Obama Resorts to Pure Propaganda

By Craig Andresen

Did anyone really think, or believe, even for a moment, that President Obama, given his socialist agenda and ideologies, would not scrape the bottom of the barrel by resorting to propaganda? Of course he would. He is, and he’s using the age old standby to do it. Obama is complicit in the making of a film about the killing of bin Laden.

Not that Hollywood wouldn’t have put it together anyway – but it’s how this is being done which is beyond disturbing.

The makers of last year’s The Hurt Locker, apparently have for, as they claim, several years, been filming a “documentary” about the Afghan war. According to those involved, it was nearly complete when, all of a sudden, bin Laden was killed and behold … a new ending for the film must be shot and edited into the finished product.

Ok … so far … I can buy it but this is where things get … hinky.

According to Congressman Peter King, the pentagon may have been funneling classified material to the film makers to aid in their project. King is demanding a congressional investigation stating:

“The Administration’s first duty in declassifying material is to provide full reporting to Congress and the American people, in an effort to build public trust through transparency of government.  In contrast, this alleged collaboration belies a desire of transparency in favor of a cinematographic view of history.”

Here is what Congressman King wants answers to:

  • What consultations, if any, occurred between members of the Executive Office of the President, and Department of Defense and/or CIA officials, regarding the advisability of providing Hollywood executives with access to covert military operators and clandestine CIA officers to discuss the [Osama] raid?
  • Will a copy of this film be submitted to the military and CIA for pre-publication review, to determine if special operations tactics, techniques and procedures, or Agency intelligence sources and methods, would be revealed by its release?
  • How was the attendance of filmmakers at a meeting with special operators and Agency officers at CIA Headquarters balanced against those officers’ duties to maintain their covers?  How will cover concerns be addressed going forward?
  • What steps did the Administration take to ensure that no special operations tactics, techniques, and procedures were compromised during those meetings?
  • To the extent possible to determine, how many human intelligence sources and how many Agency intelligence methods have been compromised due to leaks about the May 1st raid?  What effects have these compromises had on the CIA’s collection capabilities?  Will Agency participation in a film about the bin Laden raid add to or exacerbate the effects of these compromises?

No doubt valid questions some of which pertain directly to national security, but King is only addressing part of the issue.

Thinking back to that night and the days which followed, We the People were told of photos in existence of the dead terror chief but we were not to be allowed to view those photos. Why? Simple. It was determined by Obama that showing those images could inflame the Muslim world.

Further, to quell Muslim outrage, Obama ordered that the carcass of bin Laden be buried at sea in a 40-45 minute full on Muslim ceremony and even brought in a Muslim spiritual leader of some sort to preside over that burial.

Let’s look at this closely.

We were not allowed to see the images of a dead bin Laden so as to not upset Muslims and now, reportedly with the assistance of the White House, there will be a movie made about it?

Do you believe this President is at all above this?

This week, as the bodies of more than 20 members of the elite Navy SEAL unit which was responsible for the raid on the bin Laden compound were returned to U.S. soil, the press was ordered NOT to be in attendance, Obama made a top secret trip to Dover Air Force Base to receive the bodies of our heroes and it was plainly stated that no photos would be issued. Then, just 24 hours later, surprise – the White House releases, against the wishes of the families of our fallen, an image of Obama saluting from his visit to the base that day.

Make no mistake, that image is propaganda.

The makers of this film are no strangers to political theater. These are the people who put American flags on the side of a Hummer and drove it and their cameras through an area of Iraq to deliberately provoke an angry anti-America reaction and used that footage in The Hurt Locker.

The timing of this film is highly suspicious as well. For a film which was nearly finished to film new scenes and edit them in should not take an extra 14 months yet the release date for this piece is set for October 2012 … just 3 weeks prior to the election.

No doubt it will portray Obama in the most favorable light as a strong and decisive CIC who ordered the operation to kill bin Laden.

Odd, isn’t it, that as his poll numbers continue to drop, with the economic forecast bleak through the 2012 election, with national polling indicating that an anonymous republican could beat Obama and his standing on the world stage suffering, a film making him out to be a strong and decisive leader would emerge 3 weeks before the election?

This is exactly how propaganda works. It props up what is sagging and it relies on specific timing for maximum effect.

Certainly, propaganda has been part of the American wheelhouse for a long time. Through various wars, films produced by the defense department painted a rosier picture of events that real facts backed up but those films were never intended to bolster a reelection effort, they were aimed at demoralizing the enemy. Did they have the effect of propping up the American people’s support of the wars? Sure but again, they were not used to prop up a President nor were they, as has been asserted in this case, reliant upon White House leaked info which may well have been classified.

Congressman King is raising some very important legal questions regarding the content of this film and the information given to the makers of it. These are questions We The People deserve to know the answers to but the other side of the coin is even more disturbing.

We have a socialist President who now seems to be engaged in the use of propaganda, aimed at the people of the United States in order to boost his reelection chances in the 11th hour.

To be completely clear, our President, it seems, is employing propaganda for personal and political gain.

It should also come as no surprise that White House mouthpiece Jay Carney attempted to downplay this issue when questioned in a press briefing:

“The claims are ridiculous. We do not discuss classified information. And I would hope that as we face the continued threat from terrorism, the House Committee on Homeland Security would have more important topics to discuss than a movie.”

Again, to be clear, Congressman King and his Committee on Homeland Security are not discussing the latest Hollywood remake of an 1980’s TV show turned into a B-grade movie, they are posing serious inquiries into the making of propaganda at the hands of the current administration and THAT is VERY important for the reasons stated above.

Just as questions regarding the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal are not going away, these questions will persist. That gun running scandal was meant for propaganda to be used to gain political strength to extend gun control measures and that has now blown up in the administration’s face.

This President has an agenda which cannot stand on its own nor withstand the scrutiny of the American people and as Obama’s prospects for a second term wane, his response apparently includes the use of cinematic propaganda as a last resort.

It is a shameful affront to the people, a transparent attempt to make an end run around integrity and a direct insult to the elite team which carried out this mission on behalf of national security but not for the political gain of any occupant of the Oval Office!

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  1. An absolutely profound article. Provocative and informative with an abundance of facts..supported by other facts.
    There’s no question that nothing is above this president.
    I have no pity for him..or his children.. to whom he will someday have to explain WHY he deserves the tile “America’s Worst President.”
    His failure will be something they will have to deal with as adults. They are who he needs to be convincing as to his beliefs.

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