Obamacare Headed for Life Support – But Only WE can Kill It!

Obamacare is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The administration has passed on an opportunity to ask an Alabama court for further review after the court agreed with 26 states that the bill was unconstitutional.

That means, when the Supreme Court goes into session in October, Obamacare will be on the docket and chances are the case will be heard before the end of this year with a decision coming probably next summer in the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign.

That’s NOT the big news surrounding Obamacare however.

This is one of those good news/bad news things – and before we get to the bad news, the really disturbing news, we should look at the ramifications of the decision at hand.

Why would the Obama administration NOT seek further review from the Alabama court? They, the Obama administration, has been fighting against these various Obamacare lawsuits tooth and nail and crowing about every little crack in the conservative armor. Why NOW are they suddenly allowing this to sail, without delay, to the U.S. Supreme Court?

I submit it’s because Obama knows he’s whipped on this thing. He knows he’s going to lose – and by not delaying it any longer, by passing on the further review, the decision will come down with months to go in the campaign. While conservative voters are happy about the possibility of having this horrendous law being struck down as soon as possible, know that Obama realizes the repeal of it is something which each and every GOP candidate is running upon. Losing early in the U.S. Supreme Court hurts Obama but it will also render moot a major plank of the campaign for whoever is the eventual GOP nominee.

Think of it as evening out the playing field a little and here’s a little something else to chew on…Knowing he’s on the losing end of this deal, Obama has probably already started to work up an alternate plan to replace the individual mandate portion of the Obamacare bill.

It’s that individual mandate which will be found to be unconstitutional at the Supreme Court; and without it, Obamacare will fall apart as it will lack any mandated funding. Obama will have ready, maybe before the decision, an alternate plan and will have it introduced in Congress. Obama will, no doubt, try to convince Americans that if the entire plan is allowed to die, the money, taxpayer money already spent, will be completely wasted, flushed away and by voting FOR the “FIX” on Obamacare, conservatives can “SAVE” that money. Of course…If republicans vote AGAINST the fix, they are in favor of THROWING AWAY THE PEOPLE’S MONEY and believe me, he’ll USE that tactic heading into the election.

Obama knows that having the Supreme Court strike down the Individual Mandate leaves Obamacare on life support but doesn’t completely kill it. Only congressional repeal will accomplish that. He knows that and you SHOULD know that.

Obama IS, after all, running against Congress, as he knows full well, a shift in power in the Senate is a death sentence for Obamacare and any  fix he would attempt to put forth in a second term.

If, for some reason, Obamacare is upheld by the Supreme Court, expect voter turnout for conservatives to be HUGE in 2012 to sweep the Senate by even LARGER margins based on repealing this atrocious bill.

Now, the bad news…The really disturbing news.

Remember when Pelosi told us we’d have to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it and how liberal after liberal have claimed that the more we found out about it, the more we were going to like it? Well, you’re gonna LOVE this!

One of the parts of Obamacare just coming to light is this little nugget of bliss…Your medical records, all of them, will become property of the government.

That means what used to be between only YOU and your DOCTOR will now be in the hands of the GOVERNMENT.

So, what’s the worry? The government can be trusted. Yeah…right.

What happens when a Wikileaks situation happens? What happens when YOUR medical records get hacked?

Considering the government’s track record of holding things confidential; it’s a fair bet that eventually, your medical records will be available to the general public. Your neighbors, your employers, your potential employers, your employees, teachers and the kid who mows your lawn will know what procedures you’ve had, your test results, what medications you’ve been on in the past, what you’re taking now…EVERYTHING!

On medication for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or anything else related to mental health? Guess what ELSE the government will know about you!!

Putting this as plainly and simply as possible, the government has no damned business being in control of YOUR medical records. Talk about a violation of privacy!! It’s bad enough getting a government colonoscopy every April 14th, but to have the government up in your business the other 364 days of the year too?


The only way liberals, progressives, socialists, whatever you want to call them can succeed is by keeping We The People in the dark as they subvert the Constitution and Pelosi’s proclamation regarding passing Obamacare to find out what’s in it is proof of their agenda.

There are 3 ways to combat this agenda.

1)      Share information like this as quickly as possible to inform as many people as possible.

2)      Vote this administration and anyone advocating their agenda out of office at every opportunity.

3)      Stay on top of every elected official at every level and hold them all accountable during each and every election cycle from this point on.

While it would be sweet justice to repeal this Obamacare subversion in the halls of Congress, the faster it goes, the better even if conservatives lose a campaign plank. Don’t worry, we still have enough planks to spare…Solyndra, Fast and Furious, amnesty, failed foreign policies, wasted stimulus spending, tax hikes, unemployment…need I go on?

The Supreme Court will drop the hammer on Obamacare and We The People must do likewise to this insidious agenda and the perpetrators of in 2012.