Obama’s Economic Plan is Pure Genius!!

Yesterday, on the Sunday talking heads shows from one end of the channel spectrum to the other, Republicans lined up to tell us how the Obama plan, to be revealed today, is “Class Warfare.” At first blush, I admit that it looks like class warfare – but with sincere apologies to the likes of Karl Rove and Paul Ryan, They couldn’t be more wrong.

Today, Obama will unveil the latest segment of his plan to fix everything from unemployment and a tanked economy to the deficit and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

It’s not class warfare.

It’s a domestic kinetic action.

Obama, on the heels of announcing the$450 billion dollar American Jobs Act, which he said was completely paid for, will finally tell us HOW he intends to pay for it.

Tax hikes.

Well, don’t think of it as tax hikes…Think of it instead, as New Revenue.

1.5 trillion dollars in…New Revenue as a result of this Domestic Kinetic Action.

Obama has given this New Revenue plan a friendly sounding name. It’s the Warren Buffet Rule. Everybody knows who Warren Buffet is. He’s the billionaire who, last month, said he wants to pay more taxes because he pays less than his secretary. Michele Bachmann encouraged Buffet to write a big check but, sadly, it seems Buffet has misplaced his Mount Blanc.

I think naming this New Revenue Plan after Warren Buffet is a capital idea considering the fact that Buffet’s primary company, Berkshire Hathaway, owes nearly a billion dollars in back taxes. Kind of makes one wonder how Geithner got the gig at the Treasury over Buffet…doesn’t it?

The Buffet Rule would raise the tax rate for anyone making more than 1 million dollars per year. Critics say this is punishing the rich – but seriously, it’s not that in any way shape or form.

By utilizing a Domestic Kinetic Action named after a guy who’s company is 1 billion bucks behind in  Kinetic Action payments, Obama will actually increase the size of the middle class from the top down. This is BRILLIANT. If you have lived the American dream and bettered your situation enough to find yourself in the UPPER class, under Obama’s vision, you too can now become a part of the growing MIDDLE class.


According to the Domestic Kinetic Action strategy, the New Revenue will amount to double the figure Speaker Boehner begrudgingly agreed to before Obama raised the number back in July and Boehner walked away. I’m SURE Boehner will be much more agreeable to 1.5 trillion dollars of Domestic Kinetic Action New Revenue than he was to only 800 billion.

Also included in the Domestic Kinetic Action battle plan are some entitlement cuts to Medicare and Medicaid – however, Obama will, according to sources, veto any proposal which cuts Medicare without creating New Revenue by attempting to increase the size of the middle class by transferring into it those in the upper class.

Isn’t that special?

All of this, in much the same way as our other Kinetic Action in Libya, is meant to bolster the rebels. Did I say REBELS? I meant to say Obama’s base.

Just as in Libya, we don’t really know who the rebels are; in this case, we’re not quite sure who the “base” is. Are they democrats? Liberals? Socialists? Communists? Marxists? Well, it doesn’t really matter…Obama just wants them bolstered, and he’s willing to lead from behind to do it.

No doubt, America’s wealthiest and biggest corporations, who have the ability to create new jobs, will be more than happy to pay more in New Revenue and faced with the prospect will immediately begin to reemploy and expand so that they can create more and more New Revenue.

Surely none of those businesses will pass along the cost of their Newly Created Revenue costs to the rest of us. They will eat that cost so that they can become SMALLER corporations which, though I’m not clear on how, will INCREASE their ability to create MORE jobs and MORE New Revenue.

Now, before any of you start thinking of this Domestic Kinetic Action as the act of digging the hole deeper in order to climb OUT of the hole, let me explain how wrong that mindset really is.

Think of this as a shovel ready job capable of digging the hole deep enough to come out in China where more and more American businesses are RELOCATING and where lead-painted Christmas ornaments featuring the likeness of Chairman Mao are readily available.

Our President is an economic GENIUS!!

Now that you have the details, I’m sure that you, as can I, see how Obama’s Domestic Kinetic Action, bolstering the rebel base and creating New Revenue will simply sail through Congress like a bowling ball through a garden hose.

If only Greece would have thought of this…there would be a Gyro on every plate.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Economic Plan is Pure Genius!!

  1. Obama is probably the greatest president ever. He should nationalize the companies as CHaves has done. I just wish he could be president for life. God bless Obama though as Evan Thomas formerly of Newsweek said “Obama is God”

    He should get a Nobel prize for his work in the middle east and the economy. He saved us from a depression. I love him. He is the best.

  2. Funny, but sad. If you start a business (no, I don’t own one, never did), investing money and sweat, and through risk and working 90-hour weeks, your company eventually starts to make a profit, it will pay the highest corporate tax in the world. What is left will be your income, in capital gains. That income will be taxed again, at 15%. So it is a lie that Warren Buffet pays lower taxes than his secretary, as his income is taxed twice, first as corporate income, then as capital gains. ALL CORPORATE TAXES are taxes on someone’s income, either the owners or the customers, who must pay higher prices to cover these taxes. They are in addition to the income the stockholders (mostly in retirement plans) or the customers pay. Since WWII, every dollar in increased taxes has resulted in $1,23 in increased spending. That’s not politics—it’s history. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    (All royalties go to a charity to help wounded veterans)

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