patriot stands with Israel – and I, as a Christian and a Patriot also stand with Israel, am inspired by Prime Minister Netanyahu and know, as does Mr. Netanyahu, that peace can only come when the Palestinians respect and recognize the Jewish State of Israel.

29 thoughts on “Paul Followers Now Going After Those Who Stand With Israel

  1. Where did all of Noel’s hate originate? Is it from parents, (dna), environmental , peer pressure ? Probably none of the above. Someone who’s hatred is so deepseatedly vile must have physiological, and or psychological issues. There is a thin line between hate and mental illness. Rather than follow the crowd of haters she is involved with, she should look inside the heart, and seek cleansing of the soul, or choose a future of self destruction.

  2. Marla Stromwolf-Patty,

    You hit the nail on the head! That was well stated and succinct! That is Noel, in a nutshell.

  3. I have seen Noels posts on several pages and she can use as many words as she likes to defend her position, however, the words that best clarify her position is anti-semitic. She denies the holocaust, and rages on her wall of some conspiracy. She is also known to have posted on animal rights pages and make opinions known there of how little regard she also values animals.
    There are some people one can give facts to and their ignorance is permeated. There are others, however, that one cannot. For it is not ignorance one is trying to overcome when giving facts to those that are spewing these lies, it is hatred and racism. And in Noels case, her opinions are not based on one shred of fact, it is based on her undeniable hatred, rage, paranoia, and anti-semitic beliefs.

  4. I just saw this comment posted on a holohoax page by a someone named Sky Yasar. Noel “liked” his comment. Here is what Sky said:

    “The truth will prevail and the real victory against those evil liars will be won when Germany and USA start asking for the billions paid to the fake survivors and Israel, BACK! With interest! And start criminal proceedings.”

    Evil liars? Fake survivors? Anyone with a semblance of an education would not question if the holocaust happened. It is too well documented. Comments like this are hateful and are posted for the sole purpose of fostering antisemitism. It is also disrespectful to the memory of the millions who were killed and tortured during the holocaust.

    The fact that Noel “liked” this comment is revealing. This eliminates any doubt that Noel hates Jews, and not just Zionists.
    It also substantiates the comments from Craig Anderson regarding Paul followers, and Noel.

    As I stated in my initial comment, above, if Noel did not hate Jews, she would not go onto holohoax pages and post or “like” these comments.

    If Noel is representative of the caliber of people who support Ron Paul, then we should all be delighted that he is down in the polls.

    I hope for his own sake, and for the edification of the majority of the American population, that Ron Paul clarifies his position on Jews, Israel, and the holocaust.

  5. Put differently, Noel James tells Craig Anderson that his comments “indicate a certain perspective.” (Those are her words, not mine). Well, not only are her comments an ‘indication of her perspective,’ but everything else she posts on her face book profile, seems to support her comments and that perspective. Her videos of David Duke, the people who inspire her, and the fact that she goes onto holohoax or hate pages, all indicia of an antisemitic perspective.

    But Noel will be quick to tell you, that she doesn’t hate Jews. She just hates Zionists. Really? Is that why she is inspired by Otto-Ernst Remer and Bishop Richardson? Is that why she listens to David Duke? Do people who really like Jews but only hate Zionists, minimize or deny the holocaust? Or even worse, do they idolize people who actively took part in the holocaust?

  6. Another person whom Noel James lists on her facebook profile as being an “inspiration” to her is Bishop Richard Williamson, who was recently convicted in Germany for holocaust denial. Here is a link to an article about him in the Huffington Post.

    I recognize that the Huffington post is considered, by some, to be a liberal newspaper. Therefore, here is another article about the good Bishop which was published on the same day in, which is a conservative newspaper.

    It is noteworthy that both newspapers write the same substantive comments about the good Bishop. Therefore, this is not a liberal or conservative issue.

    Given all of the above, I don’t see how anyone could question the motives of Noel James, or the accuracy of the statements made by Craig Anderson in this blog post.

  7. I just saw this posted on Noel James’ facebook wall. This is a link to one of the people whom she stated “inspires her.” Otto Ernst Remer was a German Wehrmacht officer. He played a decisive role in stopping the July 20, 1944 attempts to assassinate Hilter. He was decorated by Hitler. He is considered the “father,” of the post war Nazi underground. He also was a key figure in the holocaust denial movement. But don’t take my word for it. Read the Wikipedia article.

    So, I ask the rhetorical question. If Noel posted this on her wall, and if she holds this person out as someone who “inspires her” doesn’t that speak volumes of what she is really about?

