Palin’s Pedicures Permeate Pundit Pontifications

In 2009, there were photos of Sarah’s feet sporting a playful pedicure peeking out from open-toed shoes. Big deal. Harmless.

Why do liberals obsess over things like the toes of a conservative woman? I thought this was a recent obsession – but found out this has been ongoing for years … evidenced by Letterman in June 2009 (months after the election) by saying she was shopping at Bloomingdale’s to update her “slutty flight attendant” look.

Letterman went on to tastelessly hurt Palin’s family as well:

One awkward moment though during the game, maybe you heard about it, maybe you saw it on one of the highlight reels. One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked-up by Alex Rodriguez.

Really? This woman was a visitor in New York – and this is the reception she and her family received. NICE!

In fact, I was actually looking for a more recent article I had seen recently and simply did a search for “Palin pedicure,” and I was amazed HOW MANY articles and blogs with criticisms or compliments popped up. Here is a short list:

But this one really hits the nail on the head with WHY so many liberals write about her toes (from on Aug. 15, 2011):

Sarah Palin’s Toes May Ruin Her Presidential Run

The one thing that is sure to keep Sarah Palin out of the White House isn’t what you would think. The fun-loving narcissistic politician may be a fish out of water when it comes to Presidential intelligence, but people can take that. But her fashion choices? Maybe not so much.

Palin wore polka dot spotted toes beneath her sandals at the Iowa State Fair, and while Andrew Sullivan thinks her choice is simply silly, I say it’s more like cringe-worthy. So, let’s play a little game like we did back in elementary school. How many things can YOU spot (haha! Spot! Get it?) wrong with this picture?

Here are three:

  1. Open-toes: Open-toed sandals are an ideal choice for any woman NOT running for President (or contemplating a run) during the summer months, but come on. Open-toed shoes are sexy, they aren’t appropriate for corporate jobs, and they’re most certainly not appropriate for women running for the highest office in this county. You can call it sexist, but I call it practical. If Obama wore Birkenstocks, I’d be writing the same column.
  2. Dry skin: When I can SEE the dry skin around your toenails, whether you’re male or female, you’re in need of a pedicure, stat. I don’t know who does her toes, but with what she spends on every other aspect of her wardrobe, one might think she could afford an aesthetician who removes the dead skin. Look, I get it, she is an active woman, a runner, in fact (like me). But I am a blogger who works from the comfort of my home and I wouldn’t be caught dead with that toe nastiness.
  3. Nail polish: If you’re able to get past the first two egregious sins (and you shouldn’t be), then the third is just so glaring, it cannot be overstated: Polka. Dot. Toes. Fun? Maybe. If you’re 16. But at her age and position in life, it’s just embarrassing.

Her feet are so many levels of wrong. And while it may seem sexist to evaluate a woman based on her feet, it’s awfully hard not to. Her feet don’t mean she can’t be President. But they do tell me she would need a serious stylist in order to make that leap. Stat.

Do you like the toes?

I fail to understand how or why Sarah’s digits could possible be a deciding factor (though one off-kilter post claimed that her toes were diagnosed by a podiatrist to show that she is a flake or some such malarkey).

What this shows me is that someone (mostly liberal women and the media it seems) is terrified of Sarah – and will do ANYTHING to marginalize her. That is beyond pitiful! She is not in office and is not (yet) running for any office – so why the bleating from the sheeple??

Or perhaps they are just jealous. I have yet to see any spreads on liberal women politicians and their pedicures. Are they afraid to expose their cloven hooves?

There was one photo – taken from a distance so no real details – of Michelle Obama’s electric blue toe nails and comments about her also painting her toenails bright green. Hmmmm. That’s classy? Must be as there were no disparaging remarks made.

But maybe that’s what separates conservatives and liberals. Conservatives are not interested in picking poop with the chickens for the most part. We are about ISSUES – and not issues of fashion, but the issues that impact ALL Americans, regardless of their pedicures.

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