Government + Liberal + Program = Failure

Liberals LOVE to harp on and on endlessly about the separation of church and state – but when the church is THEIR brand of religion, separation be DAMNED and FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Liberals bow to the altar of global warming and believe their messiah can walk on Brita filtered water without leaving a carbon footprint. What’s more, they want us ALL to become obedient little green disciples and worship the great and mighty Oz Gore.

Liberals have for years been attempting to bully nonbelievers into the green jobs crowd and have, at least to some extent, been weirdly successful. We can no longer buy good old regular light bulbs. Thanks to the greenie weenies, we have to buy…CFL bulbs. GREAT JOB liberals. Break one and you have to call the HAZMAT team and what if you toss one into a land fill? They’re full of mercury and they are all made in China!

I digress.

What’s happening now is quite possibly the biggest scam since the Gore got ordained. Seattle, a city full of green freaks and a bastion of liberalism received a federal grant to weatherize homes less than a year and a half ago. So far, with their 20 million dollars of YOUR money, Seattle has created an overwhelming 14 jobs and weatherized ever so slightly more than 2 homes.

3…to be exact.

Unquestionably, Seattle can pat itself heartily on the back and boast of enormous success. After all, when you combine the number of weatherized homes and the number of jobs and divide that into the total amount of the grant it comes out to just over 1 million per.

Were it not for the federal government and liberals getting involved, the owners could have gone to the Home Depot, purchased the needed supplies and done their own weatherization. Even if the home owner didn’t even OWN a home, it’s a fair bet they could have built one from scratch for less than a million dollars, depending on the neighborhood and proximity to the nearest Starbucks – and it’s certain that in the process of doing so they could have created more than 14 jobs.

Let’s take the cost of materials out of the equation as that could not possibly amount to much more than a drop in a 20 million dollar bucket and with what are you left? Labor and the salaries of those 14 hard working administrators. Labor huh? Well if liberals had anything to do with it, and they did, it’s not out of the question they used illegal labor and we all know that comes pretty cheap.

How can I make a leap like that? That illegal aliens provided labor for this project? Well, while liberal’s heads explode at this baseless accusation, you might want to remind them that in the 2010 midterm elections…well…this quote from a Fox News report pretty much says it all.

“The 42-year-old is one of dozens of volunteers — many of them illegal immigrants — canvassing neighborhoods in the Seattle area trying to get naturalized citizens to cast a ballot for candidates like Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who is in a neck-to-neck race with Republican Dino Rossi.”

Well, if they DID use illegals to perform the necessary weatherization on any or all 3 of the houses in question, they were the highest paid illegals in the country. To qualify as a contractor for this obtuse mission, the federal government requires you to pay the workers $21.00/hr with FULL benefits AND retirement.

Sounds like a union gig huh?

So, let’s say it takes 10 workers to complete the weatherization of a house and they work like busy beaver for 10 hours a day and it takes 10 days per house…$21.00 x 8hrs x 10 workers = $1680.00/day x 10 days = $16,800 x 3 houses = $50,400.00 in hourly wages. Add in benefits and retirement and what could you possibly be up to as a total? Let’s say $100,000.00 just to pick a nice round number and that leave us $19,900,000.00 short of the 20 million dollar grant.

That leave us with 14 administrators receiving the bulk of 20 million dollars. I am not saying they got all that money in salary as they had to rent some sort of office space, buy some office supplies, the mandatory benefits and retirement package and Trenta Caramel Lattes skinny no whip for 14 can run things up a bit but still…

All of this is overseen by the watchful eye of the Department of Energy.

The Secretary of Energy is one Dr. Steven Chu whose website bio reads: As United States Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu is charged with helping implement President Obama’s ambitious agenda to invest in clean energy, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, address the global climate crisis, and create millions of new jobs.

Dr. Chu is a distinguished scientist and co-winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics (1997). He has devoted his recent scientific career to the search for new solutions to our energy challenges and stopping global climate change – a mission he continues with even greater urgency as Secretary of Energy. 

Hmmm…a Nobel prize winning global warming devotee.

Anyway, SOMEONE from the DOE has been quoted as saying of the national program, While communities are advancing their programs at different rates, we are pleased with the progress.”

So, this great and efficient program is not just limited to Seattle. How is it going elsewhere? Well, it’s a $508,000,000.00 program taking place in 41 states which has, so far, created 600 jobs. Okay, that’s created or SAVED 600 jobs and we know it’s not possible to quantify “saved” jobs so the number created can and IS smaller than 600.

600 jobs divided by 41 states equals 14.63 jobs per state average.

So far, 9,000 homes have been weatherized nationwide under this program – which is basically half over after a year and a half so taking that figure means for the whole program, 18,000 homes can be upgraded. $508,000,000.00 divided by 18,000 comes out to an average of $28,222.00 per house.

In Seattle, since they’re half way through the lifespan of the program and they have 20 million to spend and have so far completed 3 houses…they’re total after upgrading 6 houses will come to an average of $3,333,333.00 per house.

Now then, the GOAL over the 3-year program is to weatherize 150,000 homes nationwide which means the average cost per home would be $3,386.00 and that figure would INCLUDE the salary and benefits of the administrators and contractors meaning each house retrofitted would receive less than that amount in actual material costs.

What does it take to weatherize the average home? New insulation, maybe new doors, windows, weather stripping? The point is, you really can’t do much retrofitting of this sort in a home for a couple thousand dollars or less unless the house doesn’t really NEED much retrofitting.

Here’s the other part of the equation and arguably the real genius of it: The 508 million dollar program for 150,000 homes is estimated to save each home owner a whopping $36.00 per month on their utilities.

Okay, take ALL of this into account when you see the quote from the Mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, who says, “It’s too early to declare the program a failure. We may have to adjust how we market it and the incentives we provide. Nobody has really cracked the green jobs code.”

Mayor McGinn…Really?


It’s too early to declare the program a failure?


You may have to adjust how you market the program?


Nobody has cracked the green jobs code?


There’s a green jobs code that apparently is super double top secret, and until somebody cracks that code targeting the marketing for this program is about as accurate and efficient as a drunk trying to shoot down a humming bird with a slingshot while wearing a blindfold and you think it’s too early to declare this program a failure?

It really makes one wonder, doesn’t it, just how many carbon credits you would have to buy from the Reverend Al to offset the burning of 20 million dollars?

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  4. Craig, forcing ‘green’ jobs now is like asking a bi-plane to fly to the moon. The will might be there, but the ‘how?’ is still out of reach. Until science and technology reach the point where the ideas on alternative energy are doable and cheap it’s not going to happen.

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