Obamacare Puts YOUR Privacy at Risk

Yesterday, I wrote an article regarding the need to stop Obamacare – not just through the court system but by repeal. The Obama administration has passed on the opportunity to delay things in an Alabama court which will take the Obamacare case directly to the Supreme Court with a decision expected early next summer.

I stated that even LOSING in court, Obama would know his precious socialized healthcare program wouldn’t be dead…just on life support. That is why conservatives MUST take the Senate in 2012 so that repeal will finally pull the plug.

Okay, a friend, a liberal friend, shot off an email and of course, his viewpoint is a great deal different than mine.

He is, as are most liberals, sure that Obamacare will withstand the court challenge and insists there is not a single thing about it which is socialist in nature. Okay, I’ve been on that merry-go-round with liberals before, but it was his other claims which I found disturbing.

In yesterday’s piece, I brought up the fact that under Obamacare, all our medical records would be in the hands of the government and I talked about just how dangerous that scenario is.  My friend naturally denied that the government was about to delve into individual’s medical records – but he had a rather tough time sticking to that stand when faced with the truth.

The HHS and Kathleen Sebelius have proposed a rule under Obamacare that would put your medical records in the hands of the government. You can read that rule by clicking here and we thank Rep. Tim Huelskamp from Kansas for providing that link to the public.

Yes, the rule would make SOME records go through the government – but, you know full well that if you give the government an inch, they’ll take a hundred thousand miles – and it would only be a matter of time before everything from your kindergarten inoculation records to your last visit to a proctologist is property of the feds.

For liberals who will be dismissive, as was my email friend and try to give you the old “so what?” what follows, admittedly in the worst case scenarios, IS the “So what?”

First off, the government has a lousy record of keeping private things private – and the HHS, who you will remember is the author of the “rule” and would ultimately be in charge of this debacle, has themselves a lousy record in this arena. Our super secure HHS has been hacked into HUNDREDS of times affecting MILLIONS of people.

There’s THIS for starters from a HHS report:

Breaches Involving 500 or More Individuals:


Notification to the Secretary of breaches involving 500 or more individuals must occur contemporaneously with notice to affected individuals. OCR received 45 reports of such breaches occurring during the approximately three-month reporting period in calendar year 2009 (September 23, 2009, to December 31, 2009) and 207 reports in calendar year 2010, the first full calendar year for reporting. In 2009, covered entities notified approximately 2.4 million individuals who were affected by these large breaches. In 2010, covered entities notified approximately 5.4 million individuals affected by these large breaches.

This can be found on page 5 of an 11 page annual report prepared by Sebelius’ HHS Department. If you want to read the full report, get a cold towel for your head and click here.

Okay, given the government’s super double top secret security what could happen if your records get “breeched?” Again, please remember these are scenarios of a dire sort – but seriously, how many people have you ever heard of “breeching” government security with the best of intentions?

Your medical records could become public, meaning anybody would have access to them. Your neighbors, employers, potential employers…anybody.

People could well become reluctant, knowing the government would have control of their records, to be honest with their doctors. The less the doctor knows, the less the government will know and the less could be revealed by a “breech.” Of course this would also lead to substandard care because the less you tell your doctor, the less chance that doctor has of treating you properly.

Online, an astute hacker could go in and alter your records, make changes in your medication history which could alter your future medication usage. Does THAT sound like a good idea?

If you happen to be well known in your community, in a position of power or a celebrity of sorts, your history could be sold to the highest bidder.

A “breech” could wipe out your records all together.

This list of possible ramifications could go on and on, but suffice it to say, everything from your tetanus shot to your treatment for a mental condition would be in the hands of the government and susceptible to a “breech.”

If you bring these scenarios up to a liberal they will quickly accuse you of employing scare tactics – and your response to that should be a snappy, “DAMN SKIPPY!”

It’s scary enough to know your government, if Obama has his way, will have access to your medical records; and it should be even scarier to think of the possibility of those records, YOUR records, being available to someone with bad intentions!

Another thing which should scare you is that as your insurer, it will be the government, with your medical history in hand, which will determine whether or not you will receive care at all.

As Obamacare heads to the Supreme Court, know that the most the court will do is deem that the individual mandate, that part of the bill which allows the government to force the people to buy a certain good or service, is the only part which will be struck down as unconstitutional. Yes, that will cause the bill to be generally unfunded; but rendering it on life support but it doesn’t actually pull the plug.

The ONLY way to pull the plug is through Congressional repeal – and the ONLY way that happens is if conservatives gain enough of a majority in the Senate as to be veto proof while retaining their control of the House.

Conservatives should NOT believe, for one single minute, that the Supreme Court will do away forever with Obamacare.

There is ALSO the chance that Obamacare could be upheld in the Supreme Court, which means the whole government having access to YOUR medical records is VERY much alive and that makes it even MORE important to win and win big in 2012.

We were told we had to pass Obamacare to find out what is in it and that the more we learned, the more we would like it. The reality is that the more we find out about it, the more it stinks!

Not only is this a gross invasion of your privacy by the government, but it also puts your confidential medical history at risk. Obamacare is just another way this administration and their party is furthering their agenda of making We The People accountable to our government rather than, as the founders intended, having the government be accountable to We The People.

It’s not enough to rely only on the Supreme Court to strike down a portion of this Obamacare bill, the individual mandate, as too broad an interpretation of the Commerce Clause, We The People must elect those who WILL repeal it completely in 2012.