Let’s Trade California

By Patty Ewing Robichaud, July 28, 2011

I was born and grew up in the Los Angeles area of Southern California for the most part. There was a time when I believed Los Angeles was the center of the civilized universe with its diversity of people, landscapes (mountains to beaches), laid-back attitude, and temperate weather. Sure, there was smog some days, and the temperature would soar into the 100s every October – but it was tolerable. I didn’t even mind when people said California was the Granola State, full of fruits, nuts, and flakes!

Employment opportunities abounded, aerospace was setting us apart from the rest of the world, entertainment and amusement was always accessible, and everyone had a car. No matter how far you drive in Los Angeles, it seems to take over an hour – whether it is 10 miles or 50 – but you accept that as the price of being mobile!

In fact, a friend and I joked about writing a movie script of California seceding from the USA – my friend saw it as a serious subject, with someone running down the halls of Congress announcing that California had declared war on the rest of the country. I saw it as a comedy – a surfer rebellion perhaps looking for the eternal beach party.

Slowly, as an older adult, I began to feel the squeeze of life in what was once paradise – property taxes and inflated property values now make owning a home almost impossible. Regulations and high taxes on businesses made them flee the state; many went to Mexico.

Illegal immigrants began to flood the schools, hospitals, and drain social services. At first, I didn’t see a big problem – but I was younger and it did not impact my life directly. If anything, I welcomed being able to eat good Mexican food.

My daughter attended a school for a time in the early 1980s that had only two English-speaking students in the class – so imagine a public school system hampered by the need to deliver every lesson in Spanish. Now even teachers and administrators need to be fluent in Spanish to work in many schools – again taking job opportunities away. So I saw that she was moved to a school closer to the beach area of South Bay to nurture her high IQ. Again, not the end of the world – just a matter of making choices.

But now – what are they thinking in California?

  • The DREAM Act has passed in California. Now illegal immigrants pay the same tuition as tax-paying residents of California. Hello, ILLEGAL! That is a slap in the face to the tax payers and all US citizens who would like to send their kids to college in California but are charged the out-of-state tuition.
  • San Francisco is looking at recognizing criminals as a protected class. What!?! Are you kidding me? Hell yeah, criminals are discriminated against. Why? Because they are CRIMINALS. Duh! Don’t like it? Don’t commit a crime!
  • California curriculum is now required to include Homosexual History.  What the heck is that? I fully support gays and their equal rights as US citizens. But what history? How about teaching plain ol’ American History – students seem unclear on our Founding Fathers and their intentions, but will soon be able to rattle off all of the names of gay politicians in the last decade. Whoop-de-doo. Doesn’t this single out gays? How does this teach tolerance?
  • Entitlements. I cannot even go down this path without foaming up like Cujo. Why is everyone entitled to a handout? Whatever happened to work, working your way through school, and taking personal responsibility? Lost virtues it seems.
  • Southern California is kicking around secession from the rest of the state. I say let’s just sell the state, lock, stock, barrel, and debt.

Well, I am at a loss to understand the insanity of protecting EVERYONE but the taxpayers. But if that’s what they want, so be it. Anyone who thinks all of this is a good idea should live there.

My Solution – Trade for Baja California

Now hear me out – I say the USA should trade most of California for Baja California. All of the Mexicans looking to immigrate to California could then do so.  There are some beautiful beaches in Baja that many of us would love to safely visit. Leave the looney socialists and entitled elitists in California.

And who doesn’t want a new business opportunity to open up a bed-and-breakfast or run a fishing fleet? Perhaps land could be given to our members of the military to thank them for their service. The opportunities would be almost limitless!

Imagine being able to start a state from scratch – no entitlements – just opportunities. The chance to teach in English and teach actual US history. Who knows, we might grow some real, true American patriots who have no desire to be Europe!

The new state motto could be: We Have the Right to Surf, Tan, and Have a Nice Day!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Trade California

  1. Rats. You should have thought of this 35 years ago.To late now I’m 2200 miles away from there. I could be enjoying Margaritas and fish tacos on the beach. Just like Mike Franks on NCIS

  2. A great article with sound reasoning…love it, trade California for Baja…I am sick to my stomach to think that the Illegals are getting tuition assistance while Americans have no way to get the same…ARGH!!!!

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