KILLED…Awlaki DEAD…Who’s NEXT???

Early this morning, a joint CIA and Military strike recorded a twofer in the killing of al Qaeda’s Al Awlaki and Samir Kahn!!

Both were apparently in a vehicle traveling in Yemen when two Predator Drones rained Hell Fire missiles from the sky.

Awlaki was the first American placed on the CIA’s Kill or Capture list and the first to meet his demise in that manner.

Awlaki, American born in New Mexico, was well traveled in the U.S. until after 9-11, having lived in New Mexico, Colorado, San Diego and Virginia. In fact, shortly after 9-11, an unknowing Pentagon had him as a guest speaker believing, at the time, that Al Awlaki could and would shed light on the mindset of Jihadists. He was at that time considered a valuable resource and a moderate who might help build bridges.

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Obama Using FB to Spy on You…DO Something About It!

No doubt, many conservatives on Facebook have seen this posted – and many, while thinking “nothing surprises me,” probably also wondered if it was true or not. Your posts are showing up on Obama’s FB page in “friends” comments. Really? What?

Conservatives have for months been grousing about how their groups were getting shut down by FB without any notice. I know this to be true as several groups of which I belonged or started, received that very treatment.

For months now, conservatives have had FB posts and or comments simply vanish.

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Paul Followers Now Going After Those Who Stand With Israel

Anybody who is politically inclined, a conservative and into social media has no doubt been noticing the tactics and strategies of those who follow Ron Paul. If you’re a Ron Paul follower yourself, you will no doubt start vibrating while reading this.

Paulbots can do themselves a big favor and save some time by getting their collective panties in a wad right now.

The latest tactic, or strategy being employed by the Ron Paul followers, Paulbots, is to attack through their various social media outlets, those who support Benjamin Netanyahu.

Paulbots, as we know, love to jump into the discussions of others and start poking those who are engaged with a stick trying to provoke a fight. This latest tactic simply isn’t going to win them any friends in the conservative community. Oh, their choir will crow – but outside that select and isolated group, they’re just completely missing the mark.

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Obamacare Puts YOUR Privacy at Risk

Yesterday, I wrote an article regarding the need to stop Obamacare – not just through the court system but by repeal. The Obama administration has passed on the opportunity to delay things in an Alabama court which will take the Obamacare case directly to the Supreme Court with a decision expected early next summer.

I stated that even LOSING in court, Obama would know his precious socialized healthcare program wouldn’t be dead…just on life support. That is why conservatives MUST take the Senate in 2012 so that repeal will finally pull the plug.

Okay, a friend, a liberal friend, shot off an email and of course, his viewpoint is a great deal different than mine.

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Racial Strategy of Liberals Based on Tired Old Dogs

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…and again…and again. If you want to know what liberals are doing, just pay attention to what they accuse conservatives of doing. Oh, I have liberals, every day, tell me I wrong and, most of the time, they punctuate it with a few choice names – but much more often than not, liberals confirm it at every turn.

According to liberals, the Tea Party is a bunch of racists. We’ve heard it nearly from the genesis of the Tea Party movement. We’re racists. That’s what they tell us.

Oh really?

Well, meet the new face of the Tea Party…Mr. Herman Cain. Of course it’s possible for a black person to be a racist as racism isn’t in and of itself…racist. I mean by that that racism isn’t confined to the “white’s only” bench.

I have been listening to Mr. Cain for some time now and have yet heard him utter anything near a racist comment. For that matter, I have yet to notice any racism in his actions either.

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Obamacare Headed for Life Support – But Only WE can Kill It!

Obamacare is on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The administration has passed on an opportunity to ask an Alabama court for further review after the court agreed with 26 states that the bill was unconstitutional.

That means, when the Supreme Court goes into session in October, Obamacare will be on the docket and chances are the case will be heard before the end of this year with a decision coming probably next summer in the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign.

That’s NOT the big news surrounding Obamacare however.

This is one of those good news/bad news things – and before we get to the bad news, the really disturbing news, we should look at the ramifications of the decision at hand.

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The National Patriot Thanks YOU!!!

Today, we at The National Patriot, have decided to do something a little different. Different for us and different from so many other great sites. Today is our 2 month anniversary and e have something we would like to say to you, our readers.

Thank you.

As the Publisher and Executive Director of The National Patriot, I know that doesn’t sound like much and you’re right, it isn’t but to be perfectly honest, you have me at something of a loss for words when it comes to what you have done for us.

The National Patriot is really a tale of two different sites. We started in March as a site called Politicular which was actually owned by someone else who asked that I take over the site…He simply didn’t have the time to put into it so…off I went. Patty Ewing Robichaud was the very first person I contacted and together, we redesigned the site and assembled a talented crew of contributors.

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We Were Americans Once

I remember a time, it wasn’t so long ago, when a touchdown was scored, back patting, helmet slapping, jumping up and down and high fives were expected. Yes, even in high school. It was a score and it was exciting and the players were elated.

A while back, in a high school game, a player scored, dropped to one knee and pointed toward the night sky.  He was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct and his team assessed a 15-yard penalty on the kickoff.

Unsportsmanlike conduct  for recognizing God. I’m not sure when taking a knee in the end zone and pointing to the heavens became unsportsmanlike but I do know this…

We were Americans once.

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Smell the Coffee and Ignore the Shoes

Conservatives need to start paying attention. Maybe this article will serve as a slap in the back of the head for some – but by and large, from coast to coast, right now, with 14 months to go before the 2012 election…

Liberals have conservatives right where they want them.

Conservatives are either mesmerized by the GOP debates and the ever revolving door of potential nominees. Who’s in, who’s out, who MIGHT get in, who MIGHT get out? How did Perry do in the last debate? Why doesn’t Huntsman just get out? Ron Paul can’t win. Ron Paul is the ONLY one who can win. Mitt’s a RINO…so is NEWT. Mitt’s leading and Newt’s the smartest guy in the room. Bachmann scored big. Bachmann screwed up.

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Israel’s PM is the World’s Statesman

At last, a voice of sanity has echoed through the chamber of the United Nation’s General Assembly. Following the addresses of Abbas and a ranting Ahmeninejad and a couple of days after a lack luster address from Obama, the voice of reason took the podium.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, spoke just minutes ago to the assembled nations. The Prime Minister spoke to those who stand with Israel, to those who stand against Israel – and to those whose stance, because of their personal and party ideology, cannot be counted upon to defend the principles nor the people of our most important friend.

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