We Are All Iranian Prisoners Now

Having been bombarded, for more than two years, with countless stories of the hikers held prisoner in Iran, and having had quite enough of the political correctness so invasive in our daily lexicon, I have decided that somebody needs to say SOMETHING which is politically DIRECT about this whole situation. So, here we go…An open letter to the “hikers.”


What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you come by your stupidity genetically or is it a byproduct of your ideology?

Perhaps both.

The Iranians said you were spies but that can’t possibly be true…you’re far to brain dead to be spies.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and take a wild shot at it…You’re all liberals aren’t you?

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Doing the U.N. Two Step

In his speech before the U.N. General Assembly this morning, President Obama managed to dance around the truth over and over again. It should come as no surprise that his inferences were more striking than his words.

In several parts of his address, Obama stroked the U.N.,  inferring it is the only entity upon which the world can depend to bring about world peace. Obama said, that to achieve world peace, “We must return to the wisdom of those who created this institution.”

Several times, Obama patted the U.N. on the back for their actions over the past year. He stroked them for their actions in Libya, in Egypt and other parts of the world. While he didn’t come right out and state it, the inference was that the U.N. should be the go-to entity for all international issues.

For those “cynical” enough to believe Obama wants to promote a One World Government or a New World Order, his address this morning will no doubt add fuel to the fire. For critics of the cynics to dismiss the cynics will take the willful ignoring of yet more red flags.

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Beware of Presidents Wearing False Yarmulkes

This week, with a major U.N. assembly taking place, there seems to be a great deal of behind the scenes scrambling to prevent Palestinian statehood. Scrambling is the key word. Why exactly are we scrambling? Should we not have taken the steps we now scramble to take months ago?

The scrambling is to form a multi-nation block of statehood for Palestine so that the U.S. does not stand alone in the U.N. Security Council in opposition to Palestinian statehood.

This should have been a done deal a long, long time ago but that isn’t the case. It seems that Obama promised Palestinian Authority leader Abbas that Palestine would indeed gain recognition and statehood upon which now, Obama seems to have reversed course.

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Obama’s Economic Plan is Pure Genius!!

Yesterday, on the Sunday talking heads shows from one end of the channel spectrum to the other, Republicans lined up to tell us how the Obama plan, to be revealed today, is “Class Warfare.” At first blush, I admit that it looks like class warfare – but with sincere apologies to the likes of Karl Rove and Paul Ryan, They couldn’t be more wrong.

Today, Obama will unveil the latest segment of his plan to fix everything from unemployment and a tanked economy to the deficit and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

It’s not class warfare.

It’s a domestic kinetic action.

Obama, on the heels of announcing the$450 billion dollar American Jobs Act, which he said was completely paid for, will finally tell us HOW he intends to pay for it.

Tax hikes.

Well, don’t think of it as tax hikes…Think of it instead, as New Revenue.

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Obama, Solyndra and the Spastic Monkey Approach to Lying

As the Solyndra scandal hit the news a couple of weeks ago, the Obama administration obviously knew that they were in trouble. With Obama’s polling figures sinking already, the economy in the tank, the first downgrade in our nation’s history having just been handed down, unemployment still high and for the first time in decades, a month in which not a single new job had been created, Obama could not afford a hit like Solyndra.

Obama, his administration and liberals in general have, once again, resorted to a worn out strategy.

Blame Bush.

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Mt. Obama is Rumbling

As conservatives, there is a question to which we must seek an answer. Have we been wasting our time trying to bring down this current administration? Liberals will no doubt believe we’ve seen the light if we answer yes and a chorus of “I told you so” will ring loudly from the left.

So, HAVE we been wasting time and effort? It would seem that maybe…MAYBE we have. Happy liberals rejoice.

Ummm…not so fast.

We MAY have been wasting our time because it is now beginning to seem like we didn’t need to help. This administration is starting to bring itself down, crumbling before our eyes, imploding. Stand back…the debris field is gonna be huge!

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A VILE Display from Michelle Obama!!!

Okay…I’ve HAD it….REALLY had it with Michelle Obama.

Here pronouncement years ago of being proud for the first time in her adult life of her country PALES in comparison to what she said during a 9-11 commemoration over the weekend.

This anti American socialist blathering FOOL has gone WAY too far.

There she sat on Barack’s right side as bagpipers played and an honor guard folded an American Flag. You know how it’s done…With reverence and respect, folded precisely and crisply…honored. It was during that moment that our nations “First Lady” leaned to her husband’s ears and asked the question that should set your TEETH on fire!!!

“All of this for a damned flag?”

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Islam IS the Enemy!

Yesterday we looked back with an article, “9-11, We Remember” as many readers shared their memories of that day of unbelievable shock.

Today is September 12th 2011. From the day after until today, what have we learned in the 10 year span? What have we REALLY learned?

10 years ago today, we still stared at the TV and listened to radio reports. We were still in shock. The twin towers were gone, the Pentagon had been hit, there was a hole in the ground in PA where another plane had crashed and we watched and listened.

Across the country, airplanes sat on runways, most of them were not anywhere near their point of origin or destination. Tens of thousands of passengers were stranded.

10 years ago today, Americans wanted to help and thinking surely there would be hundreds if not thousands of injured survivors, we donated blood. Fire and rescue crews from cities towns and rural areas found a way to get to New York and help in the ground zero efforts.

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9-11, We Remember

It’s been 10 years since the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. 10 years since we lost more than 3,000 people to radical Islamic murderers. 10 years of memories, memorials, and healing. 10 years of not forgetting what happened or who was responsible for it.

In the days which followed the September 11th 2001 attacks, Americans came together only to separate again – but for a few days anyway, Americans were united in the knowledge of who perpetrated this attack and the belief that we needed to go and get them no matter where they were hiding, no matter how long it would take.

It was al Qaeda. Radical Islam. An ideology not a religion. They had been at war with us for years but we had not accepted that stance; and instead, passed off their aggression as isolated attacks, a matter for law enforcement rather than for the military. We had been wrong in that tact and on September 11th 2001, we paid for it.

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