A Reckoning, Not In but FROM Wisconsin

The vote in Wisconsin yesterday which placed 6 republicans up for recall by a liberal base infuriated over the successful legislation put forth in April limiting collective bargaining by unions was NOT a shot over the bow, not a referendum and not a precursor. It was a reckoning.

4 of the 6 republican senators held their seats in Wisconsin. Of those who lost, Dan Kapanke won his seat in a heavily democratic district by a very narrow margin last November and was in the greatest danger of losing this recall and Randy Hopper faced the ire of democrats for his support of the April legislation as well as from republicans who have been rightfully rankled over his tribulations regarding an affair with a young staffer outside his marriage.

This recall vote and the GOP success in it should send a clear message to liberals for several reasons.

The lead up to this vote was monetarily fueled by more than 30 million dollars most of which poured in to both sides from around the nation rather than from within the state of Wisconsin. That means that donors, both republican and democrat, nationwide, felt a stake in the outcome.

The vast majority of money in support of the democrats, reportedly, came from various union groups.

This positive outcome for republicans makes it clear that the unions and liberal positions were not supported by the majority of Wisconsin voters. Because of the money which came in to support the republicans, a strong case can be made that nationwide, those same liberal ideologies are scorned.

Wisconsin can and should be viewed as a microcosm of our nation.

On a state-sized level, what Wisconsin faced after the 2010 elections was exactly what the nation faced then and now. Wisconsin was broke, spending more than they were collecting, bound by unsustainable entitlements and in dire need of reforms to turn the tide.

Our nation is going broke, our credit rating has been lowered for the first time in history, our spending is out of control, we are bound by unsustainable entitlements and in dire need of reform to turn the tide.

In Wisconsin, leading up to the legislative measures in April, liberals, propped up by union thugs who were backed by various socialist and communist party backers employed heavy handed and violent tactics in an attempt to force their ideologies on the people. Name calling and dismissive behavior were the least of those tactics. Physical attacks, attempts to stifle certain elements of the media, strikes and a government shutdown at the hands of 14 democrat senators who literally ran away to another state so as delay any vote were all in the liberal wheelhouse.

Teachers, as per their union commands, walked out of schools, doctors wrote fraudulent sick notes, liberal, socialist, communists and union thugs took over the state capitol and eventually did more than 8 million dollars in damage at the tax payer’s expense.

All of this to keep the liberal ideology in place and force taxpayers to pay for extensive and unsustainable pensions and benefits for union Members.

On a national scale, we have liberals in charge of the U.S. Senate who refuse to cut entitlements which are unsustainable, want to raise taxes on the masses, rile at the thought of cutting anything but THE most and by some accounts ONLY government function necessary to the preservation of the country and the safety of the people, the Department of Defense,

In Wisconsin, the liberal ideology has been clearly shown to be a losing ideology.

Since the republican measures went into effect in Wisconsin under the direction of Governor Scott Walker and the republican legislators, that state, in the second quarter of this year, has been responsible for 50% off all new jobs nationally. Their economic forecast is much brighter, union Members must now contribute to their OWN pensions and benefits and the state is now financially sound for the long run. Walker and the republicans made the necessary reforms and spending cuts and have turned their economic ship around.

Standing on their failed ideologies, liberals, backed by socialists and communist party faithful and their union thugs, attempted, out of desperation, to recall those who they feel threaten their march toward an entitlement society. They have failed…again.

Liberals nationwide saw the warning shot of the midterm election of 2010 and have ignored it. Obama, who has recently received the endorsement of the Communist Party USA for his reelection bid, along with the democrats of congress, are bound and determined to follow the same liberal/socialist ideologies which have failed in Wisconsin.

With a general election less than a year and a half away, 23 democrats senate seats up for election and the White House up for grabs, the recall vote in Wisconsin is not a straw poll, not a warning shot and not a one state only referendum.


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