Israel’s PM is the World’s Statesman

At last, a voice of sanity has echoed through the chamber of the United Nation’s General Assembly. Following the addresses of Abbas and a ranting Ahmeninejad and a couple of days after a lack luster address from Obama, the voice of reason took the podium.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke just minutes ago to the assembled nations. The Prime Minister spoke to those who stand with Israel, to those who stand against Israel – and to those whose stance, because of their personal and party ideology, cannot be counted upon to defend the principles nor the people of our most important friend.

It was just a few months ago, while in Washington, Prime Minister Netanyahu had to take our President to school over the disastrous and dangerous idea of rolling Israel’s borders back to pre-1967 lines.

After that meeting, Obama backed away from his insistence of pre-1967 borders – and in recent days, he also backed away from his pronouncement last year of having an independent Palestine by this year.

From the U.N. podium, Netanyahu spoke about how Israel has been singled out, unjustly, more than any other nation, for condemnation by the United Nations.

He spoke of the absurd theater which IS the United Nations having made Lebanon the leader of the Security Council.

Netanyahu spoke quietly about becoming the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. back in 1984 and being told by his Prime Minister that he would be serving in a house of many lies.

It was at that point in his address that Prime Minister said something which should have shaken the halls of the U.N. to their core.

“I did not come here to win applause…I came here to speak the truth.”

For nearly 40 minutes at the podium, that is precisely what Prime Minister Netanyahu did – and if indeed those words should have shaken the halls, his next words should have echoed through them for all time.

“Israel wants peace.”

Mr. Netanyahu spoke the truth about a rising malignancy called militant Islam and the danger it poses not only to Israel but to the world.

He spoke of being at the 9-11 Memorial yesterday and laying a wreath there while “thinking of the outrageous words of the President of Iran, that 9-11 was a conspiracy. Some of you left the room. All of you should have.”

Netanyahu spoke the truth regarding the numerous sweeping offers of concessions through the years which Israel has made to those controlling the Palestinian Authority and of how those offers, one by one, were either ignored by Arafat and Abbas or were met with terrorist attacks.

Netanyahu again spoke of the size of his nation and how close would be the danger should they go back to those pre-1967 borders. He said it takes 6 hours in a jet airplane to fly across the United States but it would only take 3 minutes in the same plane to traverse Israel.

“Would any of you bring danger so close to your cities…to your people?”

Near the end of his address, Netanyau stated that Palestinians should never be residents of Israel nor should they be Israeli subjects. Palestinians, said the Prime Minister, should be independent.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, while rational thought would be on his side to do so, has never been against an independent Palestinian state. In fact, he understands the need for it and has advocated for it since the day he took office.

He outlined all the steps he has taken to meet with Palestinian leaders and all the concessions which he has made. He spoke about receiving not a single response from Abbas. Each offer, each step, every concession…no response, no response, no response.

If even the enemies of Israel had their doubts, what came next, from that podium and from Netanyahu, should have ended all doubt once and for all.

“President Abbas, let’s stop negotiating about the negotiations. Let’s get on with it. Let’s negotiate peace!”

He spoke about flying, both of them, he and Abbas, all the way to New York. He spoke about them being in the same city now. In the same building.

“Let’s meet here, today, in the U.N. What is there to stop us?”

When the leader of the most often, unjustly, condemned nation in the United Nations ends his address with such words as these;

“With God’s help, we’ll find the common grounds for peace.”

How can there be any other conclusion that in the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, exists the greatest statesman in the world today?

When Netanyahu address congress a few months ago, he said, “America has no better friend than Israel.”

Mr. Prime Minister, with respect, sir…

The World Has No Better Friend Than Israel.

6 thoughts on “Israel’s PM is the World’s Statesman

  1. If more nations, including the US, had leaders such as this, we would have less terror and more peace. Leaders that were willing to stand up for everything right, not give in to mob threats, and actually speak truth, we could have more peace. I pray for a leader of the United States that can be even 75% as upstanding and honest with our people as Netanyahu is in Israel.

    Continue your good work and God Bless Craig Andresen .

  2. Well written Craig,straight and to the point,BIBI is one helluva Statesman,and a man who speaks truth without being politically correct,and as we both know Craig,Truth Begets Hatred.
    Which Brings me to the following regarding Ishmael and his descendants:- Genesis 16 verse 12 : And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
    I fear there will never be peace in Israel as long as Militant Islam holds the reins and fires the rockets at Israel,and as long as she is surrounded by enemies on all sides,only when militant Islamists have been brought down can there be peace and not before.

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