  8. on Paul wants to take in the conservative candidates by playing the popular today the anti-Israel card but doing this carefully.

  9. On Noel’s face book profile she lists this book as one of her favorites. Israel may be a lot of things, but it is not Marxist.

    She also has a photo album entitled: “Marxist Zionist Hate Crimes and Anti-American Acts.” In this album, she just posted some random pictures and labeled them as “crimes.” The album includes a picture of Obama with a man wearing a yamica. I suppose that Noel drew the conclusion that it is a hate crime for the President to associate with someone who is Jewish.

    The book and the photo album prove my point, in my comment above. Noel lacks nuance and does not fact check. She just makes things up as she goes along. Check out her wall. I am not one of her face book friends, but I can see her wall. The rest of you will probably be able to see it, as well.

  10. This article is spot on. Kudos to this author for exposing Noel. I have had contact with Noel James through face book. S/he (we are not sure if she is really a woman, or if her profile is real) goes onto holohoax pages to spew out her hatred for the Jews under the pretext of supporting the Palestinians. If she really supported the Palestinians, she could join an online study group, or some page that supports their political point of view. Most decent Palestinian Arabs do not hate Jews, and they would not condone the holocaust. They may not agree with all of the policies of the Israeli government, but they are smart enough to differentiate and they do not advocate blanket hatred of the Jews. Noel does not have to join a hate page and condone what happened to the Jews during world war II. She does not fact check, she lacks nuance, and does not have a grasp of history. She also loves to talk about the Talmud lie. In other words, she spreads propaganda and falsities. When I read some of her comments, I feel like I am in Berlin in 1938. She also has videos of David Duke on her wall. She also has done to me what this author said s/he did to him. She attributes comments to him, and to me, that we did not make or imply. Even though intelligent people can see through Noel, and see the holes in her arguments and reasoning, she is still dangerous because she has developed a following. Many of the people that follow her are ignorant. But that does not make them less dangerous. Most of the people who followed Hitler were losers. That is why they followed him. Being part of the third Reich was the first time in their lives they felt important.

  11. Aaaaah…….PaulsPunchline..fascist silencing>>>
    Facebooƙ Seȼurity
    WARNING : Your account is reported to have violated the policies that are considered annoying or insulting Facebook users. Until we ( system will disable your account within 24 hours if you do not do the reconfirmation.

    If you still want to use Facebook, Please confirm your account below:

    The Facebook Team
    [Is this actually from Facebook????]

  12. [last] After citing how Friedman and a co-author documented the Fed’s continual contraction of the money supply during the Depression and its aftermath – and the subsequent abandonment of the gold standard by many nations in order to stop the devastating monetary contraction – Bernanke added:
    Before the creation of the Federal Reserve, Friedman and [Anna] Schwartz noted, bank panics were typically handled by banks themselves – for example, through urban consortiums of private banks called clearinghouses. If a run on one or more banks in a city began, the clearinghouse might declare a suspension of payments, meaning that, temporarily, deposits would not be convertible into cash. Larger, stronger banks would then take the lead, first, in determining that the banks under attack were in fact fundamentally solvent, and second, in lending cash to those banks that needed to meet withdrawals. Though not an entirely satisfactory solution – the suspension of payments for several weeks was a significant hardship for the public – the system of suspension of payments usually prevented local banking panics from spreading or persisting. Large, solvent banks had an incentive to participate in curing panics because they knew that an unchecked panic might ultimately threaten their own deposits.
    It was in large part to improve the management of banking panics that the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. However, as Friedman and Schwartz discuss in some detail, in the early 1930s the Federal Reserve did not serve that function. The problem within the Fed was largely doctrinal: Fed officials appeared to subscribe to Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon’s infamous “liquidationist” thesis, that weeding out “weak” banks was a harsh but necessary prerequisite to the recovery of the banking system. Moreover, most of the failing banks were small banks (as opposed to what we would now call money-center banks) and not members of the Federal Reserve System. Thus the Fed saw no particular need to try to stem the panics. At the same time, the large banks – which would have intervened before the founding of the Fed – felt that protecting their smaller brethren was no longer their responsibility. Indeed, since the large banks felt confident that the Fed would protect them if necessary, the weeding out of small competitors was a positive good, from their point of view.

    In short, according to Friedman and Schwartz, because of institutional changes and misguided doctrines, the banking panics of the Great Contraction were much more severe and widespread than would have normally occurred during a downturn. …

    Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You’re right, we did it. We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.

