8 thoughts on “Obama’s “working” Vacation Photo Album

  1. He reminds me of Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles.
    Work,work,work.work, Work,Work,Work.

    It’s a hard job when he has to do EVERYTHING!
    For a measly $400 K a year for life too.

  2. So sad……his kids will reach adulthood knowing their dear old loser dad is despised by the suffering masses he claimed to champion. Oh well, they can just cash that welfare check, grab a slice of cake and move on to the next anti-Constitution riot.

    Every day, as I drive past groups of (formerly) defiant, race-baiting, UNEMPLOYED minorities on a street corner, I have to refrain from laughing out loud at how they bought into the fraud-in-chief. They demanded “justice.” They are indeed receiving it……poetically.

  3. These are hilarious. Wonderful job. Talk about out of touch. This guy has permanent brain freeze.

  4. Gee, BO’s not wearing a helmet. Doesn’t he realize how the country would mourn if he fell and hit his head really, really hard?

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