    G. Edward Griffin, in “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” explains the cause of wars, boom-bust cycles, inflation, depression, prosperity and more – and calls the Fed the most blatant scam of all history.

    History records that in 1913 President Woodrow Wilson approved the Federal Reserve Act but later reflected that his actions “unwittingly ruined my country.”

    Wilson said that since the U.S. system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few, “we have become … one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.”

    Obama’s AttackWatch, meanwhile, quickly is becoming a laughingstock online, the Washington Post reported.

    “It’s safe to say that in its 24 hours of existence, Attack Watch has already backfired, becoming a tool for conservatives to use against Obama 2012. A tweet by conservative author Brad Thor summed up the critics’ argument: ‘Wow, not only are Obama & Co. incredibly thin-skinned, they’re paranoid,'” the newspaper said.

  13. >>It addressed the need for “social media listening platforms” which can “monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria. They can also determine the sentiment of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document.”

    “The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube. It should also be able to aggregate data from various media outlets such as: CNN, WSJ, Factiva etc.,” the document explains.

    Said Durden’s commentary, “The Fed has just entered the counterespionage era and will be monitoring everything written about it anywhere in the world. After all, why ask others to snitch for you and anger everyone as Obama found out the hard way, when you can pay others to create the supreme FIATtackWatch using money you yourself can print in unlimited amounts. And once the Internet is completely ‘transparent,’ the Fed will next focus on telephone conversations, and finally will simply bug each and every otherwise ‘private’ location in the world.”

    The move coincidentally comes just as several contenders for the GOP nomination for president have discussed vast new limits and restrictions on the Fed. Texas Gov. Rick Perry suggested that another flood of printed money being released into the U.S. economy now would be tantamount to treason.

    Officials with the Federal Reserve did not respond to WND’s request for comment.

    Criticism of the Fed certainly is not new. U.S. Rep. Ron Paul has been on a decades-long campaign first to audit the Fed and make its activities public, then shut it down.

    U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas [Paul’s pic>>>provokes this fascist response]

    There even is a plan from the PatriotStorm organization at its website that envisions teams of attorneys analyzing data, demanding information, verifying damages and arguing court cases.

    “Our litigation plan will be loosely patterned after the tobacco litigation model executed during the 1980s and 1990s; only far more organized, coordinated and focused in order to provide shared access of all discovery materials and briefs developed to all of our network law firms and prosecutors nationwide,” the website explains.

    Paul long has argued that the Federal Reserve simply is illegal. Some of his concerns have revolved around Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which assigns to Congress the right to coin money.

    There is no mention in the Constitution of a central bank, and it wasn’t until the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that the Fed was created.

    Paul previously has said, “Throughout its nearly 100-year history, the Federal Reserve has presided over the near-complete destruction of the United States dollar. Since 1913 the dollar has lost over 95 percent of its purchasing power, aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve’s loose monetary policy.”

    And he’s proposed repeatedly – and again in this Congress – the idea of auditing the Fed to determine exactly what it has been doing and then begin making corrections. With a book titled “End the Fed,” he’s made no secret of his ultimate goal.

    That the Fed is at least partly to blame for the financial problems that have developed in the U.S. seems not to be in dispute.

    It was longtime Federal Reserve chairman Ben. S. Bernanke who admitted as much.

    Bernanke said it was the Fed that caused the Great Depression, the worldwide economic downturn that persisted from 1929 until about 1939. It was the longest and worst depression ever experienced by the industrialized Western world. While originating in the U.S., it ended up causing drastic declines in output, severe unemployment and acute deflation in virtually every country on earth.

    At a Nov. 8, 2002, conference to honor economist Milton Friedman’s 90th birthday, Bernanke, then a Federal Reserve governor, gave a speech at Friedman’s old home base, the University of Chicago.

  14. Thanks to Paul>>>Federal Reserve wants to ‘spy’ on citizen ‘sentiment’
    Commentary says ‘Big Brother’ Bernanke ‘goes Watergate’
    Posted: September 28, 2011 8:41 pm Eastern

    By Bob Unruh

    Ben Bernanke

    Just as the Barack Obama campaign for the 2012 presidential race was launching its AttackWatch website to monitor what people say, a quasi-governmental agency with vast control over the nation’s economy revealed that it is doing the same thing.

    The plan by the Federal Reserve came in the form of a “Request for Proposal” from the organization that dictates interest rates and other key parts of the U.S. economy, asking for contractors who could “continuously monitor conversations” as well as “reach out” to key “influencers.”

    “The Federal Reserve Bank of New York wants you to friend it – or at least it wants to understand why you won’t friend it,” commented the Money & Company Los Angeles Times blog.

    “Here comes FIATtackWatch: Ben ‘Big Brother’ Bernanke goes Watergate, prepares to eavesdrop on everything mentioning the Fed,” added Tyler Durden on the ZeroHedge blog.

    “Two weeks ago, the media’s heart went aflutter when it learned that the president had borrowed a page right out of ole’ Joe McCarthy’s communist witch hunt book with the launch of AttackWatch,” Durden continued. “The response by everyone, even fans of Obama, was immediate and brutal. Yet where Obama took about 24 hours to crash and burn, someone else has stepped in with a far stealthier method of ferreting out the traitors amongst us: none other than our old friends, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.”

    The site posted a copy of the RFP document, which explained, “Social media platforms are changing the way organizations are communicating to the public Conversations are happening all the time and everywhere. There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects.” [cont.]

  15. I wonder if Paul will hold up the report on the Jewish infant and father,whose skulls were crushed by Abbas’s Arab rock killers…as sadistically and mockingly as Paul held up the [thoroughly discredited, even by its author] UN Goldstone Report, as Paul excoriated Israel/Jews for 3 weeks of self-defense in the now 11 year Arafat/Clinton/Carter CampDavid 2000 Terror War against Jews.

  16. When one considers that the majority of U.N. member states are Arab nations (22) or Islamic nations (52) or dictatorial, anti-democratic nations or nations in desperate need of Arab oil or nations desperate for business investment opportunities within Arab countries or countries fearful of discontent among their growing Arab/Muslim populations (namely ALL of Europe!), it’s no wonder why so many anti-Israel General Assembly resolutions get introduced AND passed! In fact, of over 700 General Assembly resolutions passed since the UN’s 1945 establishment, nearly 450 condemn Israel. None have been passed against any Arab country nor any Arab terrorist organizations! In other words, out of 190 nations in the United Nations, over sixty percent of all General Assembly resolutions condemned just ONE member, Israel! If the General Assembly proposed a resolution deploring Israel for breathing too much Middle Eastern air, no doubt it too would pass! So when the large bloc of anti-Israel fascist, anti-democratic, anti-Western, Arab and Islamic Neo-Nazi nations tell Israel to comply with these transparently biased AND non-binding resolutions, Israel simply tells them to “shove it.”

  17. How does foreign aid help your society?

    1. Foreign aid benefits society because no single nation exists in a vacuum; we are all integral parts of one massive interconnected society that inhabits this planet.

    2. As global warming changes the inhabitable spaces on our planet whole populations will be displaced and seek survival, work and a better life elsewhere. We must think globally in order to facilitate mutual survival as our carbon emissions impact nations elsewhere.

    3. Conflict or disaster could bring any nation on earth to the brink of collapse seeking help from overseas. If we help no one we cannot expect help.

    4. Foreign Aid places a duty on stronger, stable, more affluent nations to help impoverished people in third world countries beyond merely plundering strategic resources.
    Foreign Aid is our duty to humanity and after many years of exploitation by colonial powers it is necessary to give back to developing nations. In reality “Third world debt” should more accurately be viewed as our debt to the third world.

    5. Modern industrialized countries often rely on resources acquired in third world countries, so foreign aid will hopefully one day lead to full equality in foreign trade.

    6. Foreign aid is not a bargaining chip to force our values and beliefs on weaker nations as we do not eliminate repression by replacing it with compliant submission to the global dominance of any one nation.

    7. Ignoring overseas insecurity, poverty and starvation has resulted in instability, genocide and war. We cannot fight proxy wars without consequences. This has fermented terrorism that now threatens even the most secure of nations.

    8. Although selling armaments might appear more profitable that donating aid, there are no guarantees that those armaments will not be one day be turned against us.

    9. All nations grow in mutual prosperity by strengthening trade ties to build on peace and security through profitable interdependency. “Killing the customer is very bad for business!”

    10. If we ignore poverty, starvation and disease in the third world we create a fertile breeding ground to spawn disease outbreaks capable of becoming pandemic. Fact: world health is your health; ignore this at your own peril as we are all just one long haul flight away from potential disaster.

  18. As usual this is a good blog Craig, I stand side by side with you and many others who defend Israel. Monster where did you study history? If you kin the borders to 1948 you are just plain ignorant.

  19. As I’ve stated before, Ron Paul hates Jews, Ron Paul hates Israel, Ron Paul hates our military, Ron Paul loves our enemies, Ron Paul is a traitor to America…..I hate Ron Paul! And his kool-ade, sippie-cup drinkers are almost as nutty as he is!

  20. If Israel is so holy, why did the UN condemn Israel for their human rights violation.
    A quick search of google using +”israel” +”human rights violations” has a good deal of information. Is it all lies?

    All life is holy and perhaps, if the united states stopped protecting them, they wouldn’t be such ass-hats to their neighbors.

  21. Ron Paul always says America should worry about its own borders, not Israel’s. The Congressman would end all foreign aid to Israel but never mentions that 85% of it is military assistance.
    An August 16, 2011 interview on Fox News contained this exchange: MEGYN KELLY: “If you were President and Iran attacked Israel with a nuclear bomb, would you go to their defense?” RON PAUL: “No, I would not and I would let Israel deal with it themselves without the U.S.”
    This is the green light the Islamic Republic has always wanted. If we abandon collective security and our allies, the next attack would be on the American homeland. In Liberty Defined, he accuses Israel of stealing Palestianian land: “All jews do not endorse the violence used to displace the Arabs and Muslims and steal their land in the Middle East.”
    Paul claims the United States financed Osama bin Laden during the Afghan War against the Soviet Union, which is an outrageous lies. Paul has also said he would end America’s special relationship with Israel.
    In “The Revolution: A Manifesto,” Paul wrote: “I see no reason that our friendship with Israel cannot continue. I favor extending to Israel the same honest friendship that Jefferson and the Founding Fathers urged us to offer to all nations. But that also means no special privileges like foreign aid. . .”
    A May 24, 1996 Congress Daily article noted: “Stating that lobbying groups who seek special favors and handouts are evil, Paul wrote, ‘By far the most powerful lobby in Washington of the bad sort is the Israeli government’ and that the goal of the Zionist movement is to stifle criticism.” With good reason, the Republican Jewish Coalition has barred Paul from their candidate forums.
    Regarding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Ron Paul Report newsletter said, “Whether it was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly aretaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little.”
    On July 7, 2011, House Resolution 268 was passed by a vote of 407 to 6. Three Republicans were in opposition, Reps. Ron Paul (TX), Walter Jones (NC) and Justin Amash (MI).
    The resolution reaffirmed “the United States commitment to a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.” Paul was in opposition because “While I prefer our disengagement from that conflict, I must wonder how the US expects to be seen as an ‘honest broker’ when it dictates the terms of a solution in such a transparently one-sided manner? . . . all demands are made of only one side in the conflict.”
    What are the demands Dr. Paul finds so objectionable? They have been the same since 1993, recognition of Israel and the renunciation of violence.
    In defending many of his past controversial statements, the Ron Paul campaign frequently mentions his endorsement by “Americans For Israel.” This is a front group which was specifically established to promote Ron Paul. It has no other purpose.
    If you want the truth about Ron Paul you should visit

  22. No, Monster, u should b embarrassed @ ur ignorance! Actually, the Israel of old encompassed waaaaaaay more territory geographically (Jordan, Iraq +), but the bloodline, faith & all r the same, just squeezed into a tiny strip of land & ht e interlopers wanna take that,too! There’s always been a Jewish presence n that land since Abraham, idiot!

  23. This is quite hilarious. I suppose you think a country created in 1948 is the same entity mentioned in the Bible, too? What a joke of an article. You ought to be embarrassed.

  24. Thank you Craig for your wonderful article designed to not only slander some woman who you do not know with you awesome words. I can only imagine what you would physically do to her. I would like to invite you to join us Saturday at 7:00 PM EST on Rogue Broadcasting for American Unveiled. The host would be delighted to have your comments on the air. It is a live call in show. He might teach you a thing or two. God Bless


  25. I’m a Ron Paul supporter, I believe Ron Paul’s stance on this is neutral as opposed to being against Israel. It is true the nations/people/religions have been en broiled in a war that has spanned millenniums. No matter who we say we are or what we believe, I think Paul is right we should just stay out of it, what miracle is a Christian going to perform in a fight between Jews and Arabs, their own Bible says God has put this enmity between them if this is true and I assume we would believe that. What exactly is anyone supposed to do, except irritate the situation. Or do we believe we are going to overpower God’s will, how brazen of us foolish people. And about the “Christians don’t condone Genocide” well that is another issue.

  26. “Jesus was a Christian Jew”… now that’s funny, but sadly shows how truly ignorant she is! Excellent article & I’m with you all the way. I will always stand with Israel!